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I have decided to translate this very important work, by Marked-two.
There may already be translations out there, but even in that event I'm sure that this new translation will if nothing else help shed new light and bring us new understanding on the work's themes.


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Oh jesus, not another Cirno Frog Rape doujin.

The image of Battletoads fucking Cirno has been burned into my mind like a brand, because of YOU, /jp/.

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You know of another way to get Touhou vore? Ain't seen any Meiling/Catfish ones yet.

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>Cirno in Big Trouble! ~ Revenge of the Frogs

Oh lawd, is that really what it's called?

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Lotta CirnoxFrog stuff is more vore than rape, bro.

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Do people really fap to vore? The whole thing just seems like a joke.

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The one in which Giantess Sakuya swallows Aya and Meiling is pretty good. They swim around in Sakuya's stomach and tickle her from inside.

No such thing exists, sadly

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Cirno is freezing/killing frogs. The small toads run to the large one, and plot their revenge. They rape her, and as punishment for killing the frogs, she is to mother many of them.

Then we get to see them crawl out of her vagina and feed on her milk.


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I came.

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as interesting as this was, its definitely not something that gets me going...

and yet for some reason, im keeping it

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The frogs... they're so cute...

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>Fertilization complete.

Fucking lost it at this line. 10/10, fucking hilarious.

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I came.

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>Feels good, ribbit

I knew you'd add this. You just couldn't resist, could you?

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Didn't turn me on per-se, but.. it's interesting I have to say.

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Thanks OP, those frogs are my heroes.

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Marked-two draws Ahegaos like a fucking god.

Although, all of his works are fucked up, and I only tolerate consensual to mild-rape doujin.

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>So thou art the ice fairy who dost menace our frog brethren?
Fuck yes.

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I don't know what it is, but I think he strikes the perfect balance for me.

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oh gof

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Does anyone know where I can find this?

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Fuck yes. I love marked two ones. Now go and do the rest. They have Remilia, Reimu, Marisa impregnation

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There is nothing to translate. It's all porn-speak.

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Porn speak is awesome.

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Alright. Here is a part.

Marisa: Cumming inside me everytime might be bad after all. Make sure to take responsibility.
Anonymous: I-I'll do my best.

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Is that from the consensual one or the rape one

The former kind of sucked anyway

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Consensual one, of course.

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I was requesting the rape

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thats what she said ahahahkl;fdjksl;ajlk;

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the frogs are cute

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Thank you! I love the art in this!

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Wow it's not like I didn't read this already 5 months ago.

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>don't know if want

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thanks OP i came buckets all my neighbors can hear me scream fuck yes here have a tsundere nue

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>mfw huge forgg rapes cirno

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Good stuff. Do more!

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This was already posted and discussed with a 400+ reply thread on /v/ a day ago.

Way to be behind, /jp/. Fucking pathetic.

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this was posted 4 hours before the /v/ thread earlier dumbass

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Sorry for not being consummate smut mongers.

Wait... what are you doing in /v/? Get the fuck out of my /jp/.

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I came from /co/ and /tg/ originally

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You guys are so easy to troll.

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>>>/v/. You're a faggot.

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That counts as trolling these days?

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>be told that you're an idiot
>call it trolling

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>get trolled
>start greentexting

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Every time you respond to me you're just trolling yourself even harder.

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The rest now, if you would please.

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