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Hey faggot, take responsibility

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Ask nicely.

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It has mokou's eyes

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touhou babies!

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Can /jp/ beat mystia in a fist fight?

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touhou babies! we make our dreams come true
touhou babies! we'll do the same for you!

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oh god nostalgia

I would watch the shit out of a Touhou babies show.

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Proud father and mother taking responsibility.

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I could beat Yuugi in a fist fight.

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Oh good god.

captcha: bommers called

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Touhou babies!

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What have you done Anonymous?

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Fathered a swarm of human eating monsters?

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Damn it /jp/, my only weakness.

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Its not my fault.

Spiders are supposed to ignore you when you play dead.

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My baby can beat up your baby

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But could you beat her... in drinking?

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If I'm a faggot, then I can't be responsible.

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Fuck yeah we can. You seen Mystia's nails? She can't form a proper fist to save her life.

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I could.

But not sake as drinking too much of that gives you the runs.

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She'd probably use said nails on us. And yes, that's fair; we only call them fist fights because that's all we have.
Failing that, they're retractable.

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/jp/ can fist fight nitori in a desert and without her toys

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Oh shit.

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It's been nine months already, Mystia...? What should we name her?

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because its the one he pulled off of google images

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why would such a monstrous being hang around dregs like us.

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I can smell a storm approaching...

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Hey faggots, take responsibility

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>Can /jp/ beat mystia in a fist fight?
I couldn't bring myself to raise my hand against mai waifu.

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Sorry, my friend, but she's taken.

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Yeah let's beat her, she will be our kogasa

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Don't touch my- ... Aw, damn...

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Ah! There you are, Kogasa.

Maybe, um... You know... We could go out for some lunch sometime..?

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more than one thousand of guys could be the father

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Hey darling, take responsibility

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Best end.
We need art of Kogasa and Sanae's kid immediately.

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You will never get the chance to vomit in Mystia's baby's mouth to feed her.

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But that's Kanako.

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You know, just so we could get to know each other a little bit? I mean.. Aw, damn, I can't hold it back any longer! Kogasa, I'm in love with you!

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She'll still take it, kogasa's that good ;_;

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KogasaXSanae is one of the worst fanon pairing there is. Sanae is not a good girl.

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>Sanae not a good girl

Shut it, dweeb.

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What the fuck is the story behind this Touhou x Historical figure bullshit?

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Fuck yeas, I love you mom

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Pretty sure this is the best thing to happen to Touhou in months.

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It's not the worst, but it's definitely not the best, and it's DEFINITELY not good.

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It started over a month ago when some dude posted his own original Touhou x Political figures photoshops, then I guess a group of dudes thought it would be cool to roleplay as WWII figures and go along with it in /JP/.

It's weird, but it gets pretty comical at times.

I've even capitalized on this and made myself a tripcode. But, ever since I made it, whoever did Adolf Hitler stopped posting and I've basically taken over that role, even though I don't roleplay like they do.

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>best thing to happen to Touhou in months
I don't even. Stop posting and go make some music

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Are you the real ZUN?

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I don't understand how you people can like this stuff, it has never been funny and it will never be funny.

The roleplaying stuff is fucking stupid. Take it to pooshlmer.

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Take your trolling to /b/. Just because you and your 1 friend doesn't like it doesn't make it bad. I don't think it's great, but it is mildly amusing, at least it isn't like Autism or desu spam.

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It's as amusing to me as the Alice RPer. But things 'll get stale after a while, I hope they stopped it soon.

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>at least it isn't like Autism or desu spam.
It's on the same level to be honest.

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>defending roleplay and telling to stop "trolling"

HAHAHAH oh wow.

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No, samefag futa hate troll, you are on the same level as Autism and desu spam.

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I smell samefag.

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I hope you are trolling there.

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>>6086163 here and I just arrived. Don't know about the others.

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The level of samefag has gone haywire.

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check your broken detector then, faggot. I'm pretty sure you are the one samefagging here.

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You can one man army troll all you want to, but the rest of us will sit back and enjoy the show.

This roleplay is definitely the most interesting thing that has happened to touhou in a while.

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One of those is me, and I'm not the others.

You don't believe me.

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>one of those is me

What are you talking about? are you the spy or something?

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those posts are not from the same person

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It's Samefag Futa Hater troll. He's trying to trick you by saying he only made one post, but we all know that isn't the truth.

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>It's as amusing to me as the Alice RPer
Well, that explains a lot about the people who like this trash.

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Seems like everyone is fine with it except you and your one little friend.

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It's funny how you keep bragging about "samefag futa hater troll" when you are being the same.

>> No.6086222

>when you are being the same.

Of course.

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No, most good posters tend to ignore this board when it's in utter shit state like this and come back later. And the best posters don't even look at this thread and have it hidden.

Your roleplay faggotry never was and will never be good or accepted. 3 kids replying to each other is not the majority of the board.

And I'm not even the guy you are talking to before you come with this "samefag XD" bullshit.

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>not even the guy you were talking to before

>implying I'm the one who is calling everyone "samefag futa hater"

>implying it's my roleplay

>Implying you know what "good" and "best" posters are.

You are why this board is most of the time. You just go around calling everyone a shitposter and whatnot, even though it's /jp/ related. If you know what's good and what isn't, why don't you hide the thread and whatnot and not make a big fuss about it?

And how would you know who is "best" poster and "good" poster? it's all a matter of opinion.

and in this situation my opinion > your opinion.

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Yeah, I can see what kind of poster YOU are by all that greentext and implications.

Roleplay IS NOT /jp/ related and it NEVER was. If you want to roleplay go to sites where people actually like and support it. Roleplay threads always get negative responses on them and that should give you a hint. (And don't even think about coming with "because it's always you" os some response like that)

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No one is going to take you seriously if you post like that. You may as well throw it a 'mfw' to seal it.
Roleplaying has never been and never will be /jp/ related. The reason the other people don't hide it is because they love to argue and you love to respond.

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I'm gonna need rule confirmation on that. This roleplay happens to be /jp/ related. It's simply becoming my tastes > your tastes argument here, there's no point in even replying to trolls, and with that, this will be my first and only reply to this.

Green text is kinda lame, but I don't give a shit, and you shouldn't either, it is a tool that was put in for use, after all. Now, if you people seriously have nothing to do except troll others because they are role-playing or some other shit that may not be what you like, but happens to be board related, I feel sorry for you. Just hide the thread orthe specific posts, and get on with your life.

It's almost like bitching about things we don't like is becoming /jp/'s new meme.

I'll admit, I dont like this role-play, but I suck it up and deal with it, or if I'm real frustrated, I'll hide it, so no harm done, and no drama argument.

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Those aren't official rules, bro. Those are one dudes narrow minded suggestions.

>> No.6086374

Now you are just being retarded.

Even if you don't consider those you should understand that it's a self-imposed rule by the majority of the board.

>> No.6086380

I'm not going to try to argue for RP shit, but he's right.

>> No.6086395

And who are you to represent the board?

>> No.6086402

>mod says to stop posting something

>> No.6086414

He said the majority.
If you had been here over 3 months you would know that it's always been hated.

>> No.6086423

I'm not talking about me, smart boy. I just said "majority".

>> No.6086434

There are plenty of rouge mods, bro. We all must abide by the rules that were set by moot. And moot did not specify role-plays, only things that aren't board related. The roleplay is board related.

What I think needs to happen is for moot to Cole here and sort this out once and for all so there won't be any more debate.

>> No.6086441

moot posted in the thread 3 posts later! moot sent the mod to post that!

Are you fucking retarded or what? Those are the rules whether you agree or not.

Christ, this is a troll, right?

>> No.6086443

moot would say something about those mod posts if he wanted to, or more likely make them edit it.

>> No.6086463

I need a link to this thread for confirmation. All these things are still in the /jp/ archive. Either you link me, or your argument is bullshit.

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Oh god you really are stupid. Please read some posts again and see how much of a retard you are being.

>> No.6086470

He wouldn't say anything either way, because moot doesn't give a shit about /jp/.

>> No.6086474

I just did a few posts ago, are you blind?


First post, mod. 3rd post, mod. 4th post, same mod fixing his previous post. 5th post, moot. Everything after that is a hiccup in the archive.

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Oh look, it's this argument again.

I never understood why /jp/ is so hostile to CYOAs and RPing and whatnot. Everyone here is already immersed in fantasy and fiction and Touhou, so what makes the aforementioned varieties of immersion so horrible?

>> No.6086497

Oh look it's this argument again. Rules are meant to be followed, so follow them. If you dislike it you can always leave, there are countless other places that love those things.

>> No.6086513

Rules do not state that the roleplay is breaking the rules.

>> No.6086518

Except a mod (and moot if I remember right) specifically said to keep that shit out of /jp/.

>> No.6086521

I wasn't arguing for or against anything, but if you want too...

The rules against RP are sketchy at best and nonexistent at worse. Yes, I've read the thread you've linked. The mod is long gone and any rules he made up didn't make it in to the /jp/ rulebook and therefor left with him, and moot...doesn't really say anything.

>> No.6086527

roleplay = generates DRAMA
furry = generates DRAMA


>> No.6086529

The majority still follow them nevertheless. I don't see the point of figthing against it when you can RP all you want out of here.

>> No.6086530

>The mod is long gone and any rules he made up didn't make it in to the /jp/ rulebook and therefor left with him, and moot...doesn't really say anything.
What the fuck are you even talking about? Just because the mod isn't posting every day to say "REMEMBER GUYS, NO ROLEPLAYING" doesn't mean it's suddenly allowed again. It was said once, it doesn't need to be repeated. moot clearly agrees with him because his post clearly says he's looking for an alternative for the RPers.

RPing is forbidden on /jp/. Stop arguing. Stop.

>> No.6086545

Moot never came up with a solution, or said whether or not to stop posting the roleplays. If you can't handle the /jp/ related roleplays, just hide them.

>> No.6086566

>captcha: 1936-42 azzling

>> No.6086567

Or you RP fags could go the next room and RP all you want.

>> No.6086584

Not only is the majority of /jp/ on the no-RP side, the rules (whether you agree with them or not) are also on our side.

So no, I won't hide your roleplaying shit and do nothing about it. You take it somewhere else.

>> No.6086586

You're just frustrated that roleplay is allowed. Just suck it up like the rest of us, and hide threads and posts you don't like.

>> No.6086590

The majority following something does not make it right.

>RPing is forbidden on /jp/. Stop arguing. Stop.
You or yours drew me into this, friend. I'll stop on my own terms.

Yes, the mod not being around to nag us wouldn't matter IF the rule was made...ah...official. It wasn't. The golden (and only) rule of such on /jp/ is "All things otaku welcome." RPing as WWII leaders is not ok, but RPing as Reimu is.

Again, moot was sketchy at best. He said he'd do something about the issue, and was then never heard from again. Maybe he agrees, but he didn't say so, so that's a moot point. Zing.

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I ain't payin for no child support

>> No.6086606

>You're just frustrated that roleplay is allowed
Too bad it isn't.

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Who are you to represent the majority of /jp/ how do you even know it's the majority? Might as well say the majority of Martians don't like earthlings.

You and your twelve year old friend who doesn't like role-plays dies not make the majority.

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sluts everywhere

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>The majority is not right
Oh god are you serious? Are you seriously implying that the minority should be considered the "correct side"? That's not how things work at all.

The rules said in that post of mods and moot should be followed as rules EXACTLY for having such a lame a vague rule like that on the rules page. You can keep on your delusion that RP is allowed here, just don't bother all the people who will complain about it then.

>> No.6086649

>bother all the people.

You mean just you and your twelve year old friend? A whole 2 people on /jp/?

>> No.6086651

One of the guy who was arguing in this thread here:

I give up. You can believe whatever the fuck you want about roleplaying, just know that I'm not gonna stop bitching about it and I'll be there to turn all of your shitty roleplaying threads either into even shittier metathreads (like this) until meido wakes up and deletes the thread.

>> No.6086654

Stop being fucking riddiculous, kid. You can clearly see that the majority of users of the board does not approve RP in here, you are still stuck with this "you think you are majority" when that guy was merely pointing out facts, and for that we have all these RP threads being bashed over and over and over and over at different times throughout the days.

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>You mean just you and your twelve year old friend? A whole 2 people on /jp/?

Yeah I see you are pretty slow, son. Just keep thinking that there are only 2 people who dislike RP on this board, stay in your delusion instead of making a proper search on the archive or lurking for several months to see how RP is not allowed in here. I'm done discussing with you, I'm going to bed.

>> No.6086667

It doesn't matter if you think it's lame or vague, it's the only real rule we've got.

But if we're talking about the word of moot being almighty, around the time of the name change, he also said to ignore threads you don't like instead of shitposting in them. Hmm.

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1 dude who doesn't like roleplay thinks he's a hotshot.

Just get over it.

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Can't we all just take it easy and post some more touhou babies?

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>Can't we all just take it easy and post some more touhou babies?

Roleplay faggots strated all the drama.

>> No.6086727

Well, I can at least agree that the WWII leader RPing has got to go.

...or maybe I can't. I don't know anymore.

>> No.6087756

If you bitch at roleplaying because it's against the rules why don't you do the same for porn?
Not that I care about RP either way (can be fun, but most of the time not), but still.

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no baby momiji ? i will be happy to take my responsability

>> No.6087809

Why did you bump the thread when no one cares any more?

>> No.6089816

To get reactions, duh.

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