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Healthy touhous are the best touhous

Skinny loli touhous, not so good

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Breast cancer is not considered a "healthy" condition.

I propose a normal-sized breast thread.

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Touhous are never healthy. They're a violent bunch with mental issues.

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Fat disgusting piece of meat is not healthy.

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maybe ran should be passing some of that healthy power to her shinagami

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you know what? you're right

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It's actually pretty big in real life.

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Killing fairys isnt violent mental issues. It's quite healthy.

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Small to above average is best.

But as long as we're talking realistic boob sizes i could go for any thing really.

Curves and waist are also important, don't forget!

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bog fat cat tats

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Doing anything to maintain their healthy lead in donations there

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Clearly the more shapely a touhou is, the more powerful they are. Take a look around at the cast, you know it to be true.

Suika chooses to be a loli, so don't bring that up.

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By that logic Ran is stronger than Yukari. Who are you, Chado?

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So where do armpits fall into this equation?

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Explain Tenshi then.

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Ran gains some of her power from her master, Yukari. Besides, they seem pretty even in most peoples minds. Maybe Ran would turn into a loli if the tap was cut off?

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moar of dat healthy

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>>loli Ran

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I don't support the "healthier = more power" theory. Variety is good, both among strong and weak.

Taking a loli character and give them an adult body when powering them up is overdone, and I don't like it when I see it in Touhou, because really, ZUN has never used that formula. He has strong lolis and strong mature women, as well as strong somewhere-in-between. And that's the way I prefer it~

But everyone's to their own I guess.

And regarding Ran and Yukari, Ran is usually portrayed as the taller and bustier one, and I prefer a more modestly proportioned Yukari.

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Lengthy breasts are best breasts.

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Goddammit, OP, what have you done!

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Actually, the breast size is in relation to hit boxes. It's just that most of the big breasted cast members have some hax to keep evade bullets.
Mei Ling is martial arts master and dodges half of your shots.
Yukari cheats and gaps some of bullets away.
Yuyuko is dead so you're lucky if they even hit.
Keine alters history so that only reasonable amount of bullets hit her.
Eirin is a fucking genius, she calculates the path of bullets and lets few hit her just so you wouldn't feel bad.
Hina is so unlucky that she accidently doesn't let the bullets hit her. She's such a nice person after all.
Kanako is a god.

Letty didn't bother using any haxes, and you know what that resulted in.

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I wanted this to just be a Ran thread, but instead people actually started talking about healthy touhous and skinny touhous

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healthy chen time?

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>regarding Ran and Yukari, Ran is usually portrayed as the taller and bustier one

Only in porn. And one has to wonder, where the fuck did that come from.

ZUN has outright stated she's shorted than Yukari. She's always drawn smaller than Yukari. You'd figure people would get the point sooner or later. But no.

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Well Zun is wrong.

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You should know by now that fanon is the cancer killing touhou.

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sweet, but this thread is nothing without Yuugi
so i'm doing a favor


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Everything goes!

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Ran looks scared, Chen looks confused, and Yukari looks like she's going to love masturbating in the corner while watching Ran bleed hymen-blood all over her tails during her first time

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does fapping to this thread make me a furry?
also moar ran

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I wish I'd seen this picture.

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By jove, me too.

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1. Archive easymodo
3. ???
4. PROFIT!!!

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>Only in porn

Nope. In most art, Ran is either taller or about the same height as Yukari.

The nine-tailed fox in japanese mythology were often portrayed as a large, intimidating creature, so if anything that's where the fans have picked it up.

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See for yourself:

Now, to be exact, in most cases their heights are simply impossible to compare. Still, there are basically no pictures with Ran visibly bigger than Yukari. The other way around - a few on every page.

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Ohhh sexy sexy

this would make a great wallpaper if it was cleaned up and had a black background

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Truer words have never been spoken.

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I want Ran to cuddle and mother me, while saying how much of a good boy I am and spoon-feeding me chocolate pudding

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Get over here and give Ran the foot rub she deserves.

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The little white tufts of hair coming out of her ears are so cute

imagine the hair tickling her ears and her quickly twitching her ears around

if there is ever a touhou anime, Ran's character design is the one I'm most interested in, especially seeing how she will use her ears and tails to convey emotions

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Ran was a total pimp. What happened? ;_;

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Yukari happened.

Although... I won't derail the thread into another analisys of Ran's character, so I'll just keep it a personal opinion that Ran seems quite happy with the way things have turned out.
Maybe when you've been the baddest predator on the block for next to a millennium, you really wouldn't mind a change of pace.

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Seems to be pretty even to me. A lot of the height differences are because of position relative to the viewer, or someone bending or sitting on a gap.

Personally I don't think Yukari is bigger than Ran simply because then it would be kind of silly for Ran to carry her around, and that's a pretty popular idea.

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Ran is an ancient fox spirit, who if I remember right, were supposed to be like gods in ancient folklore. That, and she's also a beast, so you would think that to be strong enough to be a carnivorous beast diety with the muscle to carry around 9 huge tails, you would have to have a pretty long spine and muscled and toned back, which would make her tall.

I think that Ran being much larger than Yukari also adds to how supposedly more powerful Yukari is than her, since Ran can be so much larger, yet be in her servitude.

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You'll never live a peaceful family life married to your loving wife Ran, raising adorable Chen together as your daughter ;_;

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I'd rather be Ran's adorable Chen.

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magical girl Ran

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I'll keep fighting to make that dream a reality

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Basically the average Japanese fox is considered to be about as intelligent as a human in folklore, and usually capable of some supernatural feat at an early age. Some myths take it a step further and suggest ordinary foxes keep an unseen society mirroring that of humans.

Once you start adding tails however, things quickly get out of control. A two-tailed fox is considered vastly more intelligent than a human, able to plot and carry out a coup towards a medieval government alone and unnoticed. The nine-tailed fox is godlike beyond the average local kami, in such a way that some variations of the myth limit the number of nine-tailed foxes to a single one alive at any given time.

However, it should be noted that while nine-tailed foxes may surpass godhood they are still fundamentally supernatural animals, not true gods.

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I like my Ran tall and large chested.

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She is a shapeshifter.

No matter what kind of Ran you like, that is easily arranged.

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>does fapping to this thread make me a furry?
It does now.

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That's nice to know. A delicious loli Ran is also good.

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May as well put the other one up too

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Even this Ran?

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