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Greetings from /a/.
I've a question for you /jp/. You all play VN right?
Which Key VN is your fav ?
>inb4 key is shit, gb2 /a/

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key is shit go back to gaia

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They are all shit.
Now get out.

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Also elaborate, don't want a HURR DURR Opinions thread.

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Not Kud Wafter.

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little busters

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Why must you announce "Greetings from /a/?"
I don't waltz in to class yelling "Greetings from Duncan Lane!"

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don't know. It's not a big deal, don't be so mad at me.

Well those kinds of threads are /a/'s speciality

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I heard Keyfags rlly hated LB. Do you know why? Iplayed LB a bit and I liked it.

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CLANNAD. It's not like enough Key VNs have been translated to really provide an informed opinion at this point.

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well, keyfags are faggots

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you must really like KEY then

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FSN - All the heroines are sluts!
Tsukihime - Twilight lite
Umineko - Newfags first Sound Novel.
PW - FSN ripoff.
ignanock - furry disney shit
Saya no Uta - I LOVE KILLER LOLI gimmick is lame
Kazoku Keikaku - "The powerlevel is over 9000", CENSORSHIP
Phantom - DVD FORMAT
Sharin no Kuni - Overrated and pretentious shit hurr durr I purposely act as if I hurt my legs, I smoke drugs NO I DONT just trolling
Kikokugai - Kill Bill the VN
Ever17 - Archimedes and physics class
Cross Channel - pantsu jokes everywhere
YMK - hipster drug is so cool vn
Swan Song - autism the vn
kira kira - k-on the vn
wanko - furry shit
Muramasa - Mecha shit 1
3days - Higurashi meets Naruto
11eyes - lol Bleach lol slut
Baldr Sky - Mecha shit 2
Kanon - uguu retard moe? more like autism
Air - gao retard moe? fucking autism again
Planetarian - chobits the vn
Clannad - lol lets collect dragonballs and revive my waifu
Stein's;Gate - pretentious sci-fi mumbojumbo shit
Sharnoth - copypasta shit is copypasta is copypasta
YU-NO - shit art
Sumaga - meta shit with shit protagonist
Big Bang Age - micromanagement shit
Sengoku Rance - rape everything shit
Gadget Trial - shit is too long
Galaxy Angel - shit is too easy
Shuffle - generic harem shit
Muv Luv - lacross and cooking shit
Narcissu - pro suicide campaigning

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Key is like the trolling playground of /jp/.

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My favorite VN is Little Busters

But AngelBeats is my favorite Key story in general

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Hey guys, what's your favorite KEY VN? BUT NO OPINIONS!

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My favorite Key story is all of them.
Because they're all the same

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>But AngelBeats is my favorite Key story in general

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Clannad. Also happens to be my favorite VN.

Now go back to /a/.

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Quality post anon

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It's a quality thread, after all.

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damn, VNs must be the shittiest medium out there

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One can do this with just about anything.

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Only decent KEY VN is planetarian.
Now go back to /a/.

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