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Let's have a fun thread where we discuss fun /jp/-related things and have a generally sweet happy fun time.

Don't want to have fun? Then you don't belong on this thread, sorry.

Okay, let's start:

Isn't Touhou simply awesome? I love playing it between my studies. It really relieves stress. It also greatly improves my reflexes. I love Touhou.

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Reported for trying to having fun.

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Mitori-chan is fun!

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I love having "fun."

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Everything Touhou is fun! I love pretty much every corner, be it games, doujins, fan artworks, music, and even fans! The very spirit of dedication of creativity by the fandom lights my fire. I'm pretty much kind and respectful to all Touhou fan community, even those I don't attend to, which is most of them. I dislike having to pretend to study between my Touhou sessions, as it provides unnecessary irritation, though not necessarily stress. I love sus-I mean Touhou!

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I have to agree Touhou is a great game.
But it's difficult to keep your motivation up after failing the same stage over and over again.

The fandom is impressive too.
Just look at all awesome stuff we do!
Oh well I hate myself for masturbating to touhou porn but I guess there is no helping it

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That was so great it made me tear up i knew i liked you for a reason.

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Touhou relieves stress? Really? Because for me, Touhou is one of the most stressful and frustrating games ever. Well, I suppose it's different for every person.

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What a horrid thread. You should all feel ashamed for projecting fake cheerfulness.

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>Lily's Boyfriend !0e.VYU22HM

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Mokou you are very excited!
I was playing Tasofro's new Marisa game during a free period at school on Friday and a friend helped me beat Okuu, I was very grateful.

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I know! I'm so glad Touhou has the fandom it has, it really magnifies the whole experience and makes me proud to be a Touhou fan.

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Why hate yourself for that? If it's just prudery, ok, but please don't just accept society's view that you should only like 3D sex. Be proud of your love for your 2D waifus!

I would rather date a girl that schlicks to yaoi than someone obsessed with being popular and dismissing of 2D loves.

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>free period at school
Get the FUCK out of /jp/.

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Leave Alice friend alone.

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Why are you being so hostile? I'm graduating in like, a month or two.

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Reported for /e/ content.

Reported for underage.

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I just don't like this horrible urge to fap everyday.
It's like I'm being addicted to it.
Also I think I couldn't fap to 3D I'd feel bad for using that person.

2D feels bad too but at least I know that it's only imaginary

TL;DR yes I'm prude

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>Graduating this year

Um, sorry to disappoint but I was 18 in May.

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>Reported for /e/ content.
Silly anon

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Reported for thinking anyone would believe that.

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Good lord, I wake up to find this board full of faggotry.

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/jp/ - Pooshlmer/Gaia

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you are part of the problem "Quality Control" White Ren(s) is better than you and that's not saying much.

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I just became super player yesterday.
I came to Marisa with 608 % and stayed at 695-710% during most of the battle, got killed by bullets spawning inside me in her blazing star attack (such a dick), and even though I got to the last spellcard with over 400%, I cleared it with 0% left.
I don't have any motivation to play the game again any time soon.

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The Yakumos are eating popsicles.

Sharing summertime frozen treats with your friends is fun and refreshing!

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At least he is not a gaia-level poster like you guys.

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Yeah, I'm playing that too right now! I am very excited! One of the awesome things about Touhou is that there's constantly new content, whereas for most anime/manga/games it just has its run and some fandoms, but very little in terms of new content so the fans have little to do other than constant flame wars and reminiscing. Comikets are some of the most exciting times of the year, and I wish to one day go there and produce something good for it too!

It's funny that Touhou gets me to play parodies/tributes to classic games I never played, as previously I was known to dislike Mario games intensely. Seems like it was just that I just didn't like beards.

Though I still suck at platforming. In fact, gravity is one of my worst enemies in all sorts of games, and the lack of gravity in Touhou was one of the reasons I liked it so much in the first place!
I epic fail at this and other platforming games, but I still really enjoy it!

Well, 2D feels great for me, but I guess each to their own. Closest you're getting to Gensokyo! I also highly respect the artists who put the effort into drawing good doujins, even though only a limited number of copies will be sold and most will be pirated. I wish to be one too someday, just out of love!

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Ha being an asshole is far worse than being a "gaia-level" poster.

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I'm not going to discuss with you. The mitori fan poster is one of the worst retards around here.

I cry after seeing that a janitor is not deleting this horrible thread. I should go to easymodo and see the older threads to remember when this place was more decent.

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Good night guys, have a nice day.

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Then why don't you go back to Gaia?

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Fairy Wars is pretty hard. I'm not totally sold on the new mechanics though, especially when the only items to collect are points. But at the same time, level-up system, and ego instead of life, is kinda cool.

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Good night, take it easy!

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Wow, boobs.

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You assume i'm from Gaia which i'm not but i really don't see what wrong with them.
>The mitori fan poster is one of the worst retards around here.

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stop posting you stupid fuck. If your posts are being deleted that means they shouldn't be here.

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*blink* You _are_ retarded.

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back to the fun.Who is your favorite final boss.

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She's not. Because she doesn't exist. sad But I kinda like Sikieiki, and her obsession with faults.

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I consider far more harmful to the board this hostility you show instead of some guys actually enjoying themselves.
Look at us, embittered from trying to keep everyone out. We only destroyed ourselves while part of what we could consider our fellow /jp/ anonymous systematically spam us day in and day out just for kicks.

There are far worse things than this thread. It's up to us if we can enjoy the few things that remain before this whole place implodes.

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My favorite as a character is Byakuren. Gameplay-wise, I probably like Kanako and Okuu the best. Music-wise, Border of Life is my favorite. I immediately like the final boss music for games 6-8, whereas the later ones were acquired tastes for me, though I also came to like them very much.

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Ah, it's not like most Touhou games give you anything interesting to collect anyway. Item which increases your score, item which increases your score in another way, power. You still pick up power in this one, just you collect it in a different way, and you don't max it out and forget about it by the end of stage 2. Much better like this, if you ask me.

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I have never loved any OP this much. This kind of thread was needed. Touhou is a great stress reliever. Feels just good to play it eeerrry time. I makes me so exited at times that im screaming alone in my apt if i get a new high score.

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take it easy threads are welcome
/jp/ need to calm down

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We should ask moot to change the board name to /jp/ - Pooshlmer / Shrinemaiden General

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Why do I see Reisen saying "When I HERP I DERP" in this one?

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I imagine Reisen yukkuri saying something like "Guerra! Guerra!" (War! War!).

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The good thing is it allows you to focus more on dodging and freezing stuff. But I do enjoy the risk of item collection, like the previous games, especially when it was needed to get extra lives.

The new bomb mechanic is fine though. Having lives giving out "lives" was too easy, as was having it tied to your power meter.

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Horrible, horrible thread.
The janitor is getting worse at his job by the day.

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This whole thread is reported.
Every single one of you.

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yea fucking faggot deleting whining and shitposting
/jp/ should be /b/ with animes

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No, but he should have deleted this shitty thread.
Besides, it was an obvious troll thread.

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bumping a good thread

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>people having fun on /jp/

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Oh wow this thread is still alive. Thanks for making me feel warm and fuzzy inside /jp/!

Out of all of them I'd have to say Yuyuko, as I loved her theme, clothing, and the fight itself.
On the other hand, I'm not quite fond of a certain tree whose name I shan't be mentioning.

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I once no-deathed stage 7 in Hellsinker on the highest rank mode with the most fragile character. Too bad that was before I figured out the best way to harvest the masters for hearts, so I could have gotten A LOT more spirits. It also seems like you can get the knights before the boss to drop hearts, so I could get EVEN MORE spirits if I figure out how to harvest them.

25 hearts gives you 1 extra life, and getting an extra life when you already have max lives gives you a spirit bonus that increases every consecutive life.

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I like mahjong, I think mahjong is fun. It's a shame 7447 is almost always empty nowadays.

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This thread is still up?Cool.

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And the people that still play generally only play fast 3P and are complete bullshit and the opposite of beginner friendly.

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Touhou is good, Touhou fandom is fucktarded

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People are actually being optimistic in this thread. 40 posts of people. On /jp/. I'm... a little disappointed.

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I love Touhou and everything about it, even the fandom!!!
Since when I started playing PCB I couldn't get out of it, there's just so much to do and so many likable characters!

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