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We can all agree that The Grimoire of Marisa art is canon, right?

Because I've seen a lot of spirited discussion in the past over whether or not Shiki was a loli, and this should end it

on the other hand, everyone else in the book is also drawn as a loli

except for Eirin

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>everyone else in the book is also drawn as a loli
definitely canon

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I can't tell if Aya is a loli or not because she is just a head

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Everyone is a loli in that. You shouldn't use that to say Shiki is tiny.

Shiki is as tall as Komachi, see PoFV endings for proof.

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You cant make the age argument based on style. In CoLA, Reimu and the gang look VERY young, while in other works they look like they are in their late teens.

By your logic, Sakuya would be like 6, because she's drawn in a chibi style in her art, which is obviously not the case.

Trying to figure out age from style in general is pretty retarded, since more stylized designs will be more open to interpretation.

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the best canon art I think

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except, of course, for the horrible reisen picture, everything else is pretty wonderful

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ZUN art is just that -- art. ZUN can't draw anything other than lolis, so everyone looks like a loli. That doesn't mean Yukari is a loli.