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Bow to your mistress.

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She's no mistress, only a lowly mai-*stabbed*

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Let me just put on my Kneepads first

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Those legs are really damn thin, are you eating enough?

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Those are some thin legs you have there, Sakuya.

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Can I lick your feet, Miss Sakuya?

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Wait really?

I never got past Patche in the extra stage, even dodging all the big attacks the small white confetti was always enough to kill me first
I never got to see Flandre ;_;

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By the way, what's the latest patch for the original one?

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Here I did.

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Woah fuck, what is this game?

It looks like castlevania-that's pretty cool.

Source, pretty please denizens?

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I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that it's not out yet and won't be out until probably December.

The good news is
It's a sequel to a game that was released a year ago that the doujin group translated into Engrish themselves.

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It's the upcoming touhouvania II.

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Forgot my pic

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Thanks fella

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Sequel is actually being made? Holy shit, I'm all fired up for this game.

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They're releasing the trial at Reitaisai and might put it online too.

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Great, I hope they will release a translation patch like they did for the first one.

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Is there a word about if this will be like old Castlevania games, or if it will be Metroidvania?

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Uhm, I'm doing a run on the first one.
I kinda remeber there was an extra life per lever, but I found only the one on the third level (first room with stairs, upper corner)

Do you remmber the location of the others?

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It will be a touhouvania like the first, silly.

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Oh Sakuya why must you be so kinky?

Found the ex lives on level 4,5&6, missed in 1,2 and 7, so feel free to tell me where they are if you know.
Let's roll stage 8.

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Damn, I want a Sakuya of my own.
Actually I want to be Sakuya.

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anyone got a link/torrent up for download? MUST GET THIS.

captcha : weaman Terry:

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>Telling others are stupid.


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The one that says idiot is the idiot!

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Goddamn Remilia "true form battle"

A bit o' wisdom

Third level.
First room with stairs. Upper-right most platform in the room can be destroyed for a 1UP.

Fourth level
Big cup on a long platform right before exiting the second to last level, protected by giant floating head.

Fifth level
In the extra box on the platform right before the exit in the corridor with trident fairies and the ghost.

Sixth level
Book shelf on the right, right in front of the exiting door. The room has a book and a skeleton veteran at the entrance and is the second to last.

Eight level.
In the attic before entering Remilia's room, in a big cup.

Against Patchouli: The corner of the door is the safe spot. Dodge the big danmaku, use cirno to destroy the books, hit like crazy.
Against Suika: Use Cirno, fly, to the middle of the screen, when she's big. Hit like crazy.
Against Sakuya: Predict where she will reappear and hit like crazy. Better on the back.
Against Remilia: Use Cirno, dodge the damn lazerz, keep her on the ground, hit like crazy.

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Sakuya isn't my mistress, she's my lover and waifu.

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I hate Patchoul in extra stage ;_;

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My face when even in 1.04 they didn't isert Rumia's portrait

My face when patch 1.04 made my extra stage button disappear and after completing the whole game the extra stage button worked just once and now is nowhere to be found.
Christdamn you to hell, 1.04!

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>My face when I abuse of easy modo to unlock extra modo.
>My face while I whip everyone without dying once.

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If you keep doing that you'll be nothing but a face

And wow, didn't know that there'd be a sequel game with playable Sakuya and Meiling, ect. I really liked the art and music of the first one. Think the makers will be kind and provide English translations again?

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>Flandre reaction to my reaction to the fact that the extra stage is in easy modo too.

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I hope they've learned from the mistakes they made in the first game.

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This time only Frech and German.

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>My face when I became a face and Flandre is still extra hard even with reduced hp and all.

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>As expected you came
>mfw I interpreted that sexually

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My face when after I beat Frandle they say some weird stuff that I didn't understand and that's it, no surprises.
Also I'm not posting the final pic.

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touhouvainia had alot of problems but it was okay.

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So, I've unlocked the extra stage, but if I copy the files to another disk for backup the stage is locked.
Do you know why anon?

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Any hints?
Do you know which files change when you unlock and extra stage?

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it means unlocking the stage is in the registry. How silly

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how about multiple player characters this time

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Care to explain to a complete computer inept?