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Why do some of you have a problem with refined ladies, /jp/?

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Disgusting. Youkai. SCUM.

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Filthy hags.

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Problems? What problems?

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No problems here, I believe women are like wine, wich gets finer with age. A good majority of /jp/ merely preffers grape juice.

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No problem with it, i love them.

You're a true gentlemen, i will talk like you someday, i swear !

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>i will talk like you someday, i swear !
you're already well on your way, son

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picture not related

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>gets finer with age

Enjoy your 80 year old women.

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> gentlemen
> gentleman
If you're going to fix, at least fix them all.

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More like I'll enjoy her pension money when she croaks. I'm talking about the yokai that are over a thousand years old yet still manage to look under 30.

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Refined? One is so lazy she sleeps for centuries and the other is the biggest glutton in existence.

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Mature sexy women are the best.

Benjamin Franklin agreed. Don't bother us about it.

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