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Does anyone seriously like this bitch?

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I'd fuck her. I'd fuck the shit out of her, but I don't like her.

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Honestly, so would I. It's the hime cut.

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hime cut
fuck hart

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y not

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I like Kaguya better than Moko-tan because of how sweet she is in inaba.(I hate NEET kaguya though.)

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I like her.
Please don't call her a bitch. It's rude.

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Well, she is obviously better than you, at least.

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She's dumb in Inaba. Like really dumb.

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I wish Kaguya was my bitch.

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Worst Touhou ever. I never liked any of the moon bitches, Kaguya especially.

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Not dumb, carefree~

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Someone post Beard-Kaguya.

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But would you engage in hatesex with her?

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Why yes.
Yes I do.

She is the most beautiful and refined Touhou after all.

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>most beautiful and refined

What about Perfect Elegant Maid Sakuya?

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Eh, I guess.

If only to horribly rape her, thus break her mind and destroy her.

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I like all of the lunarians and she is my favorite touhou.

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Bra padder.

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Why would you want to do such a thing?

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Worst final boss in all categories.

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You see this?
Nothing more than a lowly servant.

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This thread is begging for some tsundere Moko-tan.

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Cause I hate her.

I hate her so much.

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But why?

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Hate sex is best sex.

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I want to run my fingers through her silk like hair, kiss, caress and smell it. Then i would go and lick her feet, long licks from the toes up to the tights. Plus the inner tights too. A long and passionate kiss, lying her on her back slowly undressing her and go over to lick her all over the body. And so on.

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>kiss her right after licking her feet


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i'm not a loser who hates people like /jp/

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Why would we not like her, she is what /jp/ wants to be.

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I agree she has a nice haircut.

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...I'm not even sure how you're supposed to initiate hate sex, or how you're supposed to act afterward. I mean, wouldn't you want to cuddle her just after fucking her mercilessly?

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You will fuck her so senselessly you can maliciously cuddle on her unconscious body afterwards.

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the particulars of hate sex make it totally unrealistic IRL but it goes something like this:

God, Kaguya, you are such a fucking bitch!
(arguement ensues)
You pin her against the wall in a fit of rage
you look deep into each others eyes and your animal lust takes over
you make out/ bite each others lips and whatnot
cue vigorous, angry fucking
dirty talk and call her a slut, curse her out, pull her hair
cum in her ass and then leave promptly

No, you don't cuddle after hatesex. You smoke a cigarette or something and leave.

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buffy and spike have hate sex in one of the later seasons of buffy the vampire slayer so you might like to refer to that show if you can stand it.

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I don't hate her at all, even NEET Kaguya is amusing.

The only Touhous I actually actively dislike are Medicine Melancholy (because she's really frustrating to play against late in PoFV) and Koishi (because she's boring).

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Eirin likes her enough to be trapped by her immortal beauty. That's enough.

How does it feel Eirin fans? She is eternally obsessed with keeping her Princess happy and beautiful. There is nothing she wouldn't do for her and Kaguya can't help but capture the hearts of men and women alike with her unnatural beauty.

She caught the heart of the most useful person in Lunar society. Now she can relax forever and get bored with everything bit by bit, ignoring the silly politics of the Lunar capitol.

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i love kaguya and mokou as a couple

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I hate her. She's a spoiled brat who got immortality because she asked for it, then she essentially evaded any real punishment after her exile because Eirin - someone who's well above her in every category - felt sorry for her. She lives comfortably, doesn't even do anything, and, what? She's supposed to be beautiful? Coming from a guy who's driven wild with dark- or black-haired women, Touhous included, Kaguya does nothing for me. There's nothing likeable, nothing reedemable about her, period. She right down there with Marisa as my least favorite Touhou.

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You just hate her because she can kill Yukari. Discuss.

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Yukari manipulates the border of immortality, kills her in an instant
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Kaguya herself is a alright character, oddly where Chado is usually pretty off the mark with most characters he interprets, his Kaguya is pretty fucking awesome.

A immortal girl bored of life now finding petty, spite means to amuse herself and has now locked her sights on a girl who for once isn't captured by her striking beauty, a girl who hates her with every fibre of her being, a chaotic element that'll provide endless amusement.

It has a nice ring to it. Crazy bitch Kaguya is the best most interesting Kaguya, even if it's not exactly accurate and she's really just kind of a bitch (like the rest).

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Immortality has no border. Discuss.
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Yukari's ability has already been shown to have limits, limits that require pretty precise rare opportunities to do the most power things, kind of like you would expect from manipulating boundaries that keep the world together really.

Where as Kaguya's immortality has been shown to be complete. She cannot die and will require some extremely exotic round about method to undo it. After that her actual power over eternity is debatable, it's vague and mostly lets her do weird time manipulation bullshit like Sakuya only slightly differently tuned towards stretching or squashing time as she sees fit.

It's a pointless debate. Kaguya can't die, kind of like a fairy but more so. Though it doesn't mean she can't get tired of constantly trying and getting her ass kicked, imagine she has a motivation bar like Cirno and see how long it takes to get bored and play some WoW or something.

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What are some good Kaguya doujins that avoid LOL LOL NEET SO RANDUM XD shit?

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there are a few, I think even Visonez's doujin about Imperishable Night takes her seriously, but I've not got the names to heart.

Basically, if it's not a comedy focused doujin, it'll give Kaguya her usual background rather then her NEET background.

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This seems really interesting, what doujin is that?

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Kaguya is love

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I like her because her Inaba of the Earth and Inaba of the Moon counterpart aswell as Malice Team's ending in IN reminds me of Konoka from Negima.

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Too unreliable to be Konoka.

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I believe it's in Tohonifun's Yukari vs Ran series but I'm not sure. I'd have to look through like 300 pages.

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Yeah I just checked, it's in World, the second installment of Yukari vs Ran by Tohonifun.

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yeah. Star saphire is cute

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Konoha is realiable w/o her what's his name would be dead

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And one more Pic with Walfas. xD
Well, sorry to the fans of them, but the most people are haters of these three charas. >_<''
SORRY! Please don't hurt me as Fan!

Well, to the others: You see this is a competition who the most unpopular Chara is. And you see: Kaguya is the winner! We all hate you :P

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I love that picture, because it makes her look like even more of a bitch.

Kaguya is best as a bitch. I prefer hating her to liking her.

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She's actually my favorite, I cosplayed her.

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Same character.

At least its more entertaining to think of it that way.

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/jp/ - Random

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Samefag much.

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>This Thfrad

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The irony is stunning.

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Kaguya is high-mid tier.

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>Kaguya herself is a alright character, oddly where Chado is usually pretty off the mark with most characters he interprets, his Kaguya is pretty fucking awesome.

I agree. I don't like Chado, his doujinshi usually just makes me go whatamIreading.jpeg but I did enjoy his Kaguya centered one-shot as well as the Kaguya and Mokou centered parts in his Yukari vs Ran monster doujin.

As for Kaguya as a character overall in fan depictions she can go from pretty but pretty uninteresting to pretty and pretty awesome. I like to think of her as a mix of a slimy bitch and a refined princess. She isn't maybe the smartest or the strongest but she know how to act around people. She's pretty harmless unless you manage to somehow get on her bad side. I don't think she seriously holds grudges but fighting is fun so she's like sure why not.

Overall, she's my favorite Eientei character, but that doesn't really mean that much, really. But it's not like I hate her. If anything she's the kind of character you love to hate.

I think the NEET joke actually sort of suits her, I can picture her as a demanding, lazy unemployed bitch mooching of Eirin.

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I don't care whether Kaguya is a NEET or not, but she'll always be lazy and move with through the time between seconds gracefully.

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I like Chado's work. His interpretation of Gensokyo is pretty cool.

Also, embarrassed Yukari is best Yukari.

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It's always XTREEEEEME GENSOKYO, but that doesn't fit many situations: the entire Yukari vs Ran series ignores canon to a painful degree. I'd rather he stick to the mental struggles that made Koumakyou, Kaguya, and Kaguya vs Mokou gold.

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>ignores canon to a painful degree
I don't think you understand this fanfiction thing.

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I prefer the "speculative fiction" side. Where it's investigating the unexplored parts of a character, rather than twisting the character to fit a particular role.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "painfully ignores canon." Much of Gensokyo's history is ambiguous and left up to interpretation.

Super powered loli Yuuka is moe.

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I think he means this interpretation of Yukari as a weak, embarrassed and generally uncool character pretty much destroys the portrayal the official works have given her with a sledgehammer.

See this picture? THAT'S where Ran's place is, obeying Yukari like the faithful minion she is. The HERP DERP I CONQERD CONSTANTINOPLE is not Ran. At least, I can't find myself believing it's the same character.

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I thought the point of his story was to show HOW Yukari became how she is in the present.

You know, character development

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That's why I liked it. One of my Favorite characters received so much character development. You know, an interpretation of how she became the Yukari we know today.

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Unexplored areas are pretty damn large when you realize that the Touhou games only span small periods within a few years of time. Ditto for the print works.

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Actually, it was the SDM crew showing up out of nowhere, having no problems with the sun, China suddenly appearing to fight for the sake of plot, and Sakuya in a maid getup before being recruited. I understand it could be said that it's my preconceived vision of events which make it unsettling, but it breaks immersion when there's a jarring shift from what we know/accept to what we don't know/accept.

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Thing is, the character development is still wrong.

Let's assume by her tails that Ran is about 800 years old.

Now, 1000 years ago Yukari not only already existed, but was also powerful enough to have created the Border, gather an army of demons and have her powers apply to abstract concepts such as reflections to invade the Moon, as well as smart enough to trick those very demons.
There is no way Yukari would be so powerless to only get Ran as a minion out of graditude and whatnot.

Also, Ran canonically admits her master's superior intelligence and power.

Mind you, I'm not calling Ran powerless or dumb, it's just that Chado overestimates her abilities.

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It is only implied that Ran follows the same rules as the mythogical foxes.

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She is still regarded as a "top-class" kitsune that has almost achieved divinity and she still can't always follow Yukari's train of thought. Plus, if Yukari has the balls to discipline a beast of that caliber by simply smacking her, I can safely assume she is the stronger one.

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Kaguya is the best touhou.

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When you people start discussing canon over fanon I am just skipping blocks of text thinking "Man, just shut up."

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All we know about 1000 years ago is stories. In the moon invasion's case, Yukari herself probably wrote the story originally (everyone else died, right?). Not exactly the most reliable source.

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God DAMN that doujin was fappable.

Girls in attractive clothing >>>>>>>>> nude/porn art.

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The whole "X is unreliable" is pretty weak without support and other credible facts to actually contradict X. So far, ZUN hasn't stated Akyuu is unreliable, so I can't regard her as such.

>> No.6026571

We find out that the moon invasion was very much exaggerated in SSiB. The decoy youkai were not that many,and not as powerful as they were made out to be. Also, Yukari did not send them to their deaths to teach youkai a lesson as PMiSS said, she simply used them to try to steal the unlimited power source that the moon created, but she failed miserably.

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I don't see how one goal contradicts the other. I'd say Yukari tried to pull a Xanatos. But that's not the point. The point is, if Yukari has done even half of what it's said she has done, she's still leagues away from Ran.

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Hello anon breaking down Chado logic into cookie crumbles. You're saying the exact thing I've been thinking for a long while. Thank you, you spared me some time typing it out.

I don't mind speculation, but Chado twists the Touhous beyond recognition. It's like I'm really reading some original work; or at least it does when I'm reading his take on Yukari's backstory. I suppose I can overlook some parts of it, but direct contradictions sting in my eyes.

He more recently did a doujinshi cover the UFO cast background story; and I lost count of all the directly incorrect information.

Shou was apparently a street thug. Yes.
Byakuren wore the same clothes in the years of 1000 as when she appears in UFO.
Ichirin wears her buddhist-nun clothing before meeting Byakuren, read; before becoming a buddhist nun.

Chado might be a good manga-ka, a good writer and artist. But as far as I consider Touhou doujinshi-ka he's pretty low tier. I just can't read his work and enjoy it with all these errors. I'm sorry, I just can't.

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Its in the epilogue.

Akyuu herself stated that she had to inflate the danger in order to satisfy the youkai's ego to get information.

Hell of a lot more closer than Aya of course, but still alot of chest puffing

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I agree that credible facts are needed, but as far as I'm concerned a good fan story works fine as long as nothing explicitly contradicts it.

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Even if it hadn't been presented so overblown, Yukari still pulled off some amazing shit back then.

Besides, this isn't a Yukari vs. Moonbitches argument, so it doesn't really matter.

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