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Uh oh! looks like remilia is losing her period this time!

This is why hime-sama should've wear a tampon!

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I vant to suck her blood

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Remilia normally uses a menstrual cup to capture the fluid for easy re-ingestion. As a result of her being tied up, she was not able to insert it, resulting in this.

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Well, she does have a septet for herself.

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nobody realizes what's actually happening to her..
why are you so slow /jp/?

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Girls with a physical body of 10 years get periods?

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Menstruation normally begins between ages 11 and 12, but sometimes starts as early as 9 years old.

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Some folks here really have the strangest fetishes.

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>those tears
Is this depth bomb's work?

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When did you become such a guro fan? Also MOAR