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Sup, /elona/?

So Ive started my first magic using character, got tons of books, slowly becoming good at magic. But I have a question, I checked the wiki, and couldnt really find my answer. What is the purpose of leveling up spells? Does it only increase success rate?

Also, general Elona thread.

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I think the level of your spells only dictates how often you will successfully cast, but leveling up relevant stats (such as will) can increase the strength of your spells.

Also, being a pure spellcaster might be kind of hard (not to mention expensive) until you get access to the mage guild's spell stocks, so try getting a good ranged weapon or something until then.

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Yes, it only increases success rate.

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Thats what I worked on first. I went with throwing (Fairy here, shurikans and panties are light and effective) while I stockpiled books, increased aptitudes and got my stats up.

But if spell level effects success only, thats good knowledge. I was under the impression it would increase damage so I was grinding magic dart to higher levels thinking it would get a lot stronger and still be a cheap cost. Ah well, thanks for the info.

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Start with magic dart at level 1. Look how much damage it does. Level it 5 times. See how much damage it does.

Level also affects the spell's effects.

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Are you sure it's because your spells are leveling up, or could it just be that your other stats are progressing as well? I was pretty sure spell level only changed your success rate.

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Not that person, but they may be right. At level 6, magic dart went from 2d11 to 2d12. The wiki shows that increasing your magic stat increases the number of dice, not the size of each dice.

The same thing happened with fire bolt at level 3.

Also, my magic didnt raise at the same time as either of those increases.

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Yes spell level affects its damages, etc.

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How useful are younger sisters as pets?

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They are horrible, I believe the putit is stronger than them.

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They are ok. Give them some good weapons and armors and they should do fine. I still prefer catsister because they are twice as fast. But suicidal ennemies will usually kill my catsister easily ;_;

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You can't play for shit then. They are above average pets. Not as overpowered as those 500+ speed pets, but still fine if you give her good equipment.

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What do you wish for?
"Scrolls of name!!!"
Four scrolls of minor teleport appear.

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lol, embarrassing.

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If I burn the Holy Well will it generate a replacement?

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Yes, but it won't refill like the other wells (cyber dome will be perma gone)

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Well, they're not above average at all. In fact, they're inferior to a little girl you can buy at the slave market in just about every respect. Whether or not they're usable as pets is entirely dependent on the equipment you can give them and your gene engineer skills.

Personally, I don't think they're worth the trouble. But, as with anything else in Elona, you're welcome to do whatever you like. At the very least, there's no harm in having one around, which is not something you can say about every pet.

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I thought it refilled by one point about once every in-game month...

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If you burn down the well in Palmia when they're dried out, it will replace those wells with new ones and you can get more drinks from those.

The holy well will get replaced, but will have the same amount of refills you had. You're right, in that it has a chance to refill by one every month.

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Oops, I messed up - got from

The Holy Well

The Holy Well is located in Noyel in the northeast corner near the church. The Holy Well is very different from every other well/fountain in the game, in that it has a far higher chance of giving positive effects (mostly stat potential increases) and wishes than any other well in the game. Attempting to refill the holy well by mixing it with any potion will "pollute" the well.

Once in awhile (every first of an even-numbered month), the Holy Well will refill itself with 1 charge/quaff.

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Scrolls of Minor Teleport guy here. I don't necessarily want to get more uses of the well (although I do), I just want to burn that fucker to the ground without affect the game negatively in the long term.

Sorta like if a genie fucks you up on your first wish you can use your second wish to set him on fire to put him back in line, but you only do that if you know the genie will still be able to grant a third wish when he's on fire.

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Burning the well has no negative effect on the gameplay other than resetting the well. You'll have to wait a gameplay year before the variable "alreadywished" decreases by 1. You just have a lower chance of getting a wish until next year.


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>Your God becomes indifferent to your gift.

Does this mean my favor is maxed out for my current faith level?

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I can't even conceive the mindboggling amount of hours one must have to put into this game to obtain items like that.

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Yes, you're going to need to train your faith more. Once you hit level 40, you don't really need to train it anymore unless you want higher god bonuses and not the items.

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I don't see how younger sister are hard to get.
It's not like little medals are that hard to find.
Younger catsister on the other hand cost a lot, but is well worth it. She can make a great fighter if you give her a 2-handed weapon and equip her with mostly rubynus armor.

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Jumped on to see pic related. Whats with people wasting wishes?

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Didn't read the wikia most likely.

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>I can't even conceive the mindboggling amount of hours one must have to put into this game to obtain items like that.
If your lucky enough to find a living weapon and some scrolls of name you can actually have an item like that in a (relatively) short time.

It also helps if you can make use of the Japanese artifact name chart.

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When I say 'not worth the trouble', I mean 'they are probably going to die over and over and are not worth paying the gold to revive them'. The dairies themselves are not hard to come by, even if you don't spend medals on them. I have at least 8 in my level 28's storage, and I've never bought one.

The younger catsister, however, can make a decent pet. Its base speed is pretty great, and its low life can be fixed if you're willing to prepare appropriate equipment.

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My younger sister has only died once, only my catsister died 2-3 times, usually killed off by those big bombs monsters. Of course the catsister is much stronger than the normal younger sister.
Any pet badly equiped will be crap either way.

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I played this game a lot like 6-8 months ago. I ragequit in the end due to incomprehensible deaths. Why are fire/ice-breathing monsters so powerful.

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I'm starting to play this. I'm gonna be a jack-of-all-trades (or at least master a bit of thieving, magiking and fighting) with a slight lean towards melee fighting. Am I doomed to failing?

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In Elona, you are pretty much doomed to failure no matter what.

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Failure is the name of the game in Elona. The goal is to fail progressively less and less. The main problem with going for magic early on is three things:

A) Enemies will tear you to shreds, because your equipment has to be Light Armor in order to avoid large casting chance decreases. This usually means your armor will be low in DV/PV which = dying.

B) Spellbooks that you can actually use and learn from are rare. After you run out of your main spell, likely Magic Arrow, you're boned.

C) None of the early enemies really need magic to be defeated. This makes it undesired early game, and training it takes a while so it's hard to make effective late game too.

My suggestion is to stick with melee/ranged combat. You can sub magic as a utility thing, like Make Door/Wall spells, but save heavy magic for incarnated adventurers.

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So I've done a bit of playing and now have 56 small medals saved up. Whats the best thing to spend them on early on?

Also, do you guys really manage go through this without savescumming at all? I don't mind dying so much, but when I get hit by acid/fire and like 4 of my things burn up I just quit.

Lastly, a total of +######## experience loss = amusing. I will never reach level 10!

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I spend more time savescumming than I do playing.

On the plus side, lugging around 50 Cure Corruption potions without some ice hound breaking them is cool.

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I am having problems with karma. I've checked the wiki on how you lose/gain karma. I just do jobs to prevent it from becoming -30. But somehow it still decreases in time. I rarely come across suitcases and wallets and I surely don't hit cats. Not paying bills on time is one cause of losing karma so I make sure I do pay.

I had +8 karma before grinding in Puppy cave and after 10 runs I see my karma go down to 4. What other creatures other than cats shouldn't I kill? Its really bothersome

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when a window pops up giving you teh option to loot an adventurers corpse, looting it takes away karma (while burying gives karma). maybe thats it? Also, I think killing cats is fine. Just don't eat them.

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Save scumming and cheating/using debug races takes all of the fun out for me, so I haven't done it. Yes, it can be a little irritating when bad things happen, like when you lose a living weapon permanently when you drop it on death, but learning from your mistakes is also important. Also, a game without risk isn't very interesting.

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Hey guys, I saw in some moongate house that it had stairs, and I just wondered, how do you get those? You, like, pickpocket stairs off of somewhere? Are they being sold somewhere? I swear, I've never seen one being sold, ever.

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They are sold at the Jure festival which is only available in betas after 1.16.

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You can buy them in Noyel during the Jure festival. There are merchants that sell them in booths, and they usually sell quite a few. Be warned though; you'll need both an upstairs and a downstairs, or you run the risk of getting trapped, with death or scrolls being your only escape. Both the upstairs and downstairs usually cost about 170k, as well, so make sure you have enough gold for when it rolls around.

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Thanks, mates.

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Games designed to make you lose aren't worth grinding.

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I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at?..

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>don't mind dying so much, but when I get hit by acid/fire and like 4 of my things burn up I just quit.
Any equipment that's not acid/fire immune is not worth equiping in the first place.
Even really excellent equipment should be kept safe in your house until you can make it immune.

This is less the case with pets because most of what they have will be second hand shit anyways.

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>I had +8 karma before grinding in Puppy cave and after 10 runs I see my karma go down to 4. What other creatures other than cats shouldn't I kill? Its really bothersome
I think this really goes without saying, but never kill friendly creatures. Early on this will include fallen soldiers, most cats, little girls, punks, horses, and rarely other monsters.

Basicly, just don't kill anything not hostile.

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>fallen soldiers, most cats, little girls, punks, horses

Not that person, but I always kill everything mentioned here and never got a karma hit. I ate everything, too, except for the cats.

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>fallen soldiers, most cats, little girls, punks, horses
You can kill any of those and not worry about a karma loss. You can also kill beggars in cities too.

It'd make more sense for you to lose karma for killing random friendly NPCs, but apparently there are a lot of them that you can kill without a penalty to karma.

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Or get your fire resist to Superb.

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I got the problem. I was always looting dead adventurers without even looking at the dialog box. Thanks though

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That's different though. For that event, if you loot the corpse, you lose karma, and if you bury it, you gain karma. But with those NPCs that were listed in the previous post, you never lose karma for killing them. I think it's okay to kill bards though, and they have a (slim) chance of dropping a really good instrument for performing too.

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You would be right. Kill all the bards you want.

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Does anyone have a list to that Japanese list of the living artifact name::potential attributes?

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if you can tell me how to use the prediction chart it'd be much appreciated.

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Lets talk about black cat avatars.

I just got mine, and I was reading on the wiki that you could abuse his godly dropped equipment licking ability by giving things to NPCs and letting your cat kill them.

What would be the best way to do this and not destroy my karma? Im not the richest yet and I would like to keep my 40 karma for tax purposes.

Also, if something gets licked, can it still be changed by scrolls of inferior / change material?

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Gamble of a lifetime. 23% chance to cast. 86 max mp. Casting on a bell.

Goddamn, I love this game right now.

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Give the gear as gifts to NPCs that don't result in a loss of karma when killed, i.e. punks, fallen soldiers, beggars, bards, and that one named girl NPC in Yowyn (she respawns every so often).

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As a bit of warning, don't give them anything that isn't precious if you want to see it again. Precious gear will always drop, but otherwise it's just a roll of the dice. You can also, instead of giving them, do the 'I want it!' quests, trade them your precious item, and then kill them to take it back.

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Punks and beggers so far have refused my gifts.

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Oh ho! And will they always drop their entire inventory? Also, will I take karma hits on those kills?

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What about <Gwen> The Innocent in Yowyn?

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I never realized how much I suck at inventory management until this game. And right when I break down and shove everything in a storage I get mugged and suddenly need those 50 rods I just set down. The more I can carry the more shit I 'need'.

Random vent.

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Also refuses, sadly. I love killing her.

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One more question about my cat licking abuse. Ive come to terms with losing 6karma per item, Im ok with that. I need to quest more plat coins anyways.

But, is there anyway to abuse this with stolen items? I cant trade them, and people dont accept gifts.

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More often than not, no, they won't drop their entire inventory. Precious stuff is the only thing you can be 100% sure will. You'll get anywhere from -2 to -4 Karma for killing them, depending on if the game counts your pets killing them for the karma hit upon death. If you have the secret treasure of the saint feat, it'll turn to -3 or -6.

I'm not even sure if you can get around this by making them attack you first, such as blowing a whistle until they attack you. Karma hits aside, it's probably the best method for abusing the black cat. But if that's a big deal for you, there's no easy solution.

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By selling it to a shopkeeper and buying it back. Depending on original worth of item this may be really expensive.

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Fantastic! Most of my items are stolen. Poor saps think my house is a nice place because I have alcohol waiting for them. And now they will be blessed by my wonderful god!

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Nevermind, the shopkeep wanted almost 1mil for my breastplate alone. I guess this will have to wait for when I get performer high enough to buy the world.

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damn i infested palmia with fire believers it took me about 2 hours to clean the city... now i infested vernis with mass monsters oh god and the fucking "Lets Ragnarok"

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What race is best for a gunner?

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Yerles is an obvious choice because it starts with Firearms. Really, though, you can pick any race, and just learn Firearms as your first skill, but I would definitely suggest Archer as your class. Why? Because it begins the game with Marksman, which is going to be a very vital skill if you're playing a gunner, and that one can only be learned at Fighters and Thieves Guild trainers. So, by the time you can actually learn it, you'll be at the level where you need it to be higher than level 1 to deal sufficient damage.

Yerles / Archer if you're looking to be extremely efficient.

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Isn't the random naming system awesome.

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Why yes, it is.

Problem, Battler?