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So I come online and see the first page is full of porn, cosplay and walfas and not a single Touhou related thread.

Chen thread

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Well, the Walfas macro with the drinking topic could be considered Touhou-related.

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that trap has Tewi written all over it

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moar Chen?

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This video somehow give me hope that things will get better.

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Honestly, made me tear up, today will be a good day!

I ought to save it for later motivation.

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How does it feel to be not only a shikigami, but a shikigami's shikigami?

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fun, of course!

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I really want to get rid of some of that green.

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I really want to get rid of some of that blue.

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The blue is just light. All that untouched wilderness... I want to crush it!

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Dun touch it, you filthy land-rapist!

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Look at those kanji! The bitch is asking for it!

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Am I just looking at the wrong artists, or does Chen get more landscape and outside pictures than other Touhous?

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well she *is* a cat, thats kinda their thing

that said, I wouldn't know, but a pretty decent portion of my pic collection has her in outside settings. (part of that due to my having that whole "Yakumo's at The End of The World" picture series)

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I guess. I'd like to see other Touhous outside more often though. Some of them almost never get out.

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I've seen them in outside settings plenty, even one with Patchouli in this sort of woods library, an awesome pic.

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Not often enough for my tastes. That is a nice pic though

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Guess your choice is to look for and collect, I still do recomment the Yakumos at The End of The World series

http://danbooru.donmai.us/pool/show/2015 pool of that.

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Oh god this guy is one of my favorite artists.

Theres definitely not enough landscapes.

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Yeah, I really like this artist's using the settings as if all humans had just vanished near a century before.

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I remember reading in a scientific magazine that if humanity, for some reason, was to be wiped out, it would take nature nearly 50 years to reclaim the cities back, and 100 to utterly destroy them.

Unless we turned the earth into an smoldering desert, that is.

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Yup, generous estimates would put wiping out near all traces within 800 years, past that, large stone structures like mount Rushmore and similar, would be about what's left.

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Even then, i'm sure it wouldn't be long before the winds and the sand erode away what still stood.

I think there was a show on discovery about this or something.

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twas called "Life after People"

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If I had a lot of money, I'd make it my goal in life to make the most impregnable fortress nature will ever face.

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No such thing. Nothing stops nature.

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Doesn't seem too hard to stop nature. Just keep away from as many forces capable of changing it as possible, and accomodate the rest into the design.

If all else fails, wait a century or two and we'll be capable of blowing up the Sun.

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You forget that Mother Nature is a temperamental and unforgiving bitch, and she always gets the last laugh.

And why would you want to blow up the Sun, Montgomery Burns?

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Why wouldn't I want to blow up the Sun? I can't think of a compelling reason not to.

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All life hangs in the balance. The Earth would become one cold rock after the Sun, in its death throes, blasts everything with searing flames and unholy ammounts of radiation.

And the probabilities of finding another planet fit for your Ape impulses is very, very small.

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Not really. I'm pretty sure we've already found at least one other planet we could habitate, and we'll be finding more.

Getting there might be a bit difficult, but I'm sure we'll manage.

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This is the only problem I have with you sci-fi geeks. You expect to find more garden planets like this one in a lifetime. It coult take centuries, and I'm sure you would not find any.

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Tools for searching are only going to get better. And, again, we've already found one. That was a few years ago.

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Of course that colonizing planets is something that requires centuries of work. I don't expect scientists to do this during my lifetime, so it's not really my concern. All I want them to do is open a portal to Gensokyo and turn me into a little girl with magical powers. I'm sure it's not that hard.

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By the time we get the ability to open a Gensokyo portal, I expect Touhou is going to be forgotten.

I'll settle for a 3D danmaku game. Sort of like laser tag, but with clouds of bullets and dodging. Preferably with Dennou Coil glasses so we could do it anywhere.

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I feel the same. I don't even want to be distinguished or anything, I could be a fairy or Stage 1 small fry for all I care.

I'd have a shitty ability like detection of vibration (kind of like Jurassic Park T. rex crossed with Star Sapphire's ability) that would let me run the fuck away when something big and stompy is coming, and I'd take it easy every day, all day. Life would be simple, I'd be able to play around in nature without having to interact with people, gathering food from trees and living in some shack I built with other fairies.

If only ;_;

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Ummm... dude, everything worth worrying about in Gensokyo can fly. Your ability is worse than worthless.

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That would be awesome. I'd also settle for a technology enhancing lucid dreaming.

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I don't want to fuck with any tech that messes with dreaming. At least not until we know what the fuck is going on when we're dreaming.

Though if we're talking about messing with the brain, I'd prefer a way to project stuff we're imagining. That's the most obviously useful thing I can think of.

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What's the worst that could happen, someone aproaches you and offers you colored pills?

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What's the worst that could happen, someone approaches you and offers you colored pills?

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>project stuff we're imagining
That's more or less how lucid dreaming works. Supposedly it can be done by anyone, but requires years of training.

>I don't want to fuck with any tech that messes with dreaming
Medical understanding of human brain is better every year, so actually nothing is impossible. Still, I'm sure I'd be afraid to try anything like that out at first, since I like to believe that there is something more to dreams than electrical impulses.

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The worst? Death or being turned into a zombie, maybe? I don't fucking know. Though I assume they'd have already ironed bugs that severe out of it, so who knows.

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No, I don't mean lucid dreaming. I mean other people being able to see whatever picture I'm thinking of or hear the words I'm thinking or the music or whatever. Like, have it show up on a computer screen or speakers or something.

For style points, clearly the best thing would be a head-mounted projector/speaker.

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Oh, right. That would be awful, I wouldn't want anyone to see everything I'm thinking.

On the other hand, it would be fun to have something like a group dream in Paprika, together with other danmaku fans. More of a virtual reality lite, actually.

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You'd be able to turn it on and off, obviously. Eventually you're probably going to need a shield to prevent people reading your mind without your consent. Won't that be fun?

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Been studying cognitive psychology since dawn, so got nothing to add to anything involving the brain.
But have a Chen.

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ohgod ill take 5

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I am interested in what you studied. Please type some words about it sometime.

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Adult Chen is my favorite.

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Adult Chen is the worst.

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This is now an Orin thread.

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I liked Chen, until that "Cheeeeennnn" video popped up. Now I just hate her.

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Sup, "Now I just hate her." guy. Your trolling is not welcome here.

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>I liked [character], until that [meme involving character] popped up. Now I just hate her.
Reason /jp/ doesn't have as much Touhou as it used to have, and why we can't take it easy anymore.

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You responded to my comment. It is now.

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zomg lul wat a baka!!!999!!!!

I'm not that guy, but I can understand his feelings.

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Your love is weak if all it takes is a little meme to crush it.

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Worst pairing ever.

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Nice hyperbole.

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Your fanon shit made me hate Cirno as well.

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canon only
banana fingers
speaking in metaphor
final destination

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What's so bad?

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fixt link - http://eye.swfchan.com/flash.asp?id=82691&n=Touhou+-+Chen+Challenges+To+The+World's+Largest+Hill

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