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So, my HD is about to give in (I can feel it) so I'm trying to get all of my shit backed up/onto other drives ASAP.

This also means cleaning up in my /a/&/jp/ dump folder that's been virtually untouched since early 2007. What a fucking mess. Seriously, I have like ... 12 gb of images and doujin to sort through. All of it in one big shitpile. Jesus fucking christ.

ITT: Horrors of your 4chan folder(s).

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I never bothered to give names to my images, I'm too bored to do so now, and I try to work on which image to post by remembering WHEN I saved it (aka, 'modified' view)

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My purgatory folder is growing out of control, and I don't think I will clean it up any time soon.
Finding the right image is becoming harder each time. I just remember a vague feeling of when I saved it, and try to find it with just that.
Of course, Picasa browsing makes it a bit easier.

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If I'm DTAing an entire thread, then I'll dump it into a folder that has been named appropriately, but otherwise it goes into the root directory and I periodically (whenever I feel like it) go through and delete according to my caprices.

This is sorta non-optimal, but I can't be bothered to write the program to automatically clean up duplicates, etc.

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Story of my life.

I will one day clean up my computer. I will organize every file. I will purge every unnecessary file.

It will be the most epic struggle of my life.

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Like, I have primary folders broken down as pictured, but the "Unsorted" folder is a fucking horror show.

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More organised than I (>>608379) am.

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How can you tell when your HD is about to die?

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Noises, generally. Access times can be an indicator as well. It's sort of an annoying buzzing sound when your drive is in use.

At least, from what I remember, I'm not OP.

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clicking noises (and no boot) is so far the only reason I've had to RMA a harddrive.

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>>608383 tripfriend

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back up REGULARLY to external drives.... learn from this!

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put all your anime into floppy disks

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Sounds like what I got.
brb, time to Truecrypt 2+gb of loli doujin.

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I really need to stop this...I'm going to end up deleting 70% of this anyway.

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SMART attributes

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Now I'm intrigued in regards of the contents of said folder.
Oh, look, there is an anonymous nice day game folder too. Awesome.

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Something like that?

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>lucky shit
delete that

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About all I'll miss if my hard drive dies is the first hentais I ever saw and I only keep those for nostalgic value, and most of those have been archived already.

I don't save many images if they're already on danbooru.

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ONE folder.

Contains pictures saved from all the boards on 4chan.

Don't want to check the size.

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I gave up on shorting and deleting old files long ago:

I computed my disc space increased faster than I stored random files. So sometimes I take everything that need to be shorted, and put it all in a single folder, then it's all set for 3 more years. Conclude by induction.

After 12 years, I am only at 50GB.

(pics and music not included, these I do short)

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I had to recreate all my shit in late '07, so I only have a few remnants of my time here from '05-'06.

Even though I have 300 GB taken up on my internal 500 GB hard drive (my external 100GB is half full), I have no idea how much of it is actual 4chan. My character index is about this big, though. No videos, just pictures.

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Everytime I see those 11000 pics awaiting to be sorted, I cry a little.

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Short and sort are not the same word.

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my 4chan folder is a single folder with countless images.

at one point, it was taking 10 seconds to save an image. So I made a subfolder and moved everything into that to speed it up.

though, it seems I dont have much there overall...
localhost ~ $ du -sh .4chan/
5.5G .4chan/

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i just have 1 anime folder and its really small 1.3gb
i dont have the time to sort it out.

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Do tell me, how do you get sexy folders like that?

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I have one /4chan/ folder that has a shitton of different folders inside. Mostly doujins. And another one for screencaps. ALL of my other 4chan-related pictures are in the root of /4chan/. Completely unsorted. I do name them when I save, though.

I still forget the filenames 70% of the time so I check by "modified last" to find the good images.

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It's a virus that makes folder like that.

The name of the virus is Vista

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It's a virus that makes folders like that.

The name of the virus is Vista

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Not as bad as many of you, but a lot worse than I thought. All unsorted, except for things which came out of archives already in directories. I'll sort it eventually, maybe.

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By buying Vista.

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>buying Vista.

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>>608596 >buying Vista.

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>>608596 buying Vista.

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sauce, come on please man.

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dude, please?

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Someone needs to make an image sorting equivalent of the rom sorting programs available for emulators. Since a lot of the same images get posted repeatedly, a large portion of images that everybody has could probably be identified this way.

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This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea. This idea.

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Is there one of these for Shiki as well?

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My base folder has over 8500 screenshots that need to be put into specific series folders. Together with all the other pictures in there, explorer.exe takes about 300k, making sorting them out too damn annoying.

Everyday more screenshots get added.

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I have 30gb of pictures I've hand-saved(No downing them all or other such easy stuff) from various boards on 4chan and other *chans/Imageboards in a single folder.

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11,000 pics? I have some catching up to do.

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Have it use danbooru/gelbooru/etc. like a CDDB?

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Is dat some vista?

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11000 unsorted. Look the total.

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I'm low level...

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Interesting thread, now...

Why the fuck do we download all those pics?

5% of them are ever used again. At most.

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Obsessive compulsion. I'm saving more pics as we speak.

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Why do i have 1,6 TB of animu when i watch it only once

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Hoard syndrome. Sucks, huh.

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Yeah when i think how much money i've thrown away to buy all the DVDs ...

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And this is after deleting most of the same-folder duplicates.

The one on E:\ has 5000 unsorted images that were cluttering up the 4chan root and a bunch of saved threads.

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That might be a good start, though I'm not sure it is specific enough. I was thinking about an extensible table of fields and values, where there are specific fields and responses to them, rather than just a set of words which are somehow related to a picture.

You would want to be able to define the purpose of a tag, such as artist, source, year, gender, etc, and then have a value associated with that field. This way, any number of specific concepts could be associated with an image, and you could use these to sort or filter things in a more precise manner than just a bunch of tags which are related in nonspecific ways.

Also I'm not sure how you'd go about it without some sort of interaction from the danbooru people directly. They would have to have some way of receiving an MD5 hash and then returning the appropriate tags for it, which means they'd have to be involved in the creation of whatever program uses their database. Or, make their database available for download.

I'd like to see something with a database which anyone can download and keep, rather than having to connect to some website.

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Isn;t that basically what WinFS was supposed to do?

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My 4chan folder contains no sorting whatsoever. Well I sorted it into 01-10 or something like that. Each folder contains 10,000 images.

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ITT entropy at work

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my problem is not about sorting and stuff, but why the fuck did i save all those images in the 1st place.
I only use about 0.5% of them for wallpaper and stuff

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I save images to repost them on 4chan.
Every day is repost day.

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Whenever I do sort images, I end up deleting like 2/3 of them, wondering why I ever saved them in the first place.

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Finally, someone nutty enough to also backup over a TB (I have almost 900 DVDs now....). Over the 6 years that I collected all that, I haven't watched over 15 series too.

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The tags would just be a starting point. Plus they already denote which tags are for artist, character, or series. At least, danbooru does.

>They would have to have some way of receiving an MD5 hash and then returning the appropriate tags for it
You can search "MD5:[hash]", although that would hit their servers pretty hard if everyone did it. Doing it once (or regularly) to generate a tag database that's distributed with the sorting program would be best, if that's the only way to get (steal) their data.

Ideally the danbooru people would be involved and it could tie into the site directly, allowing for a lot of useful features like directly uploading unidentified images (with a minimum number of tags), but that's a long shot.

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My folders aren't that big, since I lost everything in a hard drive crash last year, but they are COMPLETELY unsorted. My main DTA folder takes like 3 minutes to fucking open. I just recently (like, the day before yesterday) decided to make a token effort at sorting stuff, and I now have a general "Pictures" folder, a religion folder, a Touhou folder, and a Type-Moon folder. I'm already getting fucking tired of switching between them and having to make sure I uncheck the unrelated images in the middle of threads and shit.

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