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Yuugi wins. No contest.

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I'm sorry, Mr.Banner, but she's a fucking ogre and, as your transformation is considered supernatural, she probably can manipulate it too.

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hi5 bro

Not only is she an ogre, but she's like the Alpha ogre. She's THE ogre. That's why she's one of the four Devas.

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completely scientifical

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C'mon. Dude.

Fucking. Magnets. The Sun.

Magic everywhere in this bitch.

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Transparent skirt slut.

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Yugi. Her horn will fuck Bruce in his butt like BAYN BAYN BAYN BAYN-EEEEE

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>While his greatest feat of strength was either lifting a mountain that weighted 150 billion tons in during secrete war, or destroying an asteriod twice the size of earth in one punch.

But yuugi has lasers and shit

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>Fucking lasers

Holy shit dude

Banner is so fucked.

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It's not a natural phenomenon for a human to turn into a giant green Neanderthal, even if it's science-driven. It still counts.

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what if it was the Ang Lee movie 'transformed by nanites' Hulk?

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Banner uses science to control his transformation, and treat it
Does science work on the supernatural or do you need magic?

Banner became the hulk due to science
Supernatural is that which science cannot explain
You can't explain his transformation, but I don't think that necessarily means his transformation is supernatural
He just hasn't entirely figured out how he became the hulk

I don't know what I'm talking about though, since I don't know shit about Marvel

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So you say his transformation is natural?
Or that occurrences like the creation of the Universe, which science cannot explain, are supernatural?

Who knows? Here's some manly Yuugi.

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Shush shush kid-anons.

I am proposing a saying to you all: It is hard to differentiate between a very advanced technology and a magic.

But it seems 100% of anons are smarter than a 10-year-old kid but definitely dumber than a normal bachelor of engineer.

So I challange those who think Mr. Bruce's "transformation" is because of science:

Elaborate them in detail. But to make things simple, just make an executive summary in at least 50 pages. I give you a week. If you can't do it, then it is magic.

Simple, no? Everything is SCIENCE once it is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN.

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Ugh, this comparison seems kind of silly as one is poorly defined with powers we barely know anything about, the other gets stronger based purely on plot requirements, he is always strong enough, it's a fucking sliding scale of indestructible.

Fortunately this topic is irrelevent because Popeye would defeat both of them, Yukari, the Flash and Accelerator while he's at it then punch out the moon to have a little one on one time with his noodle-like girl, Olive Oil.

If Popeye was a little girl, you'd be all over him.

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That's why I love you /jp/.

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Popeye's power is not SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN. His power is from magic.

Yuugi > Popeye.

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S+ post.

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I'm definitely not very bright
but if the definition for supernatural I used is the right one
Then technically Bruce's transformation is supernatural until he figures out how to explain it

Also Supernatural != not natural
You can clone something and explain it with science

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Yuugi can beat Obelix.

Scrooge McDuck can beat Yuugi.

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Someone needs to cap this thread

Magic 1
Science 0

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It's a kind of magic.

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If it is science or magic doesn't matter as the point is made moot by the cosmic laws of gensokyo

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Science IS magic, science is just another word for magic that has been explained.

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No, they are different. They are similar in learning BUT different in practice.

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So basically Yuugi is the same as yukari?

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Let me give you an easy example:

How to make fire?
Base theory: Energy

Science: From combustible objects, kinetic, heat, etc
Magic: [Insert magic chant and complex staff movement]

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Science is Magic, magic exists!
It just changes the way you believe things happen but they still happen. Magic is real!!

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>magic exists!

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To make a fire

Chain reaction,
Smething flammable

Sequence of reactions where a product produces another reaction,
Movement by a staff or book which in turn produces heat,
Any material that can be used to generate energy,
Oxidizing agent.

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Suddenly Nitori teaming up with Marisa in SA made more sense

Not saying it didn't make sense to me previously, but applying this quote to that context it just makes somehow even more sense.

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Could Suika beat the hulk?

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Suika can punch out the moon and restore it without breaking a sweat.

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Of course. The perfect little oni could also change her size and the hulk's size to easily change the outcome of the battle.

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... But it was ineffective!

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>Any material that can be used to generate energy,
That's like fifth grade level of magic man. Only wizard/witch with intelligence on par with Nobita's would need sacrificial object to gain mana.

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Hulk would lose.

Can you imagine how big his hitbox must be? He wouldn't survive 5 seconds from Yuugi's Feat of Strength spell card.

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An don't forget: She was holding back.

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doesn't change the fact that suika would turn her into a mist of atoms

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what the f*ck, suigin, what the f*ck

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Yuugi has done all those stuffs hulk has done. She even achieved many many more than those listed.

Yuugi just prefer to keep her profile low. She's humble and honest, you know.

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This is no contest. It should be up for discussion. The Hulk while powerful he cannot defeat an oni.

Yuugi would wreck his shit,not spill a drop of her sake and then rape Bruce Banner.

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shouldn't be up for discussion*

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If the hulk can't be an oni, then how the hell would a human beat an oni?

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Every supernatural being that goes to gensokyo gets turned into a girl. rinnosuke only got turned mildly effeminate because he's half human.

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If the hulk can't beat an oni, then how the hell would a human beat an oni?

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By using their brain. You should start using too if you want to defeat an oni.

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Yuugi makes the Hulk her bitch, and all of you people know it.
Also, the only response that will come out of /jp/ is Yuugi, so why even bother pitting the hulk against a touhou?

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Spellcard rules.

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I think Popeye would do quite well in Gensokyo.He'd put an end to incidents before Reimu or Marisa even find out about them.

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Nobody in Touhou fights with their actual strength, it's all gentlemanly duels, because if they actually went all out, Gensokyo would explode.

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by cheating
it's canon

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Cirno fights with her full strength, your point is invalid.

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There should be a dojin where they don't play by the danmaku rules, and have fights in the style of 90's and 80's manga. Would be cool to read.

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probally not what you meant, but still putting it up here anyways.

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How is this even up for discussion.

Your weak Touhou girls have tiny hitboxes BUT POP LIKE MEAT BALLOONS WHEN HIT.

The Hulk cannot be stopped. Doesn't give a fuck about yer weak bullet walls.

What's that?




When Hulk Mad, Touhous Sad.

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I stand corrected.

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I wonder what /co/ would say
Most of you are extremely biased

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the only biased one seems to be >>6019208 in my opinion

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hey if its spellcard rulez then yuugi lose
banner is smart like PH.D bitch, yuugi is a drunkard hobo and alcohol kills brain cells, hulk will make intelligent complicated danmaku unrivaled in beautyful.
dead parrot in 3 continu

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go back to school, please

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no wai, i like it here everybody is like me hahahahahahaha

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> everybody is like me hahahahahahaha
I don't know what to say so i'll just bump the thread.

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Because Hulk bully little girls.

Little girls weak. Hulk shulk-charge them like peebles. They small. They go pop!

But little girls respawn. They resurrect.

Then Big mom coming. Yuugi mama with her friend's Auntie-Kanako.

One punch from mama, big meanie Hulk sulk.

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how is babby formed
how gril get pregnaet

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A stork brought the baby to a pair of newlywed, you fool!

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His power is from spinach not magic.
It is scientifically proven because the conditions can be recreated with a conclusive result each time he gets his spinach.
Popeye > Yuugi.

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Have you actually played Subterranean Animism?
Yuugi doesn't pop. She's the only Touhou who sticks around after you beat her spell cards.

"Oh, you survived that? You're pretty cool. I'm just gonna hang out up at the top of the screen and enjoy my sake while you dodge all this other crap. I guess we can do a Boss fight after that."

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Have you actually played Subterranean Animism?
Yuugi doesn't pop. She's the only Touhou who sticks around after you beat her spell cards.

"Oh, you survived that? You're pretty cool. I'm just gonna hang out up at the top of the screen and enjoy my sake while you dodge all this other crap. I guess we can do a Boss fight after that."

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You will never pop after someone beats you in a fight

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It is also scientifically proven that eating a can of spinach WON'T give you superpower. If any, it makes your poo goes green.

Science has back-stabbed you Popeye.

Yuugi > Popeye

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Mystia stays after you beat her midboss attacks too.

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Oh you're right.
Ok then.

Green poo > Yuugi.

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lol suigin ur s random i find this strngeluy arousing my vagina is getting come here sexy boy

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I'd like to make this thread on /co/ and see what they think. Might be interesting, but I am fairly sure that they would all say the Hulk wins because of his never ending strength, retardedly good healing factor etc.

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Do it.

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Doing it.

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I'm from /co/. Here's a few Hulk facts.

1) The Hulk's transformation is in no way supernatural.
2) The Hulk's strength has NO upper limit. It's only restraining factor is his anger.
3) The Hulk has retard level healing abilities.

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Same thread on /co/ if anyone is interested.

>> No.6020542

link please

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hulk's transformation is scientific because gamma radiation caused it duh

>> No.6020555


Aw shit man I thought I included it in the post. Clearly I need to get some sleep: >>>/co/19631892

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From /co/, y'all are delusional if you think Yuugi can beat the Hulk.

1. Banner's transformation is scientific, not supernatural. This is canon; it is due to gamma radiation. Yuugi's abilities could not have any effect on it.

2. The nature of Hulk's abilities are such that unless she killed or incapacitated him immediately, her chances of defeating him or even being able to surrender without being crushed dwindle rapidly once the transformation occurs and combat begins. There is no upper limit on Hulk's strength, and it continues to increase exponentially as he gets angrier.

3. While Hulk has been shown to be incredibly resilient, surviving even a nuclear blast at close range, as far as I know Yuugi has no *comparable* superhuman resiliency, and therefore would be much more likely to sustain serious injury than the Hulk.

4. Cirno is totally the strongest, not Yuugi. Nyah~!

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I thought reimu was strongest? or maybe tenshi right?

>> No.6020620

I don't actually know; "Cirno is the strongest" is actually just a meme I picked up on in /tg/ before I migrated to /co/.

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i would type up a new paragraph, but fuck it im lazy and being over here makes me ill

Hulk is SCIENCE!
Hulk wins.
Weeaboos shall remain butthurt fo all eternity.

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Yuugi could rip apart a mountain with her bare hands, and not even drop her sake in the process. Hulk likes to toss tanks and cars and that's usually around his limit.

If Yuugi couldn't beat him then Suika definitely could btw, seeing as she can grow to like double or triple his size, spawn black holes and such.

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>Yuugi could rip apart a mountain with her bare hands, and not even drop her sake in the process. Hulk likes to toss tanks and cars and that's usually around his limit.
You don't know SHIT about SHIT

>> No.6020725

Yuugi manipulates supernatural phenomenon right? I doubt there's anything hulk could do against someone that would just manipulate something supernatural to happen that kills him instantly.

>> No.6020728

Yuugi is my favorite Touhou, but I agree with this anon.
At first, Yuugi will have a clear advantage in the fight... However, as the fight progresses Hulk will become more angry and the angrier he gets the stronger he gets. It's just matter of time before Hulk rips my dearest Yuugi in half.

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Seeing as how even Marisa was powerful enough to win in a battle great enough to destroy the world of demons twice, this isn't much against high-tier Touhous.

>> No.6020785

Due to the nature of the comic universe and the comic book death (aka executive stops by and goes "nu-uh, he can't die because we'd lose a lot money, bring him back"), superheroes by default never die because all the fanboys would cry and bitch.

However, aside from ghost types (already dead lol) no Touhou has ever canonically died either as far as I know, though, for similar reasons. Mima would be a possible answer, but it's more like ZUN just forgot about her more than anything else.

So it's more like plot armor vs plot armor. What would most likely happen is that there would be a couple of small fights with alternating victors, enough to satisfy both parties, as what often happens when strong chars propped up by fanboys are versed each other.

That's why fanbases are fucking stupid sometimes. For example /co/ agrees that even the recently mega-overpowered Flash vs Batman, Batman wins with prep time. Oh really, like Flash couldn't atomize his head or vibrate through any trap he set up.. but still just because it's the motherfucking Batman people want him to win anyway. When it's 3rd-graders-at-the-playground style argumentation like this, then there's no point even bringing up the subject.

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You people are small time.

>> No.6020808

Pretty much.

>> No.6020817

Yuki and Mai may have died.

>> No.6020836

>no Touhou has ever canonically died
Orange ;_;

>> No.6020838

> • Are Yuki and Mai really dead?
> I know we're dealing with an old game, but were Yuki and Mai from Mystic Square really killed?
> Looking in particular in the conversation when Lady Mima and Yuki are left... (sweat)
> Or is this also a type of joke, like Lady Remilia's statement that "Sakuya is dead" in EoSD?

>Basically, they're whatever-works types, so they might not be dead. I generally have no comment regarding older works. Please ignore it as much as you can in derivative works.

No confirmation

>> No.6020856

>might not be dead
>may have died

Yes, this is what I'm saying.

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Hulk was at the center of a blast that KILLED HIS PLANET (Yes, he briefly had a planet) and he emerged completely uninjured. His wife, on the other hand, died, which led him to return to Earth to kick the ass of every big-name supe there (aside from Squirrel Girl, who was defeating Galactus at the time, but that's another matter entirely). He could take what your Touhou characters could dish out, and he could return it in kind.

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He couldn't hurt my Rumia.

And don't even get me started on how Shikieki and Yukari can beat his green ass.

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>It's just matter of time before Hulk rips my dearest Yuugi in half.
except she can regenerate

>> No.6021051

Why has 21st comic industry overpowered Hulk? When I was young he was just a guy who got really strong when he got angry. Strong, as in, 10 gorillas strong. Not supernova strong.

>> No.6021055

Yeah, i kinda remember him being as strong as throwing tanks and shit. but not some of the crap mentioned here.

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Didn't we already have a thread like this a while ago?
Granted, it was a long while ago, but still.

If I recall right, the conclusion was that average oni can't hope to take on the Hulk, but the deva easily can. But at the same time the Hulk is potentially physically stronger than the deva due to having no fixed upper limit to his strength.

It's not a neat and clear answer, but it's an answer.


Oni come in plenty of variations. Far from all are supernaturally strong - the average local village menace oni can be taken down with some able armed people and a good plan.
To take on oni approaching the level of the deva, you need legendary heroes, which may or may not exist in this era.

>> No.6021073

Fuck that.

Yuugi would just throw up on Hulk and those incredibly strong stomach acids would melt him away

>> No.6021079

Things have changed. Partly because of Banner using SCIENCE! and partly because of Hulk becoming even more emotional.

>> No.6021088

It's a superhero comic, they never change!

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Fine print, I guess.

Some of the later writers must've read how the Hulk just keeps getting stronger as he gets angrier and how there's really no limit to that.

And suddenly the snowball was too big to stop from rolling.

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New hulk is the faggiest fag of the world and you know it.

>> No.6021151

yeah, better heroes than hulk. unless you're a gorilla then ya he would be awesome wouldn't he?