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Straight line.

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You have made a shit thread.

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Brain, full of fuck, etc

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What would happen /jp/?

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This is my fetish

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Play Portal

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back to /b/ they already answered that dumb shit

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It's a straight line since it going between the two portals in (duhnduhnduhn) a straight line.
However, if without portals, one were to tie the ends of a single piece of rope it sould be a cricle, but the portals break the physical continuity of the rope and so it is not.

Now go back to /b/

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Isn't it obvious?
You will fall into one portal, and fly up the next one with the given force you fell with.
Then you will fall back with the remaining force, and fly up the first portal again.
Repeat until there's no force left, and you will float in the middle of the two.