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Meanwhile at Eientei.

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my lucky carrot is superior if you know what i mean.

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you lost me.

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I'd SO play strip mahjong with Tewi.

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The tiles have unusually sharp edges

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Tei is not pleased with your peeking

I'd have to say that Tei is the only Touhou I have the most trouble resisting the sexualization of...and thats saying a lot

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>>Implying Tewi ever cooks

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tewi thread

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Meanwhile at Eientei.

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Meanwhile at Eientei

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That just means you have a normal, healthy sex drive. A lithe little rabbit girl with a subtle fanon undertone of "reproducing" as often as rabbits do should make you want to boink her.

Canonically, though, she'd probably be more likely to just run away than tease you to the brink of madness with her barely contained sexuality.

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Meanwhile at Eirin's workshop...

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Meanwhile in the bamboo forest.

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I came

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Meanwhile at Eientei.

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Playing hard to get would probably make me even more attracted

You aren't helping ;_;

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Inaba love~

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Imagine for a moment the level of Eirin's loyalty and devotion to Kaguya and why that might be. Let's be honest here, she's superior to Kaguya in almost every way that counts, the only thing Kaguya has is her immortal beauty and even that is arguable depending on tastes.

So imagine that you've got this extremely successful, intelligent woman capable of doing anything she wants for her advanced civilization of moon people and she devotes all of it to her devoted love of their princess, someone she then makes immortal to the point nothing will ever kill her.

Now imagine trying to get in the way of that.

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Never get between a hag and their love.

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I just find it hard to imagine someone with as many options as Eirin potentially had as pretty much the most useful person in the Lunarian society investing so heavily in a girl without some kind of deep attachment behind it.

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Eirin's just a bitch. It's that simple. You cannot explain the actions of a bitch as powerful and intelligent as her with human reasoning.

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That said, it's been a long time and their relationship doesn't exactly look like Kaguya has any interest, so the notion some arts give that Eirin will settle for making her princess happy through any means, even by encouraging her hate/hate relationship with the only other immortal girl, seems fitting.

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true, she is supposed to be intelligent beyond human comprehension. Hell, if I remember correctly she's meant to reference a Japanese god in that respect as part of her character design. However, Eirin isn't exactly like Yukari in how she's intelligent. Eirin's reasoning usually seems pretty straight forward but uses complicated methods. She doesn't act like a schemer with a master plan, she seems to just do everything in her power to protect her princess and keep her happy.

So for someone with the power and intellect of Eirin with a interest in experimentation, it's hard to imagine she'd give up a position of vastly superior equipment and support on the moon without a solid reason. That and like I said, Eirin doesn't seem complicated herself like other supposedly intelligent characters, she's more the high knowledge kind of intelligence that can build or make anything she wants with local materials then a scheming twisted thinker of alien logic.

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Ah yes, this comic.

The author was a master troll

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Meanwhile at Eientei.

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Coincidence? I think not.

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Tewi x Tei shitstorm... Don't start one.

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Why is she angry? I thought she loves to put out.

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い ≠ ゐ

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Maybe she's not in the mood right now

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>Hell, if I remember correctly she's meant to reference a Japanese god in that respect as part of her character design.

Yagokoro Omoikane, the bumbling fool who couldn't think of a method to get Amaterasu out of a fucking cave. The matter was solved when Ame-no-Uzume, one of the two competent people in Takamagahara (the other being Susanoo, who caused this mess in the first place by throwing a flayed horse at Amaterasu for laughs and was in exile then) decided to dance naked in front of everyone, and the male deities caused such a ruckus that Amaterasu came out of the cave to see what's going on.

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Actually it is.
There is no difference, really.

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So what are some good strip mahjong games? The Haruhi one was pretty decent, and theres a four player touho one that's not terrible.

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I always imagined that the reason she is so loyal to Kaguya is simple guilt. Eirin is, after all, largely responsible for Kaguya's condition and subsequent expulsion from the moon, is she not?

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Eirin is proof that science used with magic = big thread to Yukari

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There's plenty of arcade ones. No outright adult content though. They focus more the "strip" part instead of the "win game, have sex, next game" flow most modern PC ones have.

Directory: http://maws.mameworld.info/maws/
Go to category and set it to Tabletop/Mahjong *adult* and have fun.

The best imo:
The Super Real Mahjong series (obiouvsly)
JanJan paradise 1 and 2
Mahjong Hyper Reaction 1 and 2
Mahjong Doukyuusei + Special
Taisen Mahjong FinalRomance Series
VS Mahjong Otome Ryouran
Lovely Pop Mahjong 1 and 2

All those have pretty good graphics/animation.

If you don't mind more emulation fun, PC-98 has some good stuff too.