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Mou ikkai iru yoo!

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Looks... pleasurable.

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i'll never know how it fells like to have my womb filled with semen...


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I love his works.

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Holy shit, that's a huge womb.

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How is nakadashi different from "the pleasure of being cummed inside?"

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I like the mountain

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N.B.: This is a silly porn thing, if you did this IRL you'd make her puke on your face, scream in pain and call the cops. Then she'd probably have to spend time in the hospital because having anything PUT INTO the uterus would be a great way to get a serious bacterial infection.

Semen goes ON the cervix, not in it, the sperms have to swim out of her vag to make you a dad.

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Is it arousing?
Why yes, it is!
The rest doesn't matter shit.

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...one is the act of and the other is the pleasure of

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Nonsense. I have read over a thousand h-manga and watched bible black backwards. I contest that you, sir, don't know what you're talking about. There is no greater pleasure than the pleasure of being cummed inside. Straight into the womb. With a fetus in it performing fellatio on you. While stuck to your mate like a mollusk.

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Holy shit, what next, are you going to tell me 2D girls don't really exist?

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Fuck you for killing one of my fetishes.

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>watched bible black backwards
someone post that 2x2 Shinobuden gif

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But you haven't played Hizashi no Naka no Real. They do it right.

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I wish I could cum inside a little girl

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Oh but you can..
Just go to Thailand, they have cheap prostitutes of all ages there.