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Alright, maybe I'm just the biggest idiot on the planet, but how the hell do you play this god forsaken game?
Aren't you supposed to be able to SHOOT in this game? Were the dick are the directions?
In the key setup menu it says 02 to shoot, but neither 2 on my keyboard does anything.

Again, maybe I'm just fucking retarded.

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seriously? Whatever, I'll bite.

Dude, have you played like, any Japanese game ever?

Shift, X, Z.

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Z and X, dumbshit.

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Before the trolls descend upon you:

z fires, x bombs and holding down shift slows you down.

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Press shift for focused movement.

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No, no I haven't. This Touhou game is the second /jp/ thing I've ever downloaded, the first being Fate Stay Night
THANK YOU! Why doesn't it just SAY that on the key setup? it seems... counter-productive to me.

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key setup is for gamepad key.

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Z/X/C/V is the standard gamepad key mapping. The numbers are gamepad number mappings.

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Safe advice: when unsure about what each button does in a game, start pressing all of them in a row until you see a response. Works every time.

Now that you got moving and shooting right, prepare your anus, the good part has yet to come.

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jesus christ, son. You are stupid.

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Yeah, I just got rapped by the second level midboss.
Which is why I asked you guys.

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Holy fuck downloadin it right now. 'Twas the 2nd game I've ever tried and from what I remember it was the best one.

Oh btw if you guys are so nice with tips today please tell me how do I 1CC any touhou game? I've been trying for more than a year and I can't do that.

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Stop hitting the arrow keys like a monkey and pay attention.
Hold shift for focused movement.
Shoo the loli until she dies.
Stop sucking.

And, most of all, don't go easy even on the first level. Touhou is like a camel, if you don't treat it with respect, it will just spit on your face.

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since sadly this is the best thread in the front page I will give you the best advice ever

Play hard/lunatic mode
It doesn't matter whether you lose or suck or get frustrated just practice in hard/lunatic till the end, use continues, bombs, slowdown, even practice mode if you want, just practice a lot in these modes

then normal mode will feel like easy mode

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Skill alone is not enough for a touhou game. It is needed, but you also need memory too. If you don't actually know how to do an attack just winging it may just cause you to die even if you're capable of bullet time.

There's also the will to just survive instead of doing well. Knowing when to use bombs is very key to a 1cc until your skill and memorization of the game goes up a lot. PCB is generally considered one of the easier touhous due to cherry borders which are like extra bombs and the fact Sakuya has four bombs to each life. I think one guy did a lunatic 1cc of PCB without dodging bullets at all and by just using bombs to prove a point.

Basically memorize stuff and bomb stuff is the gist of it.

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DONT start playing with lunatic, it will just overwhelm you. I'd suggest just starting with easy, bombing and continuing till you beat the game, then try to do 1CC on easy, and go on with beating normal with continues ETC.

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If you've been at it that long, chances are you don't play regularly. One game every few weeks or so won't help at all. Sit down and play for an hour or so at a time a few times a week. Don't marathon it, though, as after a while you'll end up falling into the same failing routines. At these points you'll want to take a break and come back in a day or two, refreshed.

If you find yourself failing in the same spots every time, try those stages in practice until you can figure out a way around your problem areas. If even practice mode isn't enough, try downloading some replays to see how other people do it.

Also, the usual hold shift for focused movement, learn to stream, don't hug the bottom, don't focus on your character sprite, read ahead, don't be afraid to bomb, and so forth.

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sauce on pcb 1cc?

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If he gets used to Easy, he'll never be able to adjust to Normal or above.

Besides, Easy is for faggots.

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GIL has something like that (no movement PCB Stage 6 Lunatic), but he's motherfucking GIL.

And he does it with MarisaB, not SakuyaB.

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That advice is such crap. It is also the slowest way of going about doing touhou since building yourself up slowly is much slower than getting yourself slightly accustomed to something fuck harder than what you're trying to accomplish makes what you're trying to accomplish much easier.

Being able to beat the game a difficulty level higher with continues generally means you can beat the game on the difficulty you're trying to beat it without continues. However this tactic is a crapshoot when you're trying to beat lunatic as it is the highest difficulty.

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>no movement PCB Stage 6 Lunatic
It's the second time I hear about this on /jp/ and I have yet to see this mystical replay.

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What do you all mean by 'Stream"?

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oh wow, i wasn't really expecting more than "press shift for focused movement". thanks guys.

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If you know the bullets are aimed at you, you can just simply move in one direction to dodge them all. This is called "Streaming"

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Short definition: Not moving around all the time, only when the bullets come close to you. Doing this causes the bullets to stay much more organized and in a straight line, as well as increases your graze(When a bullet touches your character but not your hitbox and doesn't kill you) which greatly increases score.


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OH, well I was doing that anyway.

So, I'm really just trying to get into the fluff. Are the games the best source, or is there a comic or book that would help out better in that regard.

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lurk moar

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I have it somewhere, but I'd have to dig through all the replays laying around in different folders. The place where I originally found it has since closed down. If you want it that badly, go bother this guy http://shmups.system11.org/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=3409

I remember GIL making it by the skin of his teeth but didn't think much of the significance back then. Now that I try to recall it I wonder how much foresight was involved. How early to bomb, and monitoring focus usage to take down the attacks in a timely manner while still activating borders at the most convenient moment.

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>>6113757 here.
I seem to be mistaken. It was only a normal 1cc super bombspam run.


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Should be it, though I don't have a niconico account so don't bet on it.

He also has the same deal with IN, though I can't be assed to find that one.

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Bumping after people have long stopped caring about it because I hardly ever see any gameplay threads.

Tried to see how a Lunatic run would turn out, but I accidentally overlooked the part about memorizing as well as bombing. Still, some memorization was exercised or Sakuya-A wouldn't have lived to see the end, even if lives were set above the default. We all know about bombing more and not dying with bombs in stock and whatnot. Very important to identify troublesome attacks and sections ahead of time so you can bomb the moment you feel pressured. And it's a good way to fully utilize Reimu-B's Duplex Barrier or other stationary bombs in future games. Hesitation is such a killer.

Thought I would have more to say, but I'll just hope someone drops by with a question for something, anything about what goes on in the game. Preferaby one of the earlier Windows games like PCB, I'm really bored and like explaining stages.

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arrows to move, z to shoot, x to bomb, shift for slow/focus. the number on the config menu refer to the button number on a gamepad, should you choose to use it.

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What if I just want to beat it on any level?