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Dear /jp/,
If you got into Gensokyo, how would you get over your NEETness and interact with your waifu? Better yet, how would you survive in this strange place?

Personally, I give myself about 3 weeks of survival at most.

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That picture is traced. Pretty sure it's some screenshot from Clannad. Fucking tracers.

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Plus you guys should know that there are more youkai than presented in the games you guys could go after some of them.(a succubus would take anyone)

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I'd wander in the bamboo forest until I was good and lost and Mokou came to save me.

Then I'd stick with her and she'd protect me from the nasty youkai.

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I'm sure in Gensokyo you won't need education, training or employment

you can just try to become a youkai magician or your choice of supernatural being and get done with it

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Unless they were actually mentally retarded (see: Sion et al) I don't think even a dirty NEET would have too much trouble adapting to Gensokyo.

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I could drink tea with Yuyuko and harass Youmu all day.

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She'll just take you to the human village and then leave you with a random villager or Keine then they would make you do work.

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>survive in gensokyo


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Youmu would probably kill you for stepping on Yuyuko's land.

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What if my Gensokyan waifu is already a NEET?

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That means she would not want to speak to you.

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I do like Keine so I wouldn't mind staying with her

but Mokou wouldn't be able to get rid of me that easily. I'd keep getting myself lost until she let me stick around.

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But Patchy is educated, well maybe not formally...

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>A succubus would take anyone.

Explain. I'm interested in letting one of my subordinates experiment with such a peculiar creature to broaden mankind's knowledge.

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She wouldn't kill you(I think she got tired of that a while ago)but she would probably get very angry after a while.

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I'm already dead.

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She kills those kinds of people too.

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Welp Id have to reach AND climb Youkai Mountain just to get to my waifu

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I don't tthink humans are welcome there.Plus Kappa are at the bottom.

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I think Id be stupid enough to risk it anyway. Besides they'd just try to scare me away at least

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Plan B

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I can get over my NEETness pretty easily if the situation calls for it. When it comes to survival I could just buy a yokai mask and walk around with it on at night. From what I learned from anime, yokai would be stupid enough to fall for that.

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I'd be killed within seconds.

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>get over your NEETness

Why would I bother trying to find a job in Gensokyo? A NEET != hikkikomori. Stop getting the two confused.

Also, I'd rather head to Rokkenjima.

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I'd grow opium.

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But mai waifu isn't in Gensokyo.

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Yes. Grow it next to Yuuka so you can smoke some every day.

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Humans who don't pull their weight in the Fantasy World get fed to youkai.

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how you ask? well first id find my way to the hakurei shrine, maybe give remiu a donation (mostly out of pity) i dunno if id call myself a NEET nor do i have a waifu, so there's two problems out of the way, other than that i guess id survive like most humans do in gensokyo

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Your silly green paper strips can't even be used as ofuda.
You can't become a magician without education or training.

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Step 1: cry many tears of joy
Step 2: realize I have no plan
Step 3: realize I'm probably fucked
Step 4: go into convulsions from the shock
Step 5: assuming I live, probably try and learn to not suck balls and be a yokai hunter for a living. or some shit like that.

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NEETs are creatures of darkness outside the natural order of the world. In other words, they are youkai already. The moment I take a step into Gensokyo, I'd turn into a cute girl in a frilly dress.

Afterwards I'd probably gather fairies and lesser youkai to form myself a harem.

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I lived literally next to a forest, and I went hunting almost everyday for 10 years, so I know a few things about survival.

but meh, I would probably fall right into the trap of a cute looking youkai girl.... my one weakness...

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Most retarded plan ever but this actually is what I'd attempt:

1/ Break into Eientei
2/ Steal hourai elixir if Eirin has any.
3/ Break into SDM
4/ Play with Flan forever

Basically the doujin where Mokou teaches Flan to stop breaking shit.

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How is Gensokyo governed anyway? Is it a complete anarchy outside of city-states and urban centers?

I really don't know enough about it yet to create a plan for bringing it under my rule.

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I demand you tell me about this doujin.

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Reimu is the law.

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Pretty much this.

Listen to her or get an ass-whoopin'.

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It's part of a series of doujins mostly centered around Flan and Mokou

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If I was in Gensokyo then I would be a little girl and would have no worries. There'd be no reason to be anxious because we're all little girls and there's no competitive business world or any of that going on. Just us little magical girls frolicking around in frilly dresses, picking mushrooms and getting together for tea. Unlike reality, Gensokyo is not an intimidating world so there is no reason to be NEET there.

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That's not a very stable form of government at all, though that plotarmor might offer some trouble.

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If you wind up in Gensokyo, you have to befriend someone, otherwise you're fucked. And it's not going to be easy. If Sakuya or Remilia see you on the mansion grounds, you're as good as dead. I think Cirno and Suika would be the easiest to befriend. From there, you can work your way up the social ladder to your desired Touhou of choice.

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Because there are many more youkai than human, it is probably Youkai controlled.
The most powerful youkai formed some kind of round table and set laws for their kind. Reimu is some kind of outside enforcer for whenever someone breaks those laws, she gets merciless beat up until everything is okay.

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I have an engineering degree, so I'd get to work doing SCIENCE in an effort to throw Gensokyo out of balance.

Then presumably I'd get to meet Yukari before I'm gutted for choosing logic over magic, or whatever.

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I'd become a bard, and spread the brass Gospel.

Who needs a waifu?

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Except for kaguya.

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And then you will be a stage 6 boss.

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My waifu is Kisume, so i'd probably be dead rather soon, finding her or not.

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Cheers, engineers!

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That's great, but can you build your SCIENCE in a cave? You can't bring much in Gensokyo, so you'll have little to work with.

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I've learned to build houses from the Amish.


All else fails I can bring a design revolutions to the place.

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>Build houses FROM the Amish

Good God did I ever read that sentence wrong.

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My waifu isn't from Touhou because I am not a faggot.

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I would rather go to the Zone
I will die in the first 30 minutes

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Just because you're NEET does not mean you can't talk to people, you fucking idiots.

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/jp/ - NEET/Hikikomori

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Rinnosuke probably has some spare parts that you could probably get from him if you help out at the store and what not.

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Claim a patch of land. Build a makeshift house while building an actual home, farm land. Only grow weed and tobacco. Put up signs for youkais that I will fuck them up with my rakes and hoes. Start a tobacco company. Own Gensokyo.

Alternately just live in the human village and lie and steal to make money first, then become a loan shark. Hopefully this will end with me having people selling their daughters to me to settle the debts. Whorehouses everywhere.

Too bad my waifu doesnt need money.

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>Not in Education Employment or Training
it doesn't say anything about being unable to talk to other people, learn what a word means before using it wrongly

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well i learned survival techniques on internet and tried them various times, i'm used to talk to people for work, so i can be friend with someone (maybe youmu) i don't think there should be a problem if i go to gensokyo also, i should take some human world garbages for rinnosuke to have some local change

(yes I'm a neet who left school and still searches work)

fukken ready to go

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>Implying that cannibal dragonball-like yokai can be considered as people.

In fact Gensokyo is like the dark world in Yu Yu Hakusho except that EVERYONE is a high rank S monster.

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Well, I don't have a map so I'd probably wander around aimlessly. If I survive and do find the hakurei shrine, I'd probably stay near there, learn some danmaku and hope I get to see her.

But the OP does bring up an interesting point, how would survival in an unknown land with lots of hazards occur? Can weak untrained humans defeat unnamed fairies with relative ease?
>I think Cirno and Suika would be the easiest to befriend.
I am pleased.

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They must be speaking a sort of very old japanese in Gensokyo and since more than 99% of /jp/ist can barely speak their own language we are fucked.

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>If you got into Gensokyo
I'd either kill myself or become a teacher+missionary. I hate stupid, unfaithful people.

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Reimu and Sanae will kill you for sure. Do not steal the rare donators.

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