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I just got hit in the face with the most ronery I've ever had in my entire life. When I was a kid, I moved to another city and left all my friends behind. When I moved into the new city, I never managed to acquire friends like before. I eventually grew somewhat bitter and introverted in nature. Naturally, this led to a somewhat ronery existence, and when I got out of college, I just stayed in my apartment most of the time, only going out for food and work. Well, while I was cleaning up, I decided to go through some of the boxes in my closet. In one of the boxes, I found the letters and notes that my old friends gave to me before I moved. I read through them. Iti wasn't so bad at first, since a lot of them just said stuff such as, "Have a good time there!" or "Make sure you have fun!"

But eventually, as I went down the stack, the scribbled writing in the cards told me of my miserable existence. "Make sure you make a lot of new friends!" I didn't make any close friends after moving into my apartment. "Make sure you keep up your grades and get a good job!" Sure, I finished college with fair grades, but I have a terrible job that barely pays for the apartment and utilities. The final letter hit me the hardest though. "I hope you'll be able to laugh just like you laughed here." The only times I laughed here was in the presence of the internet... I can't remember a time where I actually laughed with another person. I realized how bitter and full of hatred I've become since I moved here. Who was I supposed to curse? My parents for forcing me here? My old friends for forgetting me? No... I realized it was all my fault... That I was the reason I was living this terrible life. Gentle Jena began playing from my computer, and I silently cried.

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Usually, when people look at me, they're just looking at a facade. How I look at any given moment is a direct reflection of the people around me. If I stick out too much, someone might approach me. I can't let that happen. If I'm in a group of loud people, I'll be loud too. If everyone else is laughing at crude jokes, I'll laugh as well. I was always changing, like a chameleon, just so I could keep away from small talk. But one of the most amazing feelings is being with a girl who can see straight through that facade. She knows you dislike small talk, so she avoids confronting you. And yet, she's always nearby, in case you feel like having a menial conversation about the weather, or how the leaves look gently drifting to the ground. She knows that you don't want other people's help, so she'll try to stay out of the way. But when you're down, she'll be the first one to hold out her hand. When you walk in the park during autumn, she wouldn't ask if she could tag along with you, rather, she'd just walk alongside you without consent, without a word. She wouldn't say anything, but she would lightly hold your arm, and give a gentle smile toward you. And as you walked in the cool, brisk afternoon with her, leaves falling around you like snow, you'd feel your stress, your worries, and your fears slowly melt away. Your mouth would slowly tug at its corners, a sensation that you may have long forgotten. You'd take a look at her face, the warm face that was smiling at the simple treasure of life itself. And after all this time, you could finally feel yourself returning a genuine smile as well.

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But hey, he finished college and has a job.

I mean, that's two things I don't have and seem far away from.

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this one just makes me think "learn to like a little chitchat you stuck-up sociophobe."

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>Gentle Jena

I teared up right there.

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True. Hell, I haven't done a damn thing since I graduated high school.

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btw Kaguya is really skilled

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i agree, this guy sounds like he thinks he's too good for everyone.

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My significant other doesn't want to date anymore and wishes to be 'very good friends' with me. Ugh. This sucks. I still love the person very much. How do I make things turn around?

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Give her a basket of kittens.

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After classes, I was heading back to my dorm. On the way back, a girl behind me was walking fairly fast and eventually caught up to me. However her cell phone seemed to have rang or maybe she decided to call someone, so she took it out and started talking, which slowed her down.

For about 3 whole min, we were walking side by side together down the sidewalk. I didn't really care or think much, I had my headphones on full blast, I could barely hear what she was saying or figure out who she could be talking to.

Then a feeling hit me. For some reason I felt like we were a couple, going towards a common destination. I chanced a (very) quick look at her direction, she was really gorgeous. She had put her phone back just now and started going a bit faster then me again.

Then just as I refocused my gaze to the road straight ahead of me, the warm feeling suddenly disappeared. I could feel her changing direction and heading towards the dining hall.

Mere seconds later, I reached the cold concrete stairs that lead down to the road that goes to the resident halls, I stopped just for a second to regather my thoughts.....and my heart

Then I came back to my room and have been doing the usual worthless stuff ever since.

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You know, if I had a woman, I'd hope she wouldn't mind me wanting to be clingy and lovey. Seriously, when I think of all the things we'd do...it's never any of the lewd things that the people who bitch at me about getting a girl talk about like sex or making out. It's other thing. Cuddling on the couch, despite that there's nothing on. Walking close together on a chilly autumn day. Letting her ride piggy back on me even though she's not tired. Using her lap as a pillow, or vice versa. Huddling together in the winter when it reaches the bottom of the thermometer, under the covers with my arms grasping her tightly around her waist, and her arms wrapped around one of mine, ensuring the strength of the lock. Even just sitting next to each other in the warm midday sun. None of the fondling, none of the groping, none of the ogling. We wouldn't really talk about anything existential or anything, just random talk that strays from the empty conversations you get with the part timers at the local grocery store. And to add to the warm feel, her smile. If there's one thing I'd require for a girl, it would be a dazzling smile. Not that hokey white teeth smile, but a genuinely sincere smile, one that's entirely candid and always stroking across her face. A smile that in the event if ever disappeared, I'd do my best to jump in and make it shine once more.

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I chuckle a little there actually.

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You don't. Sorry, kid. :(

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Well, she was probably an unpleasant person anyway. Most people are unpleasant, once you get to know them.

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The first bit of copypasta was alright. The rest was kind of stale. Please take it back to the kitchen.

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Sorry, girls hate that shit.

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Respect her wishes and let it be. If you do this, she'll remember this and think of you as a good guy. Doing this is good because it doesn't fuck up your future chances of getting back together again if the chance ever arise.

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Youve never dated a girl I guess.

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Re...rea......really? ;___;

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You've never dated anything but whales.

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Alright, what's your advice if the genders are reversed? That the guys wants out and just be friends while the girl is desperate?

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girl here, my old boyfriend used to attempt a lot of that cuddly stuff, I hated everytime he tried. I don't want no piggyback ride and I don't like PDA. oogling and stuff is also bad.

maybe im just distant though.

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I generally aim for fit males, sorry bb.

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No, you're normal. Girls didn't want 24/7 attention. They want their own space, like most men want. And no they don't want fucking piggy backs etc. They are not children.

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If its like forceful than it is annoying but if its not rape cuddles, its nice. Especially when watching a movie.

However when sleeping I cannot stand touching someone else. Too hot.

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Would you like a piggyback ride sweetheart :3

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Learn to master your pathetic emotions. You can create and cut off love with an exertion of willpower.

Leave her be because she doesn't want to be with you, and you should be with someone that wants you, not someone you begged into letting you follow them around.

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I can imagine it now. Instead of surprise buttsex it's SURPRISE CUDDLE!

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My ex used to try and hug me and cuddle and kiss me when I was on the PC, drove me up a fucking wall.

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And if the genders are reversed?

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Still the same?

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girl here, I want piggyback rides :<

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Same thing, if the girl tries to pull anything, people will just think she's a clingy bitch, attention whore, and so on.

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I do too sometimes, but it's funner and you feel less like a fruitcake lovey wierdo if it's from a friend or something.

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And I want hugs and hand-holdings.

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Don't fuck him until you're married. He'll respect you more. If he breaks up for that, he wasn't worth keeping.

If you do fuck him, be well aware of how FUCKED your thinking becomes of it. You're no longer qualified to make any decisions about the relationship, so just listen to what your momma says.

Keep condoms handy, don't have a kid, if you do, put it up for adoption, you'll want to kill yourself if you get an abortion.

If you want to make a man happy make him a sandwich or bring him a cup of tea/cold beer, and he'll love you forever.

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Does this piggyback thing remind anyone else of First Kiss? :Q

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haha oh wow

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/jp/ - Relationship Advice

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>I want to squish you like an overlord tank

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I'm a girl and I hate surprise cuddle. It's fucking annoying and makes me want to sock my old bf in the stomach every damn time.

Maybe it's just their timing but it's always a nuisance every time they do it.

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Women should have no say in a relationship. Anyone who disagrees is a feminazi.

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>/jp/ - Relationship Advice/Ronery

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Thanks mods.

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Me too, and I'm a girl. I think all that cudderly stuff is great :D

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You're not a girl D:

>> No.62104

too many self-righteous bitches, probably the fat goth chicks that can't get anyone decent

>> No.62112

it's ok SOMETIMES... but I'm shy and I can't stand it if it's in public, or in front of my friends.

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I like how most of the women in this thread are acting like they are something special.

Get over yourselves.

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I'm a guy, I can't touch someone without feeling uncomfortable. REALLY uncomfortable. The feeling of someone touching me is like nails on a black board. It makes me cringe. It doesn't happen with family but everyone else it does, just shaking hands takes a herculean effort.

Suffice to say I'm 24 and never had a girlfriend or sex or even kissed. I probably never will because of my anxiety.

>> No.62119

what counts as decent?

right now i've got a guy who is pretty much the woman in the relationship and that's plenty decent.

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So he's basically in the kitchen?

>> No.62124

im not special. I just hate PDA.

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End of the line for your genes
Next please!

>> No.62132

You could say that. I'm trying to get him to learn how to cook.

>> No.62136

Yeah PDA is annoying, but I hate when they're all anti-touching when there is no one there. The copypasta mentioned cudderling on the couch while watching shitty TV, I hate when guys are like anti that stuff...

>> No.62137

sounds like the whores no one wants and only losers settle for
guess that explains the guys you've dated, don't it

>> No.62139

Oh...I see.
I wish a girl would teach me how to cook ;_;.

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I want a girl who understands what the BIOS is. I want a girl who knows what I mean when I say "Linux Distro". I want a girl who enjoys, and is good at, the vidya.

In short, I sit here in my basement, knowing that this will never happen, I will never meet a woman, and I will die alone.

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protip: willpower and logic got nothing on emotions. Your logic tells you she's obnoxious, bossy, loudmouthed, airheaded etc and there is no reason you should like her, but you still love her just because once in a blue moon she goes all dere-dere and show a soft caring side to you.

Likewise, do you think girls go "let's see, he's rich, well educated and act like he's my servent, i think i'm going to fall in love with him." Nope they go for the guy would out of no where pin them against a wall and force a hot kiss on them, then pretend nothing happened afterwards and treat them coldly otherwise.

>> No.62147

go to an art college. they're everywhere.

>> No.62150

Bitches love assholes, don't let them tell you otherwise.

>> No.62154

I wouldn't want a woman who knew what Linux was. If she tried to install that shit on my pc, I'd have to murder her ass.

>> No.62156

I can cook. I learned so many stir-fry and chocolate dessert recipes after I started dating, and it turned into an extremely long-distance relationship. I feel that the chocolate skills are going to waste.

On that thought, can one ship cookies across country borders without the customs destroying everything?

>> No.62157

Sluts like you are giving the rest of us females in this thread bad images.

Tried this before. Even if he pretends to like it, it's really bothering him and he's just doing it to stay on your good side to get sex from you.

>> No.62164

Girl here using linux :)

>> No.62165

Why are you so uppity?

>> No.62168

That is hot
Want to reproduce?

>> No.62170

>it's ok SOMETIMES... but I'm shy and I can't stand it if it's in public, or in front of my friends.

Your blushing and resistance only makes me want to cuddle you more

>> No.62171

He told me up-front he wants to learn to cook and be the "housewife".

>> No.62172

ITT: Girls using the interbutts

>> No.62174


I'd stop seeing her if she touched my computer set up at all. Seriously? What the fuck? I place more importance on my computers than a woman?

>> No.62177

Tsundere, methinks.

>> No.62179


My friend sent me candy bars over the Canadian-American border and they showed up fine, so I doubt cookies would be a problem.

>> No.62180


Your boyfriend is gay.

>> No.62182

>let's see, he's rich, well educated and act like he's my servant, i think i'm going to fall in love with him.

They don't marry these people for love, they do it for power and status.

Women will marry an 80-year-old just because he has money. Women care more about power than they do about love and sex.

Men do not care for power like this. How many cases of 20-year-old men marrying 80-year-old women do you hear? Right, because no matter how rich a woman is, a guy is not going to fuck an 80 year old.

>> No.62186

actually, he is. We browse /cm/ together.

>> No.62191

Enjoy your beta male

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>> No.62193

Yeah, and i'm sure that kind of utilitarian relationship is what anon wants

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Night, darkness all around. It is the hardest time of the day. When that feeling sets in. It starts as a pain in my chest. Nothing to bad, but as the night goes on it gets worse. Normally it doesn’t bother me to much, just watch an anime and focus on something else. Some nights though, some nights are just hell.

It is mainly when it is raining out. I can still hear her voice, the sound of her falling to her knees. Hitting the earth over and over again, and the sound of her sobs. She is begging me to come back, telling me that she was sorry. I couldn’t turn around and face her, even in the rain I knew my face was covered in tears. I knew if I turned around and saw her face I would forgive her. But it wouldn’t be like before. Betrayal always hurts the most.

But on nights like tonight, when the rain is coming down outside and the pain is in the chest. Nights like tonight I wonder what would have happened if I had turned around if everything would have been better than now. If some part of me would have been happy. Even if it was all a lie, it could have been a happy lie. And would living that lie be any different that living the lie I live today? Probably not, but it would have been with her.

God I hate the rain.

>> No.62201

I will thank you, ukes are my type.

>> No.62204

My Mom sends me food all the time, and it shows up fine. It's into America though from England. You just need to seal everything, and so on to make sure no bugs get in. As long as they cannot smell anything from the box it's all good.

>> No.62205

Really? Thanks. I think candy bars are sturdier stuff than homemade cookies to start with, but anyways, now I have hope. I will go win my beloved's heart back with checkerboard cookies.

BRB, baking.

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>> No.62216

This reminds me, do we need to have a misogyny day in /jp/ too?

>> No.62218

I don't see why not.

>> No.62222

Do we have to? I was hoping this wouldn't turn into a board like that.

>> No.62228

Is it just me, or do asian girls like cuddling more?

>> No.62232

I can concede what you said is true for immature children that haven't mastered their emotions.

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>> No.62238

Maybe it depends on the person? In my experience, caucasian chicks are more touchy-feely.

>> No.62239

After failed relationships with "normal" guys I have come to the conclusion that I can not date anyone who doesnt understand the following terms : STR, DEX, INT, AGI, loli, shota, moe, respawn, and a few others.

I was talking to a guy who was thinking about joining the army and it went like this :

Him : It would be good money so why not?
Me : Arent you scared?
Him : Scared of what?
Me : Dying. I mean its not like you can respawn...
Hime : ..What?


>> No.62240

Asian women are real women
Not like these bitches who think they actually have rights

Nevertheless, it makes little difference once I crack you over my huge negroid dong.

>> No.62248

No nigras on the internet.

>> No.62254

~('3`)~ oh my oh my.

>> No.62256

Other than sex, which doesn't really bother me much anymore, I'm mostly sad that I'll never get to do any of this stuff ;_;

>> No.62258

No girls either
Yet I'm breaking all yo white bitches

Yip, just me lying there, and her bleedin on my man-log.

>> No.62260

Some truth.

American women think they'll have a happy life by being a cunty bitchy feminist making as much or more money than her husband. Doesn't realize everyone would be happier if she stayed home and raised the kids and stopped acting like a fucking bitch.

Act like a woman, guys like it. Ask them to hug you, do cutesy shit, make them dinner. They'll eaT IT UP.

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Ronery threads are for ronery. If you want to talk about your boyfriend/girlfriend please take it somewhere else.


Here is a text board for general relationships. Take it there.

>> No.62282

I donno, last time when I was working in China, I saw this really cool discussion panel on TV where couples were talking about showing affection in public, from what I could seems like the chinese chicks are pretty into it. (selected sample i'm sure, but still)

One particular yound couple struke me as awesome and cute. They both work at the same office right, but the girl's cubicle is like down the hall from the guy's. She get's ronery so easily that every couple of hours she runs to the guy and ask him to huggle her a bit. ('It's like as if I needed him to recharge my batteries' she said) At first the other people at the office were like wtf, but it happens like every day and now everyone is used to it.

>> No.62304

not every girl whos succesful has to be all uppity about it. I know a girl who makes twice as much money as her spouce but I never once see her act like she's better. She just wants to do good for herself.

>> No.62312

You'll get used to that too. I did.

>> No.62357

Now that's a depressing thought.

>> No.62380

Why is it depressing to think one day it wont make you sad anymore and you'll be able to accept it? That means you'll be happy once you learn to deal with it.

>> No.62412

Because when you're so depressed and sad about something, it means it had a large impact in your life. When your parent dies you're incredibly heart-broken because they meant so much to you, when a stranger dies you feel nothing because they meant nothing.

Love is a big deal, if you don't have it and feel nothing it's almost like you've lost part of your humanity. It's sad that eventually it means nothing to you because it should be something important.

>> No.62438

girls who wait for sex are as worthless as they are ugly.

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I think we just found a reason why weeaboos like asian girls

>> No.62513

Not to respond to anyone, but: Fucking whores.

>> No.62549

How about, all of you dumb little cunts get the fuck out of 4chan altogether and ronery self-centered faggots stop creating completely irrelevant thread discussion on /jp/.

>> No.62555

Yeah, that's what I wish for too. Sex is meh, I'd really like a relationship of some kind but I'm too damn shy. Going to be alone forever ;_;

>> No.62572

Otakus are ronery, that's part of Japanese culture and was co-opted by 4chan's /a/. Then that stuff got moved to /jp/. The logic follows pretty easily. This stuff belongs here. Why don't you minimize the thread if you don't like it, or better yet, just leave.

>> No.62576

I'm a hikikomori, and the only girl who gives a shit about me is already in a serious relationship. :(

>> No.62597

how serious?

>> No.62605

Get back to where ever you came from.

>> No.62607

why does she need a fancy job to feel good for herself?

>> No.62609

I hope I return a ghost to those happy couples that so torment me.

>> No.62623


She's been with him for almost a year and a half, and they never had any fights or showed any signs of breaking up.

>> No.62629

Sorry mate, I know how that is too.

>> No.62633

>and they never had any fights or showed any signs of breaking up

I doubt that's a serious relationship

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no. you're cofusing ronery with dating tips. Ronery threads do not involve all you stupid sluts clustered into one thread giving each other their worthless opinions and tips for their shitty, conceited relationships.

>> No.62693

You never know. I dated a girl for a year and she said she was initially interested in my because I was quiet and shy. She thought it was cute and mysterious. I was 18 at the time, I'm 25 now and I've never been with anyone else :(

I guess low expectations will keep you from being disappointed.

>> No.62699
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I second this man. Ronery threads are for the ronery.

>> No.62707
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even ronery thread on /a/ use to have alot of people giving advices

not necessarily good advices though

>> No.62714


Getting advice from hikkomori about how to not be ronery is like getting advice on fireproofing from a serial arsonist.

>> No.62717

well it is very entertaining

>> No.62740

Man, if I returned as a ghost, I'd use my otherworldly powers to get girlfriends for ronery people.

You know, trip 'em up at the right time so he falls into her arms...ha ha, that sort of stuff only works in dramas, but you know what I mean.

>> No.62742

It's the thought that counts.

>> No.62749

I would think serial arsonists would be quite experienced about what makes it hard for them to burn a building down and would have very good suggestions for fireproofing...

>> No.62751
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I'm ronery because NO GIRL IS AS CUTE AS MY NONO.

I'd be her onii-sama. Or as long as we're in fantasy land, I might as well be her onee-sama....

>> No.62762

Girls like that are fucking rare, odds are none of us will ever meet one.

>> No.62778


Most arsonists toss flammable chemicals in large amounts of other flammable materials and light a fire. You don't have to be a genius to be an arsonist, just access to a lighter.

>> No.62786
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>> No.62794

THe only girl personalities I can even really stand are the really feminine ones (which are pretty uncommon outside of religious people), and the really independent types. But the independant ones tend to be fairly uninterested in me. Well, they're ALL uninterested in me....
But you know, the disdain of the ones you like stings more than that from some random bubblehead girl.

>> No.62797

>He told me up-front he wants to learn to cook and be the "housewife".
This is sorta similar to me in the dating phase. I'm a guy (obviously, no girls on the Internet) but I usually act dismissive and aloof around women, pretending I don't like them when I do.

Only it doesn't seem to work. Women want to be wooed, not spurned.

>> No.62805

ITT: Anonymous doesn't follow the strict code of conduct in a ronery thread.

>> No.62823

This thread illustrates what's wrong with /jp/ at the moment: the board attracts too many normal people.

>> No.62824


Haha. You got it wrong both times. They don't want to be wooed or spurned. They want a giant, throbbing, hot rod of manmeat stuffed up their sphincter.

>> No.62825

>but I usually act dismissive and aloof around women, pretending I don't like them when I do

You gotta do it properly
"I don't like you, but for some reason you always turn up where ever I go"

>> No.62848

I'm 26, never so much as been kissed by a woman. Is it possible I can still be considered normal? :S

>> No.62921

I don't remember how old I was when I first got the girl, but it was after kindergarten, 13 years of school, 2 years of university, 1 year travelling the world, and 2 years of college. THEN it happened. Oh yes.

>> No.62937


No. This is very abnormal.

>> No.62942

Your reply shows there's not enough /a/ in /jp/ yet.

>> No.62958

Keep in the the majority of the population is too dumb to discover 4chan, or hell, the internets

>> No.62968

Keep in mind the the majority of the population is too dumb to discover 4chan, or hell, the internets

>> No.62974

>4chan, or hell, the internets
At first, I read "4chan, hell, or the Internet" and was full of weeaboo atheist rage.

>> No.62979

So ronery ;_;

>> No.62998


There ARE girls like this out there. It's just that when you see us, you will either say "ew" or just never notice us there.

Both male and female will stay ronrery for the rest of their lives unless we get past the looks.

>> No.63015

Well, I'm turning 20 soon and never been kissed myself. I wouldn't say "normal" but it is uncommon.

>> No.63032

guess it ain't particularly anormal compared to some people in this thread.
it's bot like it's a race anyway.

>> No.63033

it's like hugging a bag of sand

>> No.63036

guess it ain't particularly anormal compared to some people in this thread.
it's not like it's a race anyway.

>> No.63037

no one wants to hug you because you're fat

>> No.63054


>> No.63058

I don't know about other places, but where I'm from, most have their first kiss in elementary school thanks to dares and curiosity.

I almost had my first kiss in junior high, but there was snot dripping out of the guy's nose.

>> No.63080


>> No.63081

Even that wouldn't work.

>> No.63087

I like this idea. Would make a nice short animu eh?

>> No.63095

what, Densha Otoko, minus 2chan but with ghost?

>> No.63105

well, having a kiss shouldn't be about touching someone's lips, there should be feeling in a first kiss in my opinion, so the things done in school, resulting from dares and all, don't account for much.
wonder when do normal people generally have their first kiss.

>> No.63118

Well, I was thinking it would be more than just one person.
Like a ghost who basically plays cupid with
different people. Each episode/chapter would be a different couple.

>> No.63119

lol i guess you're a ronry humongous fag based on what the females here have said

>> No.63122

For a long while I felt like shit because I wasn't taking opportunities like everyone else to have random, casual one-night stands. I could never stand the thought of waking up and feel that guy's eyes on me, like I was worthless to them now. Or that they were embarrassed to see me beside them. Worthless, meaningless, tramp. No other girls seem to care about that, they just shrug it off as being empowered or something.
But the older I get (22 now) the more I realize it doesn't have to be that way. I can wait for someone that actually matters. It makes me happy.

>> No.63123

Kinda like Enma Ai, right?
...Wait, that may not have been the best example. But you understand what I meant, right?

>> No.63125

I actually got to caress an /a/non female close to my chest recently. My pants were tight as shit and my heart was pounding.

>> No.63134

I'm a 23 year old who's pretty cute, but never been kissed. Many dates with people who think I'm cute and spunky. But its all an act. I do a mean bluff and get attention every time.
But it means nothing when you're a hikikomori whose afraid of people and men, and whose only sexual experience has been reading yaoi and fapping to bdsm 3d porn.
I'm so hikikomori that my power levels are over 9000 and I have no job, just a bunch of lies. Lots of "friends" who I can't ever dare open up to and overwelming paranoia.

I guess you can call me batshit insane.
Could I ever find love? I'm a born home maker, I love to cook, cuddle, submit, and do all sorts of domestic shit. I would be proud to watch over our children's future on the PTA while you work hard to provide for us.
Is it an impossible dream? Would any 3d man give such a crazy ass girl a chance? Of must I forever lust after 2d men like Light & Kaiji?

tl;dr: Batshit insane somewhat tsundere looking for cuddly love- any chance in hell of finding a match? Or should I just kill myself?

>> No.63135
File: 20 KB, 357x232, 1203843995963.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

already exists.

>> No.63137

My guess is junior high or high school when people start "dating". I use quotes because most of those kids don't know what the hell they are doing or know what "love" is.

>> No.63145

>reading yaoi and fapping to bdsm 3d porn
Your chances would have been higher if you supressed that...

>> No.63153

oh, reminds me of high school "dating".
I loathed so much the people who got into it.
people got together and separated on a weekly basis, talk about "couples".
then again, maybe I resent them, but I wouldn't have been satisfied with that kind of interaction.

>> No.63154

Yes, something along those lines. Just without the killing.

...or killing could be added...ha. A couple commits suicide and the ghost starts to feel like shit and starts to wonder if it was the right thing to do by getting them together...

Ok, I'll stop, but damn this is fun.

>> No.63156
File: 137 KB, 720x479, 1203844225043.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

enjoy your QUALITY faggot

>> No.63162
File: 16 KB, 300x300, 1203844276489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a tsundere guy.
I always look mean and gloomy, I don't talk to anybody and always grunt to myself wehn I see something stupid.
However, when there's some fucking old hag trying to cross the road or there are some goddamn kittens without a mother or something like that, I always help, just because I feel I have to.
Do you think I'll attract some female attention eventually?

>> No.63164


Kill yourself. No guy thinks it's erotic that his woman loves all the domestic shit involving kids.

They want their woman to be an erotic sex kitten, until they get impotent then they want them to never want sex again.

>> No.63169

Sorry anon, I'm too Tsundere for you to handle.

>> No.63170


Umm...Hell yes?

Maybe not sooo submissive though.

>> No.63176

I'm all down for the sex kitten part, but I likes what I likes.
Alright, guess I better get started on that noose.

>> No.63183

I can't have a girl because I'm not ready. I have to be able to fully support myself before I can support someone else....

>> No.63185

he didn't say he thought it was erotic, he said he wanted someone like that, they're not the same thing.

>> No.63186

Aside from 2D, I'm completely asexual. Though it would be nice to have someone that cooks and likes to cuddle. And I want kids. Shit. ;_;

>> No.63189


No, you don't want this woman. It'll only end in tears.

What this woman needs is to get fucked, then to start casually seeing people (including a therapist) until she gets her life back on track. What she doesn't need is another co-dependent hikkomori to tailspin into a burning wreckage of hellfire and pain with.

>> No.63192

That kind of thing pissed me off, and alot of adults do it as well.
Men that get pissed off when another guy looks at his "girl", women constantly accusing men of cheating or get pissed when they look at porn...

Alot of these "couples" today are just...so fake and stupid and...ugh. Just makes me groan and not even WANT a relationship sometimes if it's going to be like THAT.

>> No.63200

not unless you push the old hag in front of a truck or cook the kitten, then you'll be a chick magnet.

>> No.63207
File: 213 KB, 500x551, 1203844625362.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit that is awesome

>> No.63210

I'd date you, but I have too strange a lifestyle to ever support a family. Sorry. Also, sterile. True story.

We'd have common ground to talk about, at least. But if batshit insane means yandere, well, we can just both forget we ever spoke.

>> No.63213

uhhh duh!!!!!!!!!!1

but seriously. Yeah, It seems pretty good here. uhhh fat? that could hurt chances but I could see me with you.
I only ask about fat because two fat people should not be together. It is just gross looking y'know?

>> No.63219

>Men that get pissed off when another guy looks at his "girl", women constantly accusing men of cheating or get pissed when they look at porn

They do it because they are jealous, which i find cute
That or they're just faggots/bitches, so it depends on circumstances

>> No.63225


Haha.....That could happen...
But it would have the possibility of working out.
(I'm somewhat of a hikkomori myself, but I'm always up for doin' shit (i.e. going out) if I'm actually seeing someone)

>> No.63226

I'm fairly similar to you. I have a soft spot for animals, but I'm otherwise fairly misanthropic and mean-faced. I harass people for their stupid mistakes and occasionally I give unasked advice.
But I'm so very dere-dere inside this rich tsun-tsun shell.

>> No.63232


Hahaha. Oh wow. Good job, kid. Nice subtle way to screen whether or not she's overweight while also seeing if she's cool with a fatty.

And from here the topic will degenerate into a fat hikkomori slitching because in death she's found the love she always wanted while a noose crushes her trachea and the fatguy that "loves her" fapping onto his keyboard desperately waiting her response.

>> No.63236

Maybe, maybe not.
I'd tend to make friends with tsunderes, female and male, and some are dating. The only thing is, that the person they are dating are both dominate "I'm better than you and you know it" type.

>> No.63247

>batshit insane

Now you've just got my curiosity piqued. Please give a tad more detail?

>> No.63259

Thing is chief, I was being straight with her. Two fat people together is gross. All that flesh, geeee. Too much, just too much.

>> No.63261

Yes it is cute when it's mild, but when they are all like "YO STEP OFF NIGGA BEFORE I BUST A CAP IN YO FAGGOT ASS" then yea. Annoys me a bit.

You can kinda tell what kind of area I live now. A majority are like this here.

>> No.63268

damn you, that flashed a few disgusting things in my mind.

>> No.63269

At least you guys don't have sweaty palms... I have to wipe my hand every now and then when playing on my DS or PSP, I don't think I can ever hold the hand of a female.. ;_;

>> No.63270


The problem is the relationship's doomed from the start. She's a hikkomori that lives a life of lies but desperately seeks male companionship to validate the things she sees in herself, which means she will desperately pursue those angles to all ends.

As a male hikkomori, no offense, you're probably a "beta male" and likely not all that experienced with the womens yourself. So you won't be equipped to handle a fucking crazy bitch desperately latching onto any validation you will send her way and it will drive you fucking insane.

In the end she'll hate you but lust for your affection and the goodness she felt you felt in her because that's what she wanted you to feel in herself and you'll hate her because she'll ruin the relationship you weren't man enough to fix or ditch when it was the appropriate time and turn you into a weaker, depressed, bitter, and angry person.

>> No.63272

sometimes the only thing you can do is accept it and laugh at your pathetic state of existence

>> No.63285


she's into yaoi, therefore she is fat, no screening required

>> No.63289

Ubanto doesn't count bitch.

>> No.63297


She could be one of those skinny curveless women that in all ways resemble a man, except when they wear tight pants they get a camel toe instead of a log down one of their pant legs where their beefstick is located.

>> No.63299

the surface of a psp has little in common with that of a human hand you know.
the again, the stress might make you sweat .

>> No.63304


But when you play for hours on end the grease, sweat, and dead skin make it feel warm and soft like the loving, familiar caress of a loved one.

>> No.63307

Hey guys, a yaoi fangirl wouldn't be a turn off, right? I mean, as long as we didn't shove it in your face and stuff.

>> No.63309

You're exactly what I'd want in a partner. Too bad I'll never find a girl who thinks like you. Stupid feminism ruined everything.

Also I'm too shy to ever approach a girl anyway.

>> No.63312

lol, I wouldn't mind cracking a whip behind your bare ass if that's what you want, but I'm not keen on confrontations, hence the scared by people part.
I thought I was asexual for a long time too, but seeing many of my friends getting married or engaged got me thinking maybe there should be more to life, and maybe it should be shared with someone else. I'd marry you Anonymous ;-; Cuddling but no sex sounds doable.
You maybe on to something there. I finally got my med insurance so I'm hoping to find out it can all be cured by some simple white pills.
Actually I was at ideal BMI until about a couple of months ago when I became hiki. I'm only gaining weight in my stomache, so I fear the day someone asks me when am I due. I'll either cry for being a fattie or a fake!preggers.

I looked up yandere, um noooo. I'm not good with blood or clinginess. So at least I've got that going for me <_<;;;
(Jesus Christ at wiki entry for the School days bit.)

>> No.63315


Is this some sort of ubuntu-specific derogatory term or something?

>> No.63321

I dunno, I actually knew a yaoi fan that wasn't all that fat. Chubby yeah, but I don't mind chubby.

>> No.63327

I remember once asking a waitress at a buffet when the crayfish will respawn, she said "I'll check with the chef".

But I'm too pussy to ask for name and number. ;_;

>> No.63332


I guess it depends on whether you like taking it up the ass while she pretends you're Eiri Yuki and she's Shuichi Shindou.

>> No.63336

>Hey guys, a yaoi fangirl wouldn't be a turn off, right? I mean, as long as we didn't shove it in your face and stuff.

I'm sure a guy can accept that if he's already in love with the girl.

However, if the girl raises that point when she's introducing herself, it kind of shows certain fangirl-ish possibilities that may not be viewed so positively

>> No.63337

Yes, lurk /g/ moar.

>> No.63340

>Oh, it's not the blood or clinginess I'm concerned about. It's the sudden snap of the mind whenever something has gone WRONG.

>> No.63341

that's gotta feel great for those that play VN on their psp.

>> No.63348


>> No.63350

Oh, it's not the blood or clinginess I'm concerned about. It's the sudden snap of the mind whenever something has gone WRONG.

>> No.63357

you have to pump all stats to get in the army.
you should've told him he's in for a lot of grinding.

>> No.63363


Yeah....It could definitely go that way. I'd hope that it wouldn't though.
Regarding "beta male"....I'd say I'm not quite a beta, but definitely not an alpha either....

My last relationship was for ten months, ending with me having to leave her when I went to college. She was....unhappy, but definitely not as crazy as you're describing. SOO...I'd be prepared (or at least almost) for any shit that went down...
Haha I really wouldn't "break down" like you described though..I don't really get depressed or angry....As fuckin' weird as that probably sounds.

>> No.63365


My professional opinion as a man descended from a family of genetically crazy womenfolk, wait like 3-4 months after you get on the meds you like and hit the gym in the mean time (exercise helps women with chemical disorders like depression and whatnot stay "balanced" emotively). Then go out there and give the dating thing a try.

You probably aren't a hopeless case, it just depends on how proactive you want to be about being attractive to the menfolk.

>> No.63366

hey >>63213 here
I think that could be ok, I mean a couple months after being at a correct BMI couldn't be that bad. Where you from?

>> No.63373

More like, I pretend I'm Kaiji and imagine him as...him.

I always keep my power level suppressed unless I know it's safe to raise it a bit. I don't tell anyone right off the bat I like yaoi let alone anime.

>> No.63378

Fuck, I forgot to add that after having lived a few years in South America, I am covered with native tattoos.
Do you think that's a huge turn-off?

>> No.63380

>I don't really get depressed or angry

THen you've never been in love.

>> No.63384


Yeah, not really into the dominant shit either....Just like being....equal?

>> No.63386

Well, are you fat?

>> No.63390


Liking anime isn't that socially awkward now that most popular stuff on TV for the 16-20-ish age group is anime.

Yaoi, on the other hand, is bound to get you some weird looks. Either they'll know what you're saying or be like "wtf is she talking about".

>> No.63395

Not much? I am not said yaoi fangirl.
I am a guy who knew her. She dated a friend of mine. Reading composition FTW

>> No.63401


Hard to say without looking at you.

Tattoos either look good or like absolute shit, depending on the quality, style, and who they're on.

>> No.63402

I'm in my last year of high school.

In Foods class--I'm in Foods class, but that's a whole different story--I somehow ended up talking to the girl next to me about random crap. It wasn't really a very exciting conversation--it was a girl I barely knew, really.

Anyway, I have one friend--the only friend that I've ever had in my whole life--and that friend happens to be a girl. I'm happy just being able to be friends with her. It sounds sappy, like something from a VN, but it's true. I don't really think much about her romantically at all.

So somehow, this comes up, and immediately the girl goes into "omg we gotta hook you 2 UP" mode. And I try to explain--no, no, I'm happy being her friend. Besides, she already has a boyfriend.

She asks, well, how do you know that if you're just happy being a friend, and I tell her that it just happened to come up in conversation. Which, is honestly true. She was bitching about her ex one week, so the next week I asked her how things were going and it turns out she got a new boyfriend. Nothing complicated. No hidden messages.

And the girl says something that's really, really weird to me. She says that I ought to go for the girl.

But she already has a boyfriend, I say.

And the girl says so what?

>> No.63410

Seriously admirable. But I'm still alive; noose on standby. And thanks for reinforcing the fat 4chaner stereotype.
Try looking into organic rock deodorant. That stuff rocks (pun!) on my feet, can't see why it wouldn't work on your palms.

Orig post pretty much sums it up. I'd write moar but it'll end up copypasta and then how am I ever going to get rich off my memoirs? (lol, 4chan memoirs. I can read it now. old /a/ in novel form.)
Holy crap mind warp. I tried to follow but I kinda got lost. I think I agree? But who else can know the hiki pain?
Aw, don't give up hope. There's always the interweb personals. I got a couple hook ups from them, but nothing beyond 1st dates. Re:original post. Maybe someday we'll run into each other there :)

I haven't snapped yet. Raged, yes, but grab a gun and kill? not yet.

>> No.63418

>More like, I pretend I'm Kaiji and imagine him as...him.

As a straight male, I find something rather...erotic about that concept....
Have I caught teh GAY?

>> No.63421


No. In fact, you're the idiot. If you're remotely interested in her and she's casually dating someone you should just go for it unless you know the other guy and he's a good friend, in which case it's bros before hoes rules.

>> No.63428

talk about being direct.

>> No.63430


Either that or you're a straight man who's into gender confused women.

>> No.63437

>do the girls mature from this at some point?

Girls always switch as soon as the option's cost/benefit ratio is out of the red, it's genetically programmed into them.

Why the fuck do you think all those married people are having affairs?

>> No.63442

Here where I live, there are a fucking LOT of retarded "KAWAII DESU" fangirls/boys, and I don't want to be assosicated(?) with any of them, or let people think I might have some connection to them.

Srsly, here, when it comes to anime, it's all FMA, Naruto, Bleach, and Inuyahsa.

>> No.63455

But I'm NOT interested in her in that way! And that was the weirdest part, because the girls simply could not comprehend that. They were all going on about how I ought to get together with her, and I kept telling them I was happy being a friend who happened to be of the opposite sex.

The whole conversation was kind of funny, looking back. "Have you two ever gone out together?" *misunderstanding*"Oh, we went to Starbucks, once." *triumphant*"See, you went to Starbucks with her, and you say you're not interested!" "Well, she was the one who asked me to go to Starbucks with her." *even more triumphant*"See, she's interested in you, too!" "We went there to study for our math test." "Oh, sure..." "And we only went there because the library was closed."

>> No.63459

what the fuck is this hookup shit

>> No.63463

Trendiness always brings in the worst fags. back in the early days, I wanted anime to be more popular so it was more accessible, but I didn't realize the internet would come this far and eliminate the need for it to be popular at all......

>> No.63464


You mean anime other than these exist? o__O

XD I don't know what you're talking abount, mang! GHAARA FTW HAHA!!!

>> No.63465

I would've said for love but you've put doubt in me

>> No.63474

awesome, keep being so tsun and the bitches will flock to you


>> No.63479


Men are more or less incapable of having a friendship with a woman without wanting them at one point or another. We're shallow like that.

>> No.63481

I know that, I'm similar to said fangirl.
I'm not gender confused!

...am I?

>> No.63495


not true if you ever bother growing the fuck up

>> No.63496


You're a woman who envisions herself as a man while having sex. I'd say that's a little confused. From here, the more you fantasize about being a guy I would say the more likely you are to be at least somewhat confused about the whole gender thing.

>> No.63500

Goddamn it /jp/ I wanted to go to bed hours ago!


>> No.63502

isn't that social conditionning?
you first feel attracted then get your mind back and realised you don't want that.

>> No.63509


Okay, right. Name one female person who you were friends with and not mutual friends of someone or someone you met through someone else that you didn't at one point think about fucking.

>> No.63513

>"Well, she was the one who asked me to go to Starbucks with her

I believe my friend you are denser than ohhh, i say about 50% of harem anime leads.

>> No.63519

27, not ugly or fat, but I've never even kissed a girl.

When one of my friends found out he laughed at first, like I was kidding, and I just kept a straight face and so he does that thing where they stop laughing and then ask are you serious? He absolutely couldn't believe how that was possible.


>> No.63522


It could be a lot of things. Social conditioning, loneliness, sexual frustration, etc.

>> No.63525

Seriously, thanks.
I sympathize at your experiences with days of the month, cattiness, craziness
, and all that good stuff women are stereotyped with x100.
I am... anonymous. But I can say East Siiiiide *gansta yo!*

As long as you explain where they came from, how they go there, and regale them with tales of adventure, I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't accept them.

Here too. Too many underage idiots who make it so uncool to have any interest in anime beyond "oh, that stuff that was in kill bill. S'alright." Adults around here don't look to kindly to the social rejects who cling to japan culture through it's kawaii-ness.

>> No.63530

you asking one of us to produce a female friend that we met off the street is likely to give no response.
we have a hard time enough being friends when we're introduced to people.

>> No.63535


That's because you're a sadsack.

Most guys can get their first kiss by accident before they're 18, much less trying to find someone who'll kiss them.

>> No.63539
File: 52 KB, 150x180, shirou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She wanted coffee, what's special with that ?

>> No.63541

I think it may have something to do with my mother being a lesbian, no father or siblings and most of my family is made up of single women.

I've always wanted a big brother or father in my life, and have made many male friends to make up for it.

...I guess I'm confused...?

>> No.63548


Right, I forgot this is /jp/ I got bored and ended up on.

>> No.63551

anon isn't most guys

>> No.63552

It's not like that at ALL. First of all, I was sort of telling it incorrectly to the girl; my friend didn't ask me to go to Starbucks, she asked me if she could study together with me. She's in my statistics class, and almost never even turns into the homework. She's failing the class, even, I think. We drove to the library first, which is not exactly number one on the list of most romantic places, and only when we realized oh, right, closed on Sundays did we go to Starbucks.


>> No.63554


>> No.63559

Son, you need to learn the difference between gender confusion and sexual fantasy.

Once you start feeling like you're the wrong gender, THAT'S gender confusion. There's a difference between wanting to be the opposite sex because you're interested in it, and not being interested in being your own sex.
She's just fantasizing about yaoi circumstances, her particular fetish.

>> No.63567


You're probably not. You could be, but most people who're gender confused one way or another end up that way because that gender's the dominate gender in their life so they grew up thinking that's the right one.

Unless your sisters and mom and her lover(s) were all really masculine, I guess.

You could just be really, really kinky and imaginative for all I know.

>> No.63570

I know what this is and I haven't even opened it.

Would you like a cup of coffee?

>> No.63574
File: 8 KB, 148x150, shib.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

coffee's not coffee coffee is WHAT ?!

>> No.63583

Oh i see chubby fangirl huh?

Thats cool. uhhh hit me on AIM at HerzagMalurg

>> No.63584

lol qft.

Totally possible to have female friends, btw. Impossible to have them without sexual thoughts at first, but as time goes on, they become like siblings.
I've met many people like that. Before I was hiki I had a job that dealt w/people fulltime, all the time, on a personal basis. So not out of this world.

If you ever want to try kicking it to her, realize it might put an awkwardness between you that time will try to heal, but she might not want to give a chance to.

(speaking as a girl who tried having man friend relations, only to have them turn into will you be mine declarations. Serious distance, for real.)

>> No.63586

Look what you've done, now you've broken the Shirou.

>> No.63591

Start telling girls that, you might get pity sex.

>> No.63597

>Impossible to have them without sexual thoughts at first

What, seriously? Man, what world am I living in?
Sexual stuff never even occurred to me at all.

>> No.63602

Guy with the whole hereditary female craziness thing from whatever post I'm too tired to link here.

I'd offer to, like, post my AIM or something if you think having someone to talk to would help you get where you want to be. But giving out your AIM even on a slower board like /jp/ hasn't always worked out for me.

But, seriously, the most crucial advice I can offer is to stay positive and to stay adamant. If there is some kind of disorder or something going on and it isn't just a simple case of you having gotten depressed for a few months, those two things can make all the difference in the world.

Also stay goal oriented. Small goals work best, because they help you not feel overwhelmed by any setbacks.

>> No.63604

and they claim they aren't RUINING AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT

>> No.63606

even worse than having no female friends, there's being slave/friend zoned by some some girl.

>> No.63610

I'm just shy around girls and I've never tried. I know it's unusual but I'm not a "sadsack".

>> No.63613

did you meet her when you were prepubescent?

>> No.63615

Man up! I did!

>> No.63617

you might just post a gmail or something like that.

>> No.63621

No, I met her about a year or so ago. Why, does that matter?

>> No.63625

Don't let that person off easy!

>> No.63627

Eh. I enjoy being a girl, but I've thought about being a boy too. You guys have it so much easier physically.

As for kinky and imaginative, I can see that. Or maybe because of the lack of sex, I tend to get off on almost every fetish. Yaoi just happens to be my fav.

Cool, but I probably won't get to talk to you until later today or tonight. I'm about to go with my mom to drop off her girlfriend at the airport in Houstan.

>> No.63632


It's more than "unususal", man. At the age of 18 most guys are fucking rabbits in heat when it comes to their desire for sex. To say you can go from 18-21 to 27 without having tried to get at least a kiss and not having got one once is like saying you were born with your eyes closed and now you're like 9 years old and it never occured to you to open them up and see what's going on.

>> No.63639

This fat bitch I knew, she's a decent person, a good friend, but I'd never wanna stick it into her.


>> No.63647

Hey sounds good. IM me real quick so I can get the name on my bl. So, If you are on I can IM you and vise versa. I have a roommate so i am not always on.

>> No.63651

it's not like we don't want to kiss a girl

>> No.63660

I didn't choose it you know, I just never have been able to make it work. I don't really know how, and because of my shyness and anxiety it's not like I can just pick it up and start now.

>> No.63664

Incoming depressing wall of text.

I once had a relationship like the ones people in this thread have been asking for. It was spectacular in how stereotypically sitcom-like it was. We met at Junior High prom. She had a crush on me at the time, but had never spoken to me before and finally worked up the courage to make a move. It was simple really, as I was a very easy-going, care-free sort of guy. We hit it off, spending most of the evening discussing a number of random topics. I asked her to dance, we had dinner, prom ended, we exchanged phone numbers. An excellent memory overall.

Over the course of summer break, we got together on numerous occasions. We never called them dates, nor did we call ourselves a couple. We were just great friends who spent a lot of time with one another. It was in this period that I figured out (though never mentioned) that she liked me as more than just a friend, but I was still confused but how I felt for her. Thus, I let the situation stagnate.

As time went on, events in our lives forced us apart for months at a time. We didn't really lead easy lives. Despite this, each and every time one of us did remember to get in contact with the other, we got back together just like we had never been apart.

>> No.63665

Finally, after four years of deep friendship, I decided to do it. After a night of the usual friendly teasing we received we wound up back at my place. I lay on the sofa with my head in her lap as she stroked my hair and asked her simply, "Do you think it would work?" She simply said yes. I got up, looked her dead in the eyes, and gave what had to be the sloppiest, but most passionate kiss ever. My first. I don't know, we'd always really been a couple, but finally we admitted and acknowledged it ourselves.

College comes and due to the circumstances that had forced us apart on numerous occasion, we found that we would need to move into a long distance relationship. We spoke on the phone at least once a week for upwards of an hour and got together semi-monthly. On one such meeting, we became one step closer to one another as I lost my virginity.

The following year, things got odd between us. Whenever I called, I felt like it was simply as a distraction, not because she really wanted to talk. She was often distracted when she spoke to me, being called aside by coworkers for upwards of five or ten minutes, just leaving me there to listen in. When we got together, we weren't intimate and she received phone calls incessantly. I brought up my concerns and she understood them, but wasn't very good about fixing their causes.

>> No.63670

After the 7th anniversary of the day we met (we celebrated both that and the day we became a couple), things got even colder between us. I spoke to her maybe four times over the summer break and each time I asked her to come up to see me or if I could come out, it wasn't convenient. Finally, that fall, she had to come out for a wedding on a weekend I happened to be home from college. I was so glad to see her, I couldn't be mad for what she had done. She promised to be better about it.

Then she disappeared. She quit her job, moved to another town, and had restarted her life. I couldn't get her contact info, she wasn't checking or replying to her e-mail, and I had no clue where she was. I tried WhitePages, PeopleFinders, her job; it was as though she'd vanished.

After two months of her having disappeared and not contacted me, I decided to read her e-mail. I knew the password to her account and had only used it thusfar to see if she had even read the e-mails I'd sent. While going through the most recent messages, I came across one from a long time friend of hers asking when she was due and if she knew the gender of the baby yet. That was Christmas Eve of 2006. We hadn't been intimate since November of 2005.

>> No.63671

yet most of the people here would never think about going out of their way for sex, much less bothering anyone.

>> No.63673


Do you have any idea how easy it is to get kissed? You would basically have to literally never leave your house for any kind of social situation ever to do that. And if that's the case, I'm sorry, there's something more than unusual going on there.

There's some "you should seek paid help to see if you have some kind of anxiety or social problem" shit going on there.

I could see 18, you could've just been a shut-in during high school. But once you hit 18 and especially once you hit 21 you have no excuse for not getting kissed or laid other than, like, some kind of problem going on with you.

>> No.63680

LOL! Sorry, but you made me smile.
You're human, its what people do, regardless of gender. Size up people, I mean. You being a guy, I don't buy you didnt think of her that way. Unless you're gay or have no libido, but nope, just impossible. Many men have confirmed; perhaps you suppress it because there was no chance, but not buying it.

Nono! Don't post your AIM! Not in this troll infested place we call 4chan! I don't want you to get harassed for being a nice guy.
I have the problem that I set goals that end up collapsing over their own weight, or are not defined enough and I freak out. Sigh.
I'm sure I'll be ok when/if I get diagnosed. I'll be having my 1st checkup in over 6 years on Wendsday, and I honestly can't wait. I think I might be anemic or something; i'm always sleepy and tired. Not to mention cranky (fuck, I sound like a 2 year old :/ Not as planned).

I wish I could just give you a hug.

4chan, helpful? Only in my /jp/. I love Moot!

>> No.63684

Finished high school, college, now I have a job. Friends all the time. Still nothing. Obviously I have the ability to function. Have you considered that maybe it's just not easy for some people?

>> No.63691


Yes. You can. Go get a haircut, shave, go buy a new set of fancy duds. Take some dance lessons if you've got two left feet. Hell, if your anxiety is bad enough that it's debilitating in areas you feel you should be able to perform maybe go see a counselor or a therapist for a while and see what they think. But the key point here is you can try and it's never too late.

That's some defeatist shit, and the only thing keeping you down is yourself. Each day is a new day, and while failure from inexperience might suck in the short run each failure will only build you up for your moment of success.

And then you will have your triumph and no longer be that 27 year old that's never been kissed.

>> No.63693

this is why I hate 3d ;_;

>> No.63701

While this is true, that doesn't mean our sex drive is any less in our teens.

>> No.63702

Hey /b/tard, stop talking like you understand /a/. It's normal in your world to get laid at 18. It's normal in our world to die a virgin, never been kissed. WE LIVE IN DIFFERENT WORLDS MOTHERFUCKER.

>> No.63707

I swear to god, it's true. Actually going back to the conversation I had with the girls in my foods class, one of them asked, at one point--"Don't you want to have sex with her?"

And I said "No, not really."


"Well, I can't really imagine liking...sex."

Sorry, but to me, it's just...unsettling, thinking about it. I mean, two people pressed so close together, all that sweat and body fluids going everywhere--god, it makes me feel like I have to take a shower just thinking about it.

>> No.63709


I've known one of my female friends for about 20 years, and the idea of doing anything sexual with her revolts me. She's a decent person, and not at all bad looking, but she's pretty much the sister I never had. I imagine that she feels the same way about me. Ironically, our parents would have forced us to get married if they could have.


Something's wrong with them? No shit? Damn. Your analysis is an unexpected gem of wisdom.

>> No.63717

Not all of us who are ruined for 3D didn't have a previous sex life. I have no pity for the inexperienced; it's jsut your bad luck.

>> No.63720

Hell, some chicks don't even care if you know how to dance. Then again I know alot of cool chicks.

>> No.63721


Honestly, I used to be super introverted until I get fed up with being my own worst enemy when it comes to social stuff, especially with the opposite gender. I understand it's not easy. It's not easy when you aren't introverted.

But, honestly, if it's something that's important to you it's worth fighting for. And whether it's easy or not shouldn't be the question, it's how hard are you willing to fight to know the taste of a woman's lips or the silky feel of her tongue in your mouth. Or, you know, whatever. Hugs, cuddles, etc.

Honestly, I understand very well how hard it can be, but I also know that after you get that first successful date, that first kiss, and then eventually that first hot, awkward sexing it's all a lot easier from there.

>> No.63724

I'm 24. Never had a girlfriend, never went on a date, never been kissed.

>> No.63729


>> No.63732

Yeah but most are. Fuck off and stop acting like fucking some bitches make you superior.

>> No.63734


Honestly, I think a /b/tard would have a harder time getting laid than a... Er... wee/a/boo? Or whatever you guys call /a/ and /jp/ posters.

At least from my experience with /b/tards in teh RL.

>> No.63749

Dude. You missed the point completely.
Also, guys I am a obese guy with a neckbeard and have had made out with a number of chicks, ranging from fucking sexy to fairly overweight. Believe me when I say that you could kiss a chick if you were on the scene more often.

>> No.63755

IF a girl won't like me for what I am, I have no use for them.

>> No.63758

I seriously entertained the idea of getting a hormone change, but realized it was more of a convenience factor than anything else. Reading too much yaoi will do that to you. I just kept myself satisfied with daydreaming and yes, fangirl power shininhg through!!!- drawing some delicious yaoi smut. Try it, great stress reliever :)
I cry tears of blood for you, bro. Please please tell me you've tried moving on. You can't get hung up over a person like that.

If you just want to get kissed, why don't you just go to a bar or club with your friends, dress fashionably, some aftershave, no colgone!!!, and get some girls plastered with drinks. Voila! Instant pass for sloppy alcohol fueled kisses!
I personally am scared of all the shit people can pass and contract, so that's another huge minus for me :/ And trust me, it's never pretty.
But ymmv. seize the golden ring Anon!

>> No.63760


It's not a big deal for me. We could always do what the other people suggested and I could post a new gmail I don't care much about to get your AIM or whatever chat client you use.

I mean, heck, having to add 3-4 people to find out which person is you and then having a gmail I'll never likely check again flooded with gay porn and penis enlargement spam is worth being able to help someone who might need it. Besides, Anon's got to look out for itself, right? And since we're all Anon, that has to include looking out for each other.

>> No.63761

what's the point of getting laid just to lose your virginity. If I don't feel anything for the girl I might as well just fap

>> No.63763

Sorry, but life experience is always superior.

>> No.63765

I don't concur with your opinion.

>> No.63772

especially since you'll still be the same man whether you do it or not.

>> No.63773

I think you need to keep your audience in mind here. You're talking to people who long ago accepted that they'll die virgins, without ever so much as kissing a women.

It's not that we've given up, we never had a chance to begin with.

>> No.63777

LOL, /b/tards are less likely. He is probably just an /a/ chap who knows how to not be a weirdo.

>> No.63778


It's worse when you're generally extroverted, have a wide range of hobbies and interests that involve other people, and still can't get a gal, for some unbelievably stupid reason. In my case, girls either think that I'm gay, or that I'm already taken, and just being flirty. It doesn't help that people in this lameass city are very unapproachable.

>> No.63779

Yeah, where's the counterpasta to the alpha male pasta when you need it man.

>> No.63781

I'm mostly over it now, I think. I've been okay with the idea of dating again for a little while, but I'm now in my final semester of college and don't feel that what time remains is enough to establish a meaningful relationship. Then immediately following I'll be moving into an unfamiliar area where the women will be even less likely to have the same interests as me (I go to a tech school, so while not all or even most woman are weeaboos, they make up a large portion of the female populace than just about anywhere else).

>> No.63782

They weren't bitches, and I'm offended at the reference, prick.

You cry because tou're ronery, but you know only emptiness, not wrenching loss. You know what't it's like to be cold but not what it's like to be burned by fire.

But for no other reason than a roll of the dice...

>> No.63788


Most /b/tards I've met in RL have been borderline misogynists. At least not the newfag /b/tards what are killing /b/, who don't count imo.

You /a/ and /jp/ browsers have one thing going for you that, honestly, counts for a lot more than you think: You seriously, genuinely want the things you say you do. I mean, seriously, most guys will say whatever they think the girl wants to get them into bed. And you respect women a lot more than 95% of /b/tards ever will.

Plus you have the whole shy, introverted weeaboo thing going on for you and there's girls in your area of fandom that just eat that shit up.

This is why /b/ has daily threads about what buying a hooker is like and why /a/ and /jp/ have ronery threads. /b/ will debase itself to get what it wants, /a/ and /jp/ will pine for it until they're lucky enough to get it.

>> No.63790

why did this dice rolling remind me of Higurashi ?

>> No.63795

>I'm butthurt at a internet comment

Get over yourself and go fuck some whores or something.

>> No.63797

You cry because tou're ronery, but you know only emptiness, not wrenching loss. You know what't it's like to be cold but not what it's like to be burned by fire.

That sentence tells me that you're either an emo virgin or a Nasufag.

>> No.63799

Ever tried talking to her friend? Maybe she got raped and was too ashamed to tell you. I don't know.

>> No.63800

Don't be crass. Besides, Nasu uses a lot more sentence fragments.

>> No.63801

guess that's pretty much the positive point about us,most of the people here would like to be with somebody just so as to be close to someone, if we could live with somebody, even without sex, I guess most of us would.

>> No.63810

As an ex-longtime /b/tard, I'm rife with misogyny. BUt because of that, I leave womenfolk alone.

Don't mark us all as bad, though. I'm a fairly nice guy despite the misogyny.

>> No.63813

We also have the toxic combination of absolute stubbornness. We will die with nothing rather than settle for something we don't really want.

>> No.63825

I've actually spoken to her personally. Sticking to our canonically sitcom-like relationship, she fucked up, got drunk, and had sex with a coworker who she considered to be her best friend at work. Twice. Call me overly forgiving, but we still talk semi-regularly. She's in a rough place right now and doesn't have very many people to talk to.

>> No.63826

I concur. Why settle for something less in 3D when 2D fulfills it adequately.

>> No.63828

not that this is a very good thing, it gets hard to be interested in women when you already have your idea of perfection and most women don't belong in it.

>> No.63831

To get rid of a status that has many stigmas attached beyond a certain age? Once again, my fear of STDs keeps that plan at bay. Personally, I think its wonderful, but I wouldn't go announcing it on rooftops.

Thanks, but I'm scared that I'll drive you away with my lies, or you might be some /b/tard all along who'll find out my info end up living in Aruba with my personal info in shambles, or that I'll just be some huge waste of time. This is ronery thread central; I"m sure there'll be threads like this around as long as this board exists. I'll call myself hiki, & I'm sure you'll see me around.

Mucho love to you. :)

>> No.63835

God how I hate myself and my introvert nature, probably stems down because I hate my father. I know that sound gay and dumb but it has logic to it. My father and the rest of his side of my family are notorious boozers and womanizers. I have a half brother I didn't know about until a couple of years back that was one of the many family secrets because my dad knocked his mom up and my grandparents moved the family away to cover for him. plus the fact that he just wanted to half fun and act like a eternal 20something guy led him to divorce my mom and bail on us too. so because of that I can't stand party people or large gatherings or heavy drinking (alcoholism is rampant in my famliy...allthough I can drink, I try to avoid it). This in term puts me at odds with most people in my age group. I don't go to parties, I don't socialize since most of the few friends that I made in High School moved away and are off doing their own thing. I got stuck at a Jr. College for being the underachiever of the group. I also don't try engaging in conversation with women since from my experiences they either a) want a favor done for them which won't make them think any better of me or b) are in need of an intellectual whore for the moment until they get bored and go fuck their Alpha male. So, It seems like my only choices to be in life are hermit, dog, or dancing monkey.

>> No.63836


And I'm saying you don't have to accept that. The only reason your statement is true is because you believe that it's true, and that it might not be easy but you're just as capable of changing that belief to something more positive instead of living your life devoid of one of the things you desire most in the world.

I'm not saying you guys should change tomorrow, but if it's important enough to keep you up until at least 2:30 in the morning, it has to be worth fighting for.

>> No.63843

I feel for you, good thing you're not being a bitter emofag about it.

I know someone who came close to perfection, but of course, she didn't want me.

>> No.63847

I love that weird sex = slut feel you got going for you there. Is this what it feels like to be a girl? You aren't gonna go all Jason Voorhees are you?

>> No.63860

We're used to night shift /a/, well most of us. Our only enjoyment in life, if you call it.

>> No.63867


ahahaah, you just smashed that guy's world. well played.

>> No.63869

no one has to know I'm a virgin, and only immature fucks care anyway

>> No.63871

I'm not the one being offended by people calling my fuck bitches bitches.

>> No.63878

well, I've been friend zoned by the closest thing to perfection I've found for the moment.
I then stopped giving a shit and proceeded flirting with my 2d perfection.

>> No.63893

well, night /jp/

>> No.63897

Same, you must be my clone, now none of us will remain virgin!

>> No.63898

It's more true than you believe. Honestly, I'm sick of self righteous faggots like you that think they can give competent advice when they never even met the person. Yes some of us (me included) are THAT ugly, socially retarded, have hobbies limited to fringe stigma material like animu and generally would take rewriting their whole brain to be able to function as remotely normal humans. Those people gave up for their own good, and the least they need is someone breaking them out of their shell with false hope only to be tossed back in more depressed than they were before.
tl;dr fuck you

>> No.63907

True, and not necessarily; my "friends" are all successful, normal, pretty, even cool, and they treat my like one of them. I've lied my butt off about being laid just so that we can have common ground to talk about. They're not being prying- I just want to belong, and be trusted, confided, and have a good time with them.
/That's/ the problem with virginity were I live. I wish I could just get it over with but want to be somewhat meaningful (*cough* even if it is with a Light or Mikami cosplayer. Girl can hope).

>> No.63910


Maybe. Honestly, I'm only here because a friend of mine loves these SO RONERY threads and links them in a chat I hang out in, and /tg/ is kind of boring tonight. So it's also equally likely that I won't see you around again.

If you decide you want to talk on AIM or whatever email me at [email protected] with your AIM and I'll add you and send you a message letting you know I got it. And, heck, it's not like I expect you to give me any information that'd let me end up in Aruba with your financial situation in shambles. I doubt I would give you any of that sort of thing either.

>> No.63914

anyway, mine was some kind of Rin clone, what about yours?

>> No.63920

I'm 26, never kissed. A girl offered to sex me once because I was still a virgin and I said no. Probably should have taken it...

Like someone said, not that uncommon for /a/ and /jp/.

>> No.63923

I feel super ronery....there seems to be a solid community of those who are socially awkward, but there appears to be very few of us who are simply extremely misanthropic.

I'd say I'm an fairly un-ordinary guy for my hobbies and skills, but i Can socialize and chitchat; I've never had any problem with that.

I just CAN'T STAND most of humanity so I'll rarely if ever get close to someone because they disgust me. They are either dumb as a pile of bricks, super annoying (through a variety of means like subject changes in quick succession and the ever common "I'm trying to look smart by spouting random facts you probably already know" ramble), or have a primary interest I either abhor or find dull.

So here I sit, alone and in the dark, hoping somewhere out there, there's a human worth a damn.

>> No.63937

Erh, Signum probably, independant, smart, charismatic, responsible and clingy at times.

More importantly, she's the only person who can make me laugh naturally because of how much she understands me.


>> No.63949


Honestly, if that guy who got his face bombed the fuck off in Iraq came back to a loving wife, you'd have to be one ugly fucker to not get anything. And with anything besides that, it's not like your "fringe" hobbies are something that there's literally no one else in the world who likes. Fuck, there's fetishists who like inserting photoshoped balloons into otherwise innocuous photos and they manage to find each other.

I'm not saying that you guys can expect to go out and fuck super models, but if you have reasonable expectations based on who you are you can reasonably expect to be able to find someone else, somewhere, who will accept you for who you are.

So, tl;dr, fuck you for giving up on yourself.

>> No.63950

I would've said no such thing but I should know better.
eventually you'll find people unlike the others,I thought that until a friend of mine got in a fight for me.

>> No.63960

He got a wife before his face got bombed off. Ask him to try getting any after. Fail fag.

>> No.63961

ah, amusing how these things always happen to us.
anyway, I'll stay in the friend zone even though everyone's telling me I should do something about it.

>> No.63966

Never assume I'm just going for any slut I ahve available just because I can. These girls, I loved them and love them still, years later for some. I wouldn't expect you to understand, but you do indeed show a lot of disdain for women in your posts. Don't be bitter, my friend. There are good ones out there, and I got lucky. Can't cry over what can't be helped.

>> No.63975


It was an extreme example. I doubt any of you have taken an explosive device to the face recently.

>> No.63985

I just wish she'd contact me again. ;_; Been more than a month since I last heard from her.

>> No.63992

Yes that ONE guy who got his face bombed in Irak got married. There's also densha otoko. Hey, also people win the lottery all the time. Why are we bothering with jobs and an education when money can be aquired without any effort in that case?
Yeah we all love these stories of how people worse off than us got the things we want. But for every one of these people there's thousands of others who don't. It's better that they learn to accept reality than get hurt over and over because they don't know when to give up.

>> No.63997

Frankly, often times, the ones who will accept these folks for who they are are the ones that have basically given up on themselves as well and as such, aren't too good in the looks department. We, who are surrounded by idealism, have a harder time finding even beautiful women attractive compared to our ideal 2D build-up.

Considering how much of love is driven by sex...


>> No.64002

she's a classmate of mine personally.
there's added pleasure in the competition that this causes between us.
try contacting her if you have any means to, not hooking up or anything, it's always nice to hear from friends.

>> No.64017

My friend, its called Proactive, surgery, or a good makeover with a gay man at a spa or Sephora/MAC/other upscale store.
All it takes is money.
"There's no ugly people. Only poor people."
Baby steps, Anon. You'll eventually look good enough to not repulse normal people, and then you need to try listening to music that is not just metal or such. I've been in a pop culture coma for a large part of my life, and last year decided educate myself on music, starting with the Beatles and ending up with Interpol. Aka try finding something that is common with other people to get into. Movies? Musicals? Books? Etc.

Crud. I'll definitely keep your email in mind, and maybe see whats up at /tg/. Scrabble? My fav game's the little rotating wind up fishing game. Good old clean fun.
Sorry, paranoia kicks in all the time.
Nothing personal, old chap.

... You kinda need to get over yourself first, then worry about finding friends. Nobody will ever meet your ideals and you'll just hate more and more. I was a misanthropist in high school, but when I got my job I had to see the many different sides of people. They really aren't all created equal. And their upbring has a lot to do with the people they become. I hate people born in my state; they're all crazy. North Carolina people have been the most genuine so far. Genuine, not nice, since nice people are never truly nice for the sake of being nice.

>> No.64018

Seriously, only her mail. I'll just wait for her to suddenly appear again I suppose.

>> No.64025

come to think of it, she's the only girl that's got my phone number ;_;

>> No.64038

Someone riding the fringe of society like me will never find a woman. I prefer to be out in the hard world and women prefer to be sheltered. Women prefer comfort whereas I often sacrifice it. Women want a stable life, and for me, wherever I rest my laptop is home. Everybody wants to move up in this world, and I'm dedicated to breaking out of it....

I don't really want a lover per se, but I could use a partner.

>> No.64049

Who the fuck are you, the Lone Ranger of Starbucks?

>> No.64050

Ever think of being gay? I'm sure there are guys like that too. I'm the same way but I can't stand others' penis. Not the best solution but still one.

>> No.64060


Honestly, I'm not even aiming myself at those of you who're so hard set into your ways that you firmly believe that there's no chance for you left with women. You're as far gone as the /b/tards who think that no women will ever be good enough for them.

I'm aiming my messages for the guys who doubt themselves but haven't given up on themselves, like Hiki and... I don't know. The various Anon who talk about being X age and being virgins/never been kissed/etc, but not because they don't want it. There's hope for them left. They can go out tomorrow and start changing not themselves but their life to be what they want it to be if they will put the investment into it.

Honestly, if you've given up on yourself so much that you think the only woman good enough for you who will accept you is a woman in a video game, albeit a video game designed to pull from you some kind of sense of attachment, and not just saying it because this is /jp/ and that's how you roll around here, there's nothing I can do to help.

But is it so wrong for one Anon who wound up on your board to want to inspire his fellows from their depression and hikkomori lifestyle to try and find the girl that they think is right for them?

>> No.64063

fuck yes, you're the best modern day cowboy ever.

>> No.64068

>All it takes is money.
Precisely. I'm in college and I don't have the luxury of parents supporting me. I have to work for a living too. When I graduate and can get a job that will let me afford surgery or whatever, I'll be stuck with no opportunities of meeting anyone (lol programming). It makes sense to give up more than not.
And I don't like music per say. It helps set moods in movies or games but I never brought myself to listen just for the sake of it. I hardly watch movies (anime = superior inb4 weeaboo, and most people that discuss books are self important faggots who think reading 'deep' books makes them god's gift to the world.

>> No.64082

No. 63923
Friends aren't my concern. I have a handful back home and where I live currently. I have no problem getting along with people at all; I'm sweet as honey generally, and I'm fairly honest most of the time. I just don't say "You're a moron" every time I think it, though. Which is extremely often.

I'm just waiting for that one that can best me, I guess.

>> No.64095


Hey, nothing personal taken. I'm pretty protective about my personal information online, too. I don't really want anyone being able to track down my info, you know?

And I'm not sure we really have a Scrabble following on /tg/. It's really more of a D&D and wargaming board, but we have a small chess and mahjong following. I think we have had a few Stratego and card game topics, too. But it seems like just about any game you can think of at least one other person on /tg/ has played.

>> No.64102

Words can't explain the fail.

>> No.64111

I'd rather go for a non-sexual partnership if I could, but a partnership nonetheless.

But I haven't found many men like me; only one really...

>> No.64119

>But is it so wrong for one Anon who wound up on your board to want to inspire his fellows from their depression and hikkomori lifestyle to try and find the girl that they think is right for them?
Yes. Yes it is.
"Hey that anon inspired me, I'll break out of my shell, go out and find someone!"
Anon tries to improve himself, finds someone he's attracted to, approaches said person.
"*insert cold, disheartening rejection phrase here*"
Anon /wrists or ends up being more depressed than before and losing the marginal self esteem he still had.

Tossing advice carelessly to people you don't personally know is bad and I hate people who do it. Sure you no doubt have their best interests in mind, but it's better to just leave them to 'rot' in their shells rather than drag them out only to make it worse. Save your 'inspiration' for people you know in real life.

>> No.64125


Hey, there's bound to be other people like you out there somewhere. I'm sure you'll find someone in your journeys that catches your eye.

>> No.64130

"You're a moron."

Find those words and explain yourself.

>> No.64133

Exactly, sometimes even good will comments like "IT'S MOTHERS DAY GO GIVE YOUR MOM A HUG" would turn into bawfest when someone claims his mom died to an accident while trying to fetch his ball from the road.

>> No.64136

THose not experiencing life should make themselves taller anyway, since they're just wasting it.

>> No.64146

your idea of life isn't the same as everyone's.
some of us actually enjoy doing what we do, even though they feel lonely.

>> No.64154

Ever notice how self-ascribed "independent" women usually aren't at all?

>> No.64166


Mmm, well, for some, it really doesn't matter how they invest in themselves, they'll simply never get into that meaningful relationship that they desire. While they shouldn't be discouraged from improving themselves, they also shouldn't focus on using that as a means to a single end, and should make the improvements an end unto itself. That's what I've done with my 32 year old virgin ass, and it's worked out quite well for me in most respects. The downside is that I do occasionally feel like shit over it, and worse, since I set myself to not focus on sex or relationships, I'm oblivious to girls who are interested in me.

>> No.64168

We are experiencing life in our own way. So what, sex and booze and getting wasted is experiencing life?

As retarded as it may sound, the reason I haven't made myself taller is so I can stay alive to read my favourite mangos when they end. Sad, but it's a good driving force, would suck to die before knowing how they end. I enjoy reading the new chapter every week, I don't see anythign wrong with it.

>> No.64171

Life isn't about joy. It's about the full spectrum.

>> No.64174

we can live to see UBW.

>> No.64176


I haven't said that any one of you should go out and expect it to be an instantaneous success. I've said over and over again it's going to be work and it's going to be slow. I think just about every post I've made has said that, in fact. I don't think I could reiterate it any more, but perhaps I should disclose it twice every post I make about this from now on?

Honestly, I would hate to see some Anon /wrist themselves because they followed my advice, but I also think it would be just as depressing if the few people I saw posting that I think my advice might possibly have helped kept living their lives without knowing there's at least one person out there who knows them only vaguely who thinks that it's not too late for them.

I also can't help but feel that I would've gotten a whole lot less shit if I had just trolled the hell out of this topic instead of trying to offer some small advice.

>> No.64180

Aye, we live for the little enjoyments in life people take for granted, and for that, we're a lot happier than those who are greedy in nature and fail to get their cars, mansions, bitches, and what not.

>> No.64182


Kinda like how "quirky" ones are always dull?

>> No.64188


stop lying to yourself, it only makes it worse ;_;

>> No.64190

Yep, you can take your leave now. Your advices fall on deaf ears.

>> No.64192

>So what, sex and booze and getting wasted is experiencing life?

Why does everyone always say this? And to answer your question, yes, it's a part of it. If you've already done it, no big deal. If it's something you've never done, well, that's a different story. Try to avoid doing things as little as possible, no matter what it is.

>> No.64197

Which is determined by each individual's idea of what their life should consist of.

>> No.64198

well I'm also aiming for something in real life but women are of no importance in my goals.
yet, those small pleasures are a sufficient reason to live.

>> No.64200

If you're focused on school, then bravo! Stick with it and don't get distracted by having a life outside your normal crowd. Seriously. Its the worst distraction/life ruiner when you discover the joys of ditching work for a day with the buds, or drinking parties.
Music needs to speak to you. You just haven't found the genre that makes butterflies in your stomach, or raises the hair on your arms. You'll know it when you hear it. Till then, keep an open mind. And remember, those things you find pretentious? Most do too, but stick with it to associate/relate to others. Stay a hiki if it makes you feel comfortable, but remember you're only hurting your future in the process.

Awesome. My bro in law's into warhammer. I just find it visually appealing. Enjoy your manly sports.

You fucking asshole, you made me bang my knee on my computer. Too much lol because I've done that many a time.
"You don't have a cat? but they're so cute and comfy, like silent buddies." "My last cat died of a horrible disease that kept me up all night and ran my bills up. I still miss him and cry every night." "...Oh..." *crickets*

>> No.64208

life is about accomplishing what you aim for in life, nobody should feel allowed to tell anyone how they should live.

>> No.64212

Well, if you want to think so; I don't see how you can truly feel the full spectrum of what life offers from that at all....

>> No.64213

I don't feel the need for it, if I have the money to waste on buying booze, I'd rather spend it for a vidya gaem, which I can enjoy for longer hours.

Sadly, I've clubbed before a few times, only after my friend says he'll be paying for the drinks. He pops a bottle, $100 gone, and I cry for the vidya gaems that could've been bought with that money, which will provide more entertainment than just one night of booze and a hangover the next.

>> No.64214

>I've said over and over again it's going to be work and it's going to be slow.
Exactly. It's not a matter of 'try your best, and if it doesn't work out, oh well there's other things too'. You're telling people that they should invest vast amounts of time, money, effort and energy, and whatever else in bettering themselves, with no guarantee that it'll pay off save for your own opinion.

Can you assure me that if I do put in effort I will get rewarded for it? Can you vouche that I won't find myself having wasted precious time of what's left from my youth only to be thrown into despair? If you can't then yes, you're better off trolling.

>> No.64216


Well, yeah, I would hope that's obviously true to people. You should improve yourself for improvement's sake, but there has to be a motivating force there. Or some kind of goal-based system for the larger goal of improving yourself.

But the majority of people in this topic want women (or, in a few cases, men), so I figure giving them some advice on how to improve themselves or to motivate them to improve themselves to the same end. I would hope they don't improve themselves specifically to get a partner but because the improvements will make them happy and, as a consequence, make them more likely to be able to find a partner for themselves.

>> No.64222


naaah, it's not about accomplishing things, but having fun and learning new things on the way, cuz there's no guarantee that you'll ever accomplish anything that you actually want to.

>> No.64225

I love how you try to legitimize your escapism as superior to someone else's.

Goddamn, people like you make me feel like sort of mutant... "RUN! THE MONSTER IS IMMUNE TO THE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE SUNBEAMS!"

>> No.64234

I didn't say it was superior. I just find it not worth it. Geez, $100 on a night of getting wasted or 2 30-hour long vidya game, I'll definitely choose the latter for more value per money, is that such a concept to grasp?

>> No.64238

"But I'm happy doing it" should never be an excuse to not do something else.

>> No.64242

well having fun is an accomplishment in my opinion, so if you want to have fun in your life it's an acceptable goal.
of course, there are various ways to obtain pleasure.
I get some from working towards my goals.

>> No.64245

I hear you. Just keep at it, because there are some brainless/forgetul anons who like being reminded we aren't all hopeless losers. There can be a light at the end of the tunnel, and it won't be pretty, but it'll finally offer a view of the field at large.
(waxing a bit too poetical? Never!)

Sad, but I used the same reasoning in HS. I lived for the days that the new X would come out, and promised if I still felt miserable after the last volume, I'll finally the the deed (Choked on a handful of pills 1st time. Fun times.) Of course, fate played a cruel trick on me in 2003, when Asuka stopped publishing the Clamp manga. Here I am, 5 years later, and much older and the wiser. You aim for whatever keeps you alive, Anon. Your happiness is your own :) (I finally got to go to Japan last year, so I there's only one item left on my bucket list. Time for an overhaul. Don't wanna die yet.)

>> No.64253


Warhammer's pretty sweet. I've thought about getting into it a few times, but there's no local interest and the initial investment's really high.


No, I can't promise them that the effort will pay off. Just like you can't promise me that you won't die tomorrow. Or like I can't promise you that I will keep any promise I make with you. It's just not something there's any guarantee in.

However, can you tell me that if you learn how to overcome your social anxiety and appreciate the world outside of your apartment or house just as much as your 2D wimmenz and animus and develop long lasting friendships, learn new skills, and/or pick up new hobbies through which you're able to better manage the stresses of life that make any social or anxiety problems you have much easier to deal with... That you really lost? Sure, you didn't get the partner you wanted or maybe even a partner you wanted, but all of that work will have paid off in other ways that, while not necessarily what you wanted, are still things that will help you in every day of your life from that point on as long as you keep using them.

>> No.64254

you can't blame anyone for not wanting to suffer, really.

>> No.64256

Wait, I fail to get your logic here.

You want to give up something you're perfectly fine with, and spend time on doing something that may not be enjoyable? What are you? A masochist?

My house is small but comfortable, and you're like NOOOO THE STREETS ARE BETTER YOU SHOULD TRY IT.

>> No.64262

Well, alcohol at least tells you when you've had too much....

>> No.64270


As Starcraft has taught the Koreans, so do the vidya.

>> No.64274

Good thing One Piece and Detective Conan will never end, and that Tadashi Agi will always come up with fucking awesome stories.

>> No.64278


Sadly, it's not very obvious to most people in this situation. Look at the people who go to pickup artist seminars, the sort who will center all of their activities around one nebulous goal. They introduce externalities into everything they do, and tend to fail miserably at achieving much of anything, whether it's their ultimate goal or the intermediate goals, which leads to bitterness and regret, and kills motivation. That feeds on itself, and leads to some very bad places. I once had that mindset, and it led to some very ridiculous behavior.

>> No.64284

Not precisely a masochist, because the comforts are just as valuable an experience.
How can you appreciate comfort without knowing discomfort? How can you appreciate pleasure without first understanding pain?
How can you appreciate ignorance without first gaining knowledge?

>> No.64295

For that day, and next week you do the same again. See the 40 year old wifebeaters? You think they just started drinking when they were 40? I like my hobby, what's with you trying so hard to force me to stop?

>> No.64300


Call me when you can get cirrhosis of the brain from years of Starcraft abuse. Alcohol has the extreme advantage of killing you faster.

>> No.64301

a child likes to live without knowing pain.
why is it obligatory to suffer the loss of something to know how to appreciate it?

>> No.64310

I know the fan gives me comfort because the sun doesn't.

I know that fapping is pleasureable and I didn't have to chop off my dick to find out.

I wish I were ignorant because I've learnt a lot of stuff I wish I didn't, and they just get shoved down your throat.

>> No.64314

Gaming is just as equally bad; but thank GOD it's not TV! There's only 2 tiers of vices-- TV sits top tier, and everything else below it.

>> No.64315

Hobbies and skills that you perhaps didn't want in the first place. My time is limited as it is, and aside from ronery I am quite happy with how I live. If I find that I drew time from the things I enjoy (coding, animu, vidya games), for social related hobbies that I have no interest in to begin with, just for the sake of roneriness, and I failed, yes I would feel that I lost, and quite hard at that.

>> No.64324


Well, that's why I also recommended a few people who can guide you with a bit more help than I can. Such as a counselor or a therapist.

I know that not everyone handles the same situations the same way and responds the same way to defeat, which is why I've tried to make it as clear as possible that it's a slow and possibly painful process and pointed out there there are people equipped to help them, and a lot better than I will be able to.

What I'm providing is, hopefully, a starting block. Like one of those big colorful awesomely detailed letters in the beginning of a kid's book of fables that grabs your attention. I'm not even trying to be the whole shebang, I'm just hoping to help the few people who are likely to listen find the right course for them to accomplish what it is they want.

In this specific case, finding a girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/etc.

>> No.64325

At least I don't vent my anger on losing on oter people, and I'm sober enough not to.

How many people beat their wives from losing a vidya game compared to beating their wife because they're drunk? Gee.

>> No.64328

Otherwise, comfort and complacency set in; and the body goes to rot. The longer you are in this position, the more likely you'll try to maintain it, like an addiction.

>> No.64329

I thought were were gonna switch into troll mode.

>> No.64336

You're starting out with the assumption that everyone needs those things. Not everyone does.

>> No.64338


Honestly, when I said hobbies I meant more fitness related activities than, like, wine tasting or dancing or some kind of social activity.

>> No.64340

Yet you still waste your days escaping reality instead of facing it. Avoiding contact instead of seeking it out. Complacence instead of proactivity. I enjoy the occasional video game, hell-- I was even in the industry for a long time.

>> No.64342

No doubt. My bro in law always leaves poorer but happier, and my sister chews him a new one. I'd like to learn, but bless my bro, he's as dumb as a brick and can't teach me. I asked the store a little bit and they bombarded me with suggestions to buy this, try that, look here, this is bla bla bla... I backed away slowly and never went back. Proof otaku can be found anywhere if you look hard enough.

Try looking up your closest store and see when they host games. If its far away- roadtrip! Like a con, but just way smaller, and hopefully funner.

Never know until you try. And remember it has to be from your own will, or else you ARE going to fail. Self fulling prophesy.
Books are talked about for a reason, you know. There is good stuff out there. Ask your buds what they read, if at all. Like networking, but with hobbies.

>> No.64345


I'm sure their interests (fetishes?) are as disfiguring in general. Hell, they are as disfigured by thinking as such.

I should say "our" and "we" because I'm very much in the downward spiral of so ronery. I've been looking at the LCD screen long enough, and consumed enough caffeine that I've got an interesting vein under my left eye that's twitching, and I don't know what to attribute it to.

>> No.64347

Didn't you hear ignorance is bliss?

>> No.64348

some philosophy you have here.
I'll never go looking for pain on purpose, even though I'm naturally compelled to discover new things.
you don't choose to experience pain, it just happens, and people don't have much more pleasure after experiencing it.

>> No.64353

You need good fortune and a very rich dad to give you comfort the whole life, if I have that kinda fortune, I wouldn't care about losing it.

>> No.64357

My point isn't to seek pain out, per se...

It's to appreciate it as much as pleasure or any positive experience. I don't believe in negative experiences, and avoiding them is tantamount to suicide.

>> No.64358


Not really. I'm speaking, specifically, to an audience of people who want a boyfriend or girlfriend but don't know how to get one. I'm assuming that different people will have different needs, and have put forward different ideas as to what might help them.


The only annual con in my state is an Anime con, and the only RPG they have is a Hentai RPG. Other than that I'd have to drive, like, 3 hours for a game of Warhammer.

>> No.64359

you wouldn't care about losing a huge fortune ?

>> No.64361

I can see you already have a skewed view of comfort....

It doesn't take much to be comfortable.

>> No.64362

Ditto here. My vein kinda stpped, but I realllly gotta pee. I WAS hopped up on a latte, but it wore off when I glanced at the bottom right and saw 7 fucking AM. FUCKME. Damn you Anons. This was a fun productive night. But this girl needs to maintain her beauty sleep, lest she ends up an ugly troll. Wish you all the best, and don't die! there's so much to do in this world.
Night, and laters =_=;;

>> No.64365

Fortune in the sense of luck, not money.

>> No.64366

this applies to minor discomforts, I had a few car incidents, never did me any good, I don't appreciate life more.

>> No.64373

so you wouldn't care losing luck either?

>> No.64374

Try careening off the road stuck under a flaming motorcycle.... Whew! That one certainly made me appreciate life a little better.

>> No.64375


Truth. I should, literally, be dead twice over right now and I don't appreciate life any more than I did then. In fact, I probably take it more for granted.

>> No.64381

There's no such thing as an experience that didn't do any good, unless you've done something like make the same mistake twice. but even then, there's knowledge.

>> No.64382

well smashing against a truck at 130 and seing the ground from a point of view you're not supposed to inside a car (namely, from the roof), didn't do me any good.

>> No.64383

They may think they want it, but they don't need it. Not everyone anyway. They're better off learning ways to deal with the feelings of loneliness than figuring out how to make painful changes that might not even work.

>> No.64391

IF that didn't make you appreciate life better, you are already dead.

>> No.64395


No one needs it. It's not literally necessary for you to continue functioning.

But, fuck, all you need to function can be found if you live in a cave in the middle of the forest. But what's the fun in living in a cave for the rest of your life?

>> No.64400

well, all that I got now is the feeling that I'm not supposed to die like that, didn't change any of my goals.

>> No.64411

Who said anything about goals? I'm afraid you seem not particularly self-reflective.

>> No.64415

meaning that it didn't make me appreciate my life more and want to go out or anything any more tha I already did,I may not have written that the right way.

>> No.64420

Jesus, man; did you learn anythinng from the experience or not?

>> No.64422

in short , no.

>> No.64433

Then you are a hopeless case. Good day sir; I tried.

>> No.64441

some people are more prone on self reflection than others, guess you're that kind.

>> No.64446

No life is hopeless. The litmus test is simply, "Are you happy?". If he can answer yes, who are you to judge him?

>> No.65034


>> No.65470
File: 274 KB, 901x1596, dark eldar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First time ronery-poster here. I was in a happy relationship for about 2½ years, before my girlfriend started getting colder all of a sudden. After like three weeks of the cold treatment she said that we should stop seeing each other. This happened on her birthday. I really loved her, so this was a real blow to me, mentally. It became more of a fucked-up season for me, because like a week after that I discovered a livejournal which one of my best friends was keeping, mainly involving his desire to be with my ex(yes he'd been posting like ½ years before me and my gf broke up). So after that I became really depressed, but I didn't see any psychiatrist or such, because I thought I could make it on my own. I cried a lot, maybe for a month, but only at nights because I couldn't bear the thought that someone could see me crying over just one relationship. It also didn't help that all of my other friends were all "why are you mad?" at me, because they haven't ever had a relationship.

I broke all contact to both my ex and my ex-friend. He tried to apologize to me, but to me he was and still is as good as dead. Betrayal is the worst thing you can do to a person in my opinion, and I had trusted so much in both of them. But yeah, life went on and after 1½ years I had come a bit back from my shell. But then I learned that my ex and he had started dating. I don't know when, but I think probably after we broke up. It espescially struck me in the ironic way, because when we broke up with my gf she said "you know I have never cheated on you, right?" Why did she say it, I wondered, but when I had discovered their relationship it was dead obvious that SOMETHING must have been going even before the break-up.

>> No.65478

Yeah I know I'm the biggest reason for my problems: I can forgive a lot of things but not betrayal. But I decided that I would just let them live their lives in peace, so that I could live mine. But a few weeks ago my ex sent me a message saying that she'd been thinking about me and how I was doing nowadays. I wasn't happy or sad about it; I was fucking furious. Why can't they let me be? It took me like two days to come down from my adrenaline high of that day.

So in summary, I think I've become pretty much a shell for my vengance, and I'll propably snap if I ever see either of them irl. I'm only thriving in life to seek my vengance on them, and yes, I know it's sick and twisted. I have no hope in getting a new girlfriend even if I'd like to: like some Anon before me in this thread, I'm disgusted if anyone touches me.

But the thing is /jp/: I STILL LONG FOR LOVE ;_;

>> No.65730

Make this thread a sticky moot - I want to wake up again seeing this thread. I'm going to bed after this reply!

Aside from above, i have nearly 432 contacts on my msn. Despite not knowing most of its inhabitants, the most amazing girl logged on i engaged in a convo with this stranger. Of course, when she logged on - I did not know who she was. All i knew was, she had a a very cute default. She was asian too, and 60% of my contacts are asian mostly.

Anyway, we talked, and talked. I told her about how much of an recluse/introvert i am and she listened to me. I inquired questions about her too. And so did she - and thats all i really needed--A girl to listen and care how ronery i am.

>> No.65730,1 [INTERNAL] 

Remember the good old days?

>> No.65730,2 [INTERNAL] 

Where have all the normals fled to? ;_;

>> No.65730,3 [INTERNAL] 

I miss when you could have a ronery thread without GRRR THIS ISN'T WHAT /jp/ IS ABOUT, NORMALFAGS! >____<

I know you can argue /jp/ hadn't come into its own yet, but this /jp/ right here. I don't see why you wouldn't be here if you didn't like this sort of thread. I guess the vocal minority has won.

>> No.65730,4 [INTERNAL] 

There's /soc/ and /adv/ now for this crap.

And just so you know, the shitty the thread is, the more replies it will get.

>> No.65730,5 [INTERNAL] 

I still wonder why didn't moot delete /jp/ yet. All of our topics have other boards now. I would still ask for a VN or a doujin game board, but aside of these, that's all.

>> No.65730,6 [INTERNAL] 

>All of our topics have other boards now.
Not really, VNs, LNs, Touhou and many other obscure "weeaboo" topics are 100% /jp/ material.

Think about why /jp/ was created in the first place.

>> No.65730,7 [INTERNAL] 

So, here's a better idea. Specific rules for our board.

>> No.65730,8 [INTERNAL] 

Common sense is more than enough.

And specific rules won't prevent people from posting random crap.

>> No.65730,9 [INTERNAL] 

We need a few specific rules, though. One I'd like is "3. Translation requests belong in /lang/."
I know it's not a huge problem, but it would certainly be useful.

>> No.65730,10 [INTERNAL] 

Touhou, visual novels, and light novels are far from obscure.

>> No.65730,11 [INTERNAL] 

Normal people don't know what Touhou really is (see the "Youtube popularity").
VNs are only popular when they have an ongoing anime adaptation.
And LNs, well, simply looking at the current LN General makes you want to cry.

>> No.65730,12 [INTERNAL] 

I thought >>65730,6 was talking about Japan. Sorry.

>> No.65730,13 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.65730,14 [INTERNAL] 

i wonder if he made it

>> No.65730,15 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.65730,16 [INTERNAL] 

If only he knew he'd become a genius with two degrees...

>> No.65730,17 [INTERNAL] 

Shut up.

>> No.65730,18 [INTERNAL] 

Or what...?

>> No.65730,19 [INTERNAL] 

When will it be my turn for a gf

>> No.65730,20 [INTERNAL] 

You missed your turn, better luck next time!

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