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Everyone who's actually been to Japan on /jp/ get the fuck in here.

Stories welcome.

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It was so hot I nearly killed myself.

Stories about anything in particular?

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I fought Godzilla, fucked seventeen girls, and sang in a boy band.

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I met a girl in Japan
She wanted to fuck
but not with me

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>implying anyone here as actually left their house

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Fuck you got me

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I left my house tonight.

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Where did you go?

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I've only been to their airports. This one time I stood, drooling, looking at the sheer number of japanese schoolgirls that I'm going to be sharing the plane back home with. I get in the plane and they stick me with an elderly couple with halitosis.

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studying in japan now.
go to akihabara to see if it is as wack as people say.
no avalanche of otaku culture as i exit station, disappoint.
walk by pachinko parlor.
guy walks up and gives me nametag with 酒豪 as present, asks for picture.
everyone laughs at the stupid foreigner.

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Went to a massage place with a friend, we were able to talk the girls there down from 10,000 yen to 3,000 for their 'special' full package massage. It was entirely worth it. One spoke really broken English too, pretty entertaining.

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>mfw 豪 can mean Australia.

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I went to the secret /jp/ meetup.

Actually I just got Chinese food.

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Went there last year. Missed C77. Feels bad man. Went to akihabara, most of it was fairly expensive. Ate lots of local food. General touristy shit.

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Was almost mugged. Took out my shiny flash drive and pretended it was a pocket knife. Success.

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I visited some family out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. Then went home. Oh, and my cousin is hot.

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Went there to study for 2 years. Became a hikikomori and dropped from college. Ended up leaving Japan after 6 months.

Best 6 months of my life. ;_;

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Japan is way overrated. I spent 3 years in Yokosuka and it fucking sucked. They complain about aircraft noise and other such nonsense and want us to leave.

Too fucking bad. They started a war and lost it, they can live with the shame for another 6 decades.

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Stayed for 6 weeks in Saijo city. Got some awesome shit.

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Friend's friend ate crepe very slowly, spilling cream on her crotch then wiping it up and licking it. I did not take the hint. Also I was sold a broken DS Lite which worked until I left the country when it was no longer under warranty.

Also take note of posters in large buildings in Akihabara, when I last went the higher I climbed the stairs, the less clothes said posters were wearing. I thought that was pretty interesting.

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Did the YFU program back in high school and went to a rinky-dink town in Tohoku called Mizusawa-shi. Best thing I've ever done. Amazing immersion.
In 2008, I worked with the American production group behind the Star Wars Celebration: Japan that was in Chiba that summer. Also took care of the VIPs there, including Mike Edmonds, who played the head Ewok shaman and Jabba's tail. It's an amazing feeling sharing a night of beer with a 64-year-old British fellow who is barely taller than your waist. Really nice and funny guy.
Just graduated college now, and I'm trying to get work in Japan that doesn't involve those shady eikaiwas.
Still got stories out the wah-zoo from my trips there. So much fun.

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Oh god till you get to the top and there's a poster of a chick covered entirely in shit.

I always say 'Get shit on' when I play FPS games and such, but I've never actually thought about it until I saw that poster, now it's not so cool.

Also, the junior idols in swimsuit videos are in the basement from what I noticed.

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I'm a college student in Tokyo. It's pretty cool. Got here late March. Went to C78, met some /jp/ers. My eventual plan is to sell a game at Comiket, maybe C80. It's definitely easy to meet your otaku needs here, and if you can pretend you're a normalfag Japanese people are pretty chill to you.

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Back in June I got to go to Japan for two weeks with my teacher and some kids from the various Japanese classes. I got to do a homestay in Tokyo for a week and would go to Sakuragaoka with the son. It was a lot of fun hanging out with the students, and it wasn't too hard to get by because my Japanese is actually getting pretty decent. After that week, we went to Kyoto for a few days, stayed in a temple, and visited a bunch of others. The rest of the week was spent visiting places like Nara, Hiroshima, Akihabara, etc.

Shit was pretty cash. Probably going to do a semester or two there for college. :)

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page ereven?

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I went for a language exchange program where we taught english at a university in Fukuoka. The trip was excellent, probably some of the best three weeks of my life, but not because I was in Japan. It was because I made some cool new friends both within my team and at the university.

The highlight of the trip was probably me letting loose "La Divina Tragedia" during a karaoke outing some of the girls took us on. That was pretty much the only weaboo song I sang. I only sang english songs otherwise, and eventually started taking requests because the girls I was with thought I sang really well. Apparently, the backstreet boys are still big out there or something.

The worst thing of all was the fucking humidity. Oh, and the lack of trash cans. There were no trash cans anywhere. Not to mention, I did get homesick for america a few times, but I just would head outside the hotel and run into mcdonalds. Problem solved. Mcdonalds should be a goddamn US embassy.

tl;dr Japan is fun, but go with friends or with school.

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so Yamato-damashii

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Blew money in Akihabara. Felt good man, until I got back and had to pay off my cards.

Going back soon.

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