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Important question here /jp/.

Which Touhou WOULDN'T you fuck?

pic unrelated

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bumpage :D

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This one. Seeing and fucking her means that she's being lazy and unprofessional and would probably go back to doing her duty after we're done going at it.

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> :D

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.... all touhou expected momiji

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Shrine maidens need to stay pure.

Her armpits are fair game though.

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Not counting the male ones, I would say...whoever would destroy me afterward.

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you really don't want to fuck flandre?

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Kisume, oh sweet jesus just no.

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Any of the ones with disgusting flat chests.

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That narrows it down to 2. Every Touhou could kill you easily. Expect Akyu and ZUN.

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Since she is letting you have sex with her in the first place, she probably won't maliciously try to kill you. However, you're probably only going to die by accident when she loses control of her powers.

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I wouldn't fuck many touhous, but I wouldn't hesitate to consummate sweetest love to the greatest of them all.

Kogasa Tatara she is the best

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Yukari(her portals are shaped like vagina, god knows where your dick will end up, might not be that great.)
All non playable characters from lotus land story
All fairy wars characters

List is some of but not exclusive to, just getting tired of typing.

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Female detected.

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You thought I was a man?

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All of them except genji

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5 magical stones and the eye boss from Highly Responsive to Prayers. Evil Eye Sigma if Rika's not included.

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Too gorgeus for snu snu

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Sanae, due to how many STDs she must have from her midnight adventures.

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Shanghai; too cute. Huggable, not fuckable.

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Marisa. She is a bro.

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Wouldn't that make her a top tier fuck buddy?

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Thats the reason why I make Marisa my waifu. I will fuck no other touhou.

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I wouldn't fuck any of them since none of them are mai waifu.

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That's like saying which sandwich wouldn't you eat.

All's fair game, only the strong survive

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Kogasa isn't very strong, BOOF.

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Alice and Eirin. I just dislike them.

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and that is why she is the first to go down.

on me.

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Letty. Pic related.

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Hey, bro, you said "survive." Don't kill her.

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Meiling, Flandre, Patchouli, Komachi, Wriggle, Mokou, Tewi, Chen.

Probably even Marisa and Moonbitches if the fuck wouldn't be a violent rape that would end with them dying.

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would not fuck Yamame. hate spiders

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I came so hard at this image. So fucking hard.

8 spurts man.


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Yuugi, Ichirin, Wriggle, Yamane.

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I would not fuck any flat chested characters. Go big (boobs) or go home.

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nigga you trippin

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Utsuho because I don't want cancer.

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Single moms work the hardest when fucking.

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Yamame, Rinnosuke, Letty Whiterock, Tewi, Nue, Remilia, Alice, Marisa, and Wriggle.

Sorry, Chen. But I enjoy your innocence too much.

Rinnosuke, you're a bro, I can't fuck you even if you put in false boobs and wear skirts like a Touhou. Just stay awesome.

Marisa, I respect you too much to ruin the thing you've got going with Reimu.

The rest are off the lists because they induce maximum rage.

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I totally forgot about Rinno until you mentioned him, but I'm still not gonna include him on the whole "Not fuck list" just because of how....manly he is.

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How about now?

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Well yeah, but Chen is going to be deliciously mature when I'm an ugly old person. I don't want to be another one of the ugly old people in Gensokyo perving on Touhous.


>Forgot about Rinnosuke, the Bro
>forgot Mannosuke
>forgot Brosuke

gee tee eff oh

pic related

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Now she just looks ugly. Try this instead. I might not even be Chen!

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I would not fuck Parsee. Bitch would be jealous of any other girl I hook up with, and stalk me the entire time.

Even if she does look awesome in this picture.

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>Bitch would be jealous of any other girl I hook up with

Good. You don't fucking deserve her.

Fucking sluts these days, I swear.

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>>doesn't realize everyone in Gensokyo is a slut.

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God damn it, Traposuke.

Stop trying to be the little Touhou girl.

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He just wants to be pretty too!

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It'd be like throwing a hotdog into the Gand Canyon.

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She must be miles tall!

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Oh hi I improved your Parsee for you

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Paru has never been so scary...

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Conundrum: If you make Chen fappable, is she still Chen?

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Dammit Shirou...

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Yes. She is just now a very fappable Chen.

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I have more.

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Nothing changed though...

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Too ugly...

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No, that's Suika.

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Adult Hooker Chen is breaking her old fox-mother's heart

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oh you did NOT just insult one of the best bitches ever.

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>Adult Hooker Chen is breaking her old fox-mother's hymen


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I'm not that poster but suspenders are like the single most unsexy piece of clothing on the planet. Sorry Mokou

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Orin. Two pairs of ears, and I'm not into furries.

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Who do you think taught her?

While on the subject of Ran....
Look at those legs. Look at those god damn legs.

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Stop it. I can't take it easy with you posting these.

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fair enough. how about pictures of Rinnosuke being MANLY AS FUCK?

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Is there anyone Mannosuke couldn't and wouldn't fuck?

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I can't imagine manly Rinnosuke ever since I read the doujin about him helping Reimu rape other Touhous and him making comments about being a god of soloplay.

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Do not insult the King.

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The latest chapter of this was just plain mean. I can't fap to this.

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the ones that say no

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The last chapter was awesome.

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You're a good person.

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No, man, that was to far.

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>making sanae and suwako moan
>too far
It would've been too far if he let a bunch of other guys fuck her. He didn't.

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I mean the whole "mindbreak -> miraculous recovery! -> mindbreak" thing. One break is bad enough.

>Their night never broke into morning...
Yeah fucking right, see you in Sanae Rape Chapter 3.

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I wouldn't fuck any of them, even if I was given the chance. I wouldn't want to betray my waifu.

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fucking beta

I'm perfectly ok with mind break (well most. That one with Ran having a baby is still wrong.) Scat and goro is where the line is crossed.

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I dunno, man. Isn't she still mad about the whole orc rape thing?

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All of them.

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nigger you must be tripping for real

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You're making it sound like that's a bad thing.

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All of them except for one of the Oni

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It was, is, and will be.

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well that's like, you being a fag, man.

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Wait, that's bad? Are you a faggot? Sounds like it.

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When I open a doujin with a Touhou on the cover, I expect to fap to that Touhou, not some mindless, cock-craving slut in that Touhou's body.
Mind break is the absolute worst fetish. I'll take guro, I'll take rape, I'll take futa, I'll take Patchouli transforming into a table, just keep the mind break away.

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Whatever, the reason that doujin is bad is the art, not the subject matter anyway.

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Wait.....Nym is that you?

>> No.6080139


No. Who's Nym?

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This. And I guess I'm one of those who don't find them attractive.

Cirno is someone I respect, same thing with Meiling. Somehow the though of Marisa being a lesbian is rather relaxing and I find Remilia to be too much of a badass smug motherfucker to want dick.

And with everyone else I just can't imagine it...though I do see Yuka with a great pair and all that.

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They fuck men.

>> No.6080222

He is a crazy guy with Asperger from THP.

>> No.6080234

Ugh I can never get used to that concept, even if it's not canon or some shit.

>> No.6080236

Oh. Right. Him.
I'm not sure if I should feel insulted or not.

>> No.6080237

Men fuck them, you mean.

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Mindbreak is a fetish directed straight at otaku because it does multiple things.

- Gives them control
- Demeans the woman
- Has the accomplishment of pleasing a woman

Its pretty much oriented towards the most sexually frustrated guys out there. Doesn't mean its not hot on occasion, like the second half of those Inaba Box doujins.

>> No.6080253

Something's wrong with you.

>> No.6080265

Meh, not sure...i'm just weird in that sense

>> No.6080266

But I moved from mindbreak to yuri... are you telling me that yuri makes me more sexually frustrated because I gave up on women already?

>> No.6080269

You're just plain pathetic.

>> No.6080275

Dude, you need to get outside more.

>> No.6080278

I'd like to argue that it doesn't please them, it destroys their mind and replaces it with something that's pleased with all the sex...but I won't. Starting a big debate over the morality of porn doujins would be silly.

>> No.6080292

You were so sexually frustrated, you just plain gave up. Survival of the Fittest showing itself.

>> No.6080296

I do I do...I just don't find Touhous attractive and such

>> No.6080301


>> No.6080309

Really? You don't think they're pretty(ZUN art excluded) or you just can't imagine them in sexual situations?

>> No.6080310

Well only Yuka...oddly enough...crazy bitches with green hair are something of a favorite. Even then I doubt I would do her.

>> No.6080311

The latter sadly

>> No.6080320

Ah that's not too bad, it's the same for me too (Although admittedly, I don't watch or read any lewd or H material).

>> No.6080330

I've read some H material but nothing from Touhou.

>> No.6080331

What the hell is wrong with you? Even Suwako that gave birth to a child?

>> No.6080340

That I can only accept sadly. In a way it is total bitching for such things, but hell...I guess i'm a fan of a odd type

>> No.6080345

Here's a tip.

Stop thinking of the Touhous as your daughters.

>> No.6080347

the phrase "puts them in their place" keeps running through my mind.

Well how is mind break any different from hypnosis, drugging, bondage, tentacles, and other control oriented stuff? I mean if you put it in absolutes there are 2 basic doujins:
- control oriented (be it mind break or femdom)
- wholesome mutual love (where is mah cuddling?)

>> No.6080352

Not in that way, it's more of a respect thing y'know. Then again it's not that bad, i've seen worse reactions to shit like this.

>> No.6080404

I think I understand, but I'm seeing two different doujins with two different goals.

One is lust based. This is the mindbreak and stuff area. Fatal Pulse's stuff is a classic example.

One is companionship or loved based. This is where the characters preserve their personalities are usually less hard core. Sort of reeks of "mai waifu is not a slut" though.

I mean how would you feel about this one? Its got all sorts of Touhous of all shapes and sizes getting fucked like crazy, but its under the pretense of them being willing and their eyes are not rolled into the back of their heads.

[Yuki Kagerou] Kamishirasawa Keine no Choukyou Tetsugaku

>> No.6080429

It's a traditional sex party. I can't agree with non-lust based doujins as being close to the personalities of the Touhous just because. Some lust based doujins still have the Touhous act like they do, only that they fuck around with other dudes.

>> No.6080455

so it really does just boil down to whether they are demeaned or not? I mean that's fine if it does, I'm just trying to isolate the core of this.

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Go away, Kaguya

>> No.6081312

None of the loli except Remi, none of the furry ones except Aya.

>> No.6081345

All of them except for 1.

>> No.6081392

Regardless of how fuckable I consider a Touhou to be I just can't seem to put myself into the situation where it's me with them. I occasionally fap to a few of them, but even then it doesn't matter that much which Tohuou it is, most of the time I don't see it all that different from fapping to original porn.

In my mind I don't really include the scenes we see in pornography as a way to perceive Gensoukyou, if that makes sense.

There's very few Touhou that I wouldn't fuck if I had the chance, as in, we're in a situation where the sex could happen and they obviously want it from me no ties attached. However the ones I would strive to have sex and establish a relationship with are very few.

To answer OP question more directly I would have to say that any characters that I think of to have a childlike mentality I probably wouldn't have sex with. Flandre, Cirno as well as few others. I don't hate loli, really, but it would feel weird having sex with someone mentally immature, maybe since I couldn't have imagined wanting to have sex with anyone when I was a kid.

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all of them

sex is disgusting

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any of these

>> No.6082081 [DELETED] 

woman detected

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>suspenders are like the single most unsexy piece of clothing on the planet

I disagree. Suspenders are one of the few things that can make large breasts good.

>> No.6082214

Does mindbreak actually occur or is it entirely fictional?

>> No.6082257

Yes. But probably not as it's portrayed in /h/ works.

>> No.6082294

I would this Rinnosuke

>> No.6082361



Cirno (mainly because of Dioxin's design of her)

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Not really mind break, but sometimes if you sex a woman hard enough she loses her senses (especially as most women are more sensitive after they cum.) I went camping with my gf one time and we were going at it pretty furiously. I took a bit more control than usual, which combined with it being dark as shit in the tent, disoriented the hell out of her. At one point she cried out "what are you doing to me?" which I later asked her about and confirmed. She was so overwhelmed that I could have done her in the ass and she'd have been ok with it.

Basically a woman can be overcome with horniness and lose her head, but they'll become sore and unhappy long before you can do some theoretical psych damage. So no, mind break is not practically possible without drugs and stuff.

Also suspenders are awesome

>> No.6082472


>I went camping with my gf one time and we were going at it pretty furiously

You're a brave man. I'd be worried about getting my dakimakura dirty if I took her camping.

>> No.6083871

I would fuck them all.

>> No.6083885

I wish I could find that one picture of Mokou where her suspenders are holding up her panties.