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Lunar Girls > Earth bitches

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Disgusting non-human scum

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Enjoy your plain slovenly Marisa

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Reisen is human, isn't she?

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I can't see any lunar shit over the smell of my armpits

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I do quite like the Lunarians.
They sorta remind me of PC-98 characters.

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>Reisen is human, isn't she?

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>Reisen is human, isn't she?
yeah a human from the moon with rabbit ears

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>Enjoy your plain slovenly Marisa

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Bunny girls do it best

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She can take those off

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I want to lick her royal flat chest

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I only fap to lunar girls
But that's because I don't feel attached to them

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It doesn't hurt that they can beat up the youkai in battle.

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You will never share a sauna with moon girls

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/jp/s dreamgirl

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How can you fap to lunar shit when you can fap to superior SDM girls?

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Kaguya wouldn't wear such bland commoner panties

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SDM girls superior to the lunar beauties? Thanks, I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.

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It's brushie time.

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I wouldn't want to touch Remilia either. Bats carry rabies.

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Dogs carry rabies. Humans as well.

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No she can't those are earrings

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>implying you can't take earrings off

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You don't understand the implication

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>implying that there was implication in the first place

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only reisen and eirin
kagya can gtfo

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I see what you are saying OP.

Eirin > Kaguya > Reisen.

Eirin truly is the embodiment of the moons beauty and intelligence. We see Lunarians commenting how things have changed now Eirin is gone, but no one cares about Kaguya or Reisen being missing.

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more like /jp/ wants to be her. You could sit around being useless all day and then have a busty, intelligent doctor take care of all your whims and needs with absolute loyalty.

Kaguya as a partner would just try and get you to do stuff for her and remind you of how useless you are.

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Just don't get clever and ask her to cure you of your love, she'll probably try. Chemically.

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It's ok Anonymous, we can fix that. This drug will keep you up for days.

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I have an Eirin fetish

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go ahead. take it. I dare you

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Still waiting for that drawfag to deliver Kaguya being tickled on her feet.
He promised.

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Oh god, that sounds hot.
...did you give the drawfag and specifics?

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Oh god, that sounds hot.
...did you give the drawfag any specifics?

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Nope, I didn't get specific. I was just glad someone finally said they'd do a request of mine.

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There's a big difference between tickling and tickle torture, and personally, I'd far prefer the later.

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It's not like it matters, though. It's been weeks since even the last drawfag thread. I assume he didn't do it and moved on to other things.

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sage for eientei

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I never could find where these pictures were coming from or the artists site or anything. Do you have it?

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Mokou and Kaguya together in the same room? You need no stove to keep this sauna hot.

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Time to cool off instead.

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Lunar Girls > Earth bitches

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Nope. Though I still had his website in my favorites, but I don't.
Not like her ever updated it, anyway. You just sort of find this stuff around.

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Thought, not though, obviously.

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They've got to come from somewhere...
On that note, holy fuck have you CocyoCocyo? This stuff is more popular than I thought.

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Why so butthurt?

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Of course.

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sage for eientei.

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They've got to come from somewhere...
On that note, holy fuck have you googled CocyoCocyo? This stuff is more popular than I thought.

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I disapprove of your racial politics and fascist ideology, but now I do want to see Eirin wearing Hugo Boss and I thank you for giving me this wonderful mental image.

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For /jp/'s standards this wasn't a bad thread.

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Uniformed Eirin... really didn't turn out anywhere even close to how I pictured it.

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Ah, that's more like it.

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I'm sure being left at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean for the better part of 70 years is no match for the wonders of lunar medicine.

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>Disaproves of my political views and my ideology.

You are a sad, sad man.

Anyways, Eirin and I were about to go shopping at the Lunarian capital for some fresh produce.

I wonder how Goebbels and Yuuka are doing...

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I'm now picturing Eirin in uniform as a doctor at a death camp in Gensokyo, exterminating the native youkai in order to populate it with Master Race Lunarians.

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Yeah, I sunk the HMS Hood.

With my secondary cannons.

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Kaguya would be the perfect woman for Hitler. She shares many qualities with Eva Braun, including ignoring mass murderers in her inner circle.

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We're talking about Eirin, right?
But eh. Kaguya doesn't so much ignore mass murderers in her inner circle as she does ignore her inner circle.

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But I love Rumia...

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Fucking Hitler! Leave Rumia alone!

And stay down!

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>Lunar Girls

Snooty holier than thou bitches the lot of them. Wasn't it said somewhere that the Lunarians despise Earth humans and find them uncouth and disgusting? Sounds like a planet of stuck up whores to me.

I bet Eirin is the worst of them.

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I always thought Hitler is the type that would go after blonde and blue eyes, you know Aryans, aka Suwako or Alice

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> Hitler breeding with the loli goddess of fertility


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This brings up an interesting question. When Rumia is with Hitler in his bunker at the end, does she eat his corpse after his suicide so food isn't wasted?

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Just wait till you're NTRed by a lesbian lunar girl.

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Rumia is MY waifu, no-one can ever seperate me from my true love!

Last time I heard, Mussolini had Suwako, and Rommel was into Alice.
(Not making that up. Rommel and Alice is new. I saw an Alice thread the other day and Rommel was there walking about how they are in love or something. I guess someone saw the other political figures, and that Rommel and Alice hadn't been done yet, and went ahead with it. I thought it was a pretty nice pairing. But that's just me.)

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Do ya mean on /b/?
Because Alice adopted Rommel as a father on /b/ if memory serves me right.

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> Rommel and Alice

Better watch out for suspicious suitcases next time you go to a meeting

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I'm gonna need a source on that. That sounds pretty awesome.

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Some Hitler you are. When you don't even have the guts to steal someone's waifu, how can you invade some other country's land? Go declare war on Mussolini or Rommel and claim Alice/Suwako for yourself, as a waifu, mistress or something, whatever works for you. You are the mother-fucking Hitler! I support you 110% Mein Fuhrer!

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But I love Rumia... She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met in my entire life.

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Wouldn't that be Stauffenberg?

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Well she certainly helps you on your gas bill when she just eats the jews.

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Mein Fuhrer, no one told you to abandon Rumia. All we're asking is for you to add an Aryan to your family.

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Rommel did not like what the Nazi party was doing to Germany. If he had the chance he would have overthrown Hitler.

>> No.6015771

It's true.
God, Rommel was so fucking awesome.

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So which world war 2 leader is claiming Sanae?

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He might not haved liked it too much, but he was loyal. The only reason real hitler had him commit suicide was because the people planning to overthrow him were planning to have Rommel as their new leader.

There is more than just one type of Aryan.

There are four types, all of which are in Europe or the middle east:

1st: The "Normal" Aryan; Group Nord. Blue eyes, blonde hair. Scandinavia.

2nd: Group West. Brown hair, brown eyes. France, Germany Italy.

3rd: Group Ost. Blonde hair, brown/green/blue eyes.

4th: Group Süd. Brown Skin to black. Brown eyes.


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Either way, Rumia does not seem to fall into that category, Mein Fuhrer.

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>Doesn't know that Sanae is my waifu.

Well, my good friend, welcome to America, where Sanae is my waifu, and Truman is an asshole.

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Yes, that is true. But indeed, he did have the chance. He was informed of the plot and asked to take part in it - indeed, he was offered the position as interim president of Germany, should the coup have succeeded.

Apparently he turned down the offer with the motivation that murdering Hitler would make the Stab-in-the-back legend a reality, to be exploited by another fascist government in another 20 years to set off another war. Instead he suggested gradually depriving Hitler of power after negotiating a truce with the allies.

The problem with his plan was it would have required the invasion of Normandy to fail, thus nothing came of it.

>> No.6015872

Mr. President, you do realize you are paralyzed below the waist. I'm very curious at how you're satisfying her when you can't get it up.

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>Thinks I can't walk or please my waifu.

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I disapprove of dishonesty just as much as anyone else, but you got to give credit to a guy who can hide a major crippling disability from the entire American public.

Besides, style points for installing a bathtub on a battleship. A bathtub with a little battleship in it.

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So... No me and Suwako shoop yet? Do i have to invade Greece first?

I mean, Hitler has TWO shoops of him with Rumia, and Goebbels has a shoop with Yuuka, EVEN STALIN has a pic of himself with Kanako...

Do I not have the prerequisites yet? do I have to successfully invade 5 countries without using a continue or something?

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So... No me and Suwako shoop yet? Do i have to invade Greece first?

I mean, Hitler has TWO shoops of him with Rumia, and Goebbels has a shoop with Yuuka, EVEN STALIN has a pic of himself with Kanako...

Do I not have the prerequisites yet? do I have to successfully invade 5 countries without using a continue or something?

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So... No me and Suwako shoop yet?

I mean, Hitler has TWO shoops of him with Rumia, and Goebbels has a shoop with Yuuka, EVEN STALIN has a pic of himself with Kanako...

Do I not have the prerequisites yet? Do they want me to successfully invade 5 countries without using a continue or something?

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Give me like a day, I'm trying to finish that UFO Spray pack for Tf2, and then I'll work on this.

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The hammer and sickle on the penis make the illusion so much more convincing.

>> No.6016121

I come back after a while and I find this.

You sir, need a medal, a million dollars, a yacht, and an all expenses paid trip to the Lunarian capital with your hosts and married couple Himmler and Eirin, along with your own personal pleasure bunny Reisen.

>> No.6016144

My photoshopping times for this are quite limited though, because my Sister is staying with me this week. I don't need her seeing that her brother spends his time photoshopping WW2 leaders on hentai.

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> See brother in room
>Creep up behind him
>See hentai and Hitler in Photoshop
>I want to fuck.

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Hey, Hitler, hey Mussolini, hey dude who makes everyone's dreams come true.

Alice and I are really getting along together, she appears to have no more depression left in her. She even asks me to take her out to the battlefield to show her all the cool sights.

Last night, I gave her command of an infantry brigade. She lead it to a successful assault on a British flank this morning, allowing the rest of the army to attack with minimal casualties from enemy support weapons.

I love her.

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that was pretty epic.

>> No.6016490

I want to know who drew that.

>> No.6016528

I did, actually.

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Okay, seriously, I'ma need like a list of Historical Figures and Waifus, I'm starting to lose track of whose whose.

>> No.6016580

Hitler here to save the day!

I don't have a list or anything, but I've been here and seen just about everything concerning the WW2 X touhou thing. Everything here is from memory, and if I get something wrong, hopefully the dudes who do this shit will correct me.

Hitler x Rumia

Mussolini x Suwako

Stalin x Kanako

Goebbels x Yuuka

Roosevelt x Sanae (It seems like Truman likes to fight over her with Roosevelt sometimes.)

Rommel x Alice

Himmler x Eirin

Zhukov x Cirno

Churchill x No-one

That's all I can think of.

>> No.6016607

Oh yeah, missed one thing with Himmler x Eirin.

Reisen always seems to pop up whenever the two are together.

The picture above with Reisen has accompanied the Himmler and Eirin post EVERY time.

>> No.6016622

Reisen, do you always reserve that for me?

>> No.6016629

I'll take the bunny slut or the nurse slut over the princess bitch any day of the week.

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Do we have Lancelot Holland x Iku somewhere in there?
He's not seeing a lot of other women where he is now.

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Xonpool how many times do you think you've posted this Eirin image on /jp/

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9 or 10.

>> No.6016658

You can have the rabbit but the doctor is mine

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I was looking through my downloads section and I came across one of the forgotten originals:

Yuyuko x Göring.

I don't see why no-one ever picked it up any further.

I wish i knew who this guy was who was making these shoops originally...

>> No.6016681

What disgraceful human being would saddle poor Yuyuko with that fat ass morphene addict Goering?

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> Lunar Girls > Earth bitches

Have you already forgotten /jp/?

>> No.6016751

I think it is a good pairing. They both seem to know what good food is.

>> No.6016754

You need to post more tewi_saluting_eirin.jpg since I don't have it on my HD anymore and can't post it bi-weekly.

>> No.6016775

I like how the other guy is checking out Yuyuko's ass.

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This one?

>> No.6016837

I'm surprised I haven't seen Douglas Macarthur, Eisenhower, Montgomery, or Peiper x any touhou yet.

>> No.6016873


>Douglas MacArthur

Dugout Doug is too afraid to leave his Dugout.

>> No.6016904

Maybe he's into Kaguya , then?

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Why not?

She could share his hidey-hole with him. And they could be antisocial together.

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You sir, are a genius.

By the way, is this you?

>> No.6016944

Little girls unrealistically large weaponry is your fetish.

>> No.6016959


No, I have hair. You're new.

You know how I know? I posted a picture of myself here so that /jp/ could see how large - and how hair-over-the-eyes-moe...I was.

>> No.6016964

I wanna see this picture

>> No.6016968


>> No.6016970


Archives I also promised to dress up as Yuuka[since she has hair-over-the-eyes-moe].

So I wouldn't be caught dead in a Yuyukers outfit.

>> No.6016972

If we combine an outfit and an unit do we get a poste restante, anon? I wonder!

>> No.6016992

Can you afford a Yuuka outfit on Welfare?

>> No.6017015

I'm not going to believe that's you until you hold up an Arcueid picture or something similarly identifying.

>> No.6017028


I just finished acquiring an Arcueid set, so YMMV. I'm not on welfare, but I don't think you'll mind.

>> No.6017038


Dude, seriously?
I'll take another picture, but don't hold your breath weaiting for it. Picture threads make the sperglords emerge and shit eveyrwhere while screaming about camwhores.

I'll have to make sure I post it when Mommy tucks them in bed with their grape juice, cookies, and waifu pillows.


>> No.6017048

Sorry, but someone's gotta sperg over proof. I prefer apple juice, by the way.

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File: 377 KB, 575x800, GoebbelsYuuka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Added Douglas McArthur and Kaguya to my list. I'll have all these hopefully done by Monday, considering if I can find pictures which I could actually splice.

>> No.6017055


I'm aware of the inevitable percentage of sperg that accompanies such things. However, /jp/'s already spergin' hard right now.

Maybe tomorrow.

>> No.6017059

You are my hero.

>> No.6017069

Why did you replace Wriggle? Tenshi needs replacing more.

>> No.6017076

Because I was high when I made this so I just figured that I'd replace the one person that took up one section of the Window.

>> No.6017079


>because I was high


I am baked right now, my droog

>> No.6017081

You can't just have half your comment in nasdat. It's half-baked .

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I would be high, but like I said, Sister, here, and she'd take all my weed. It's probably better if I didn't photoshop hentai and smoke weed in front of her.

I hid it in a place she'll never look.

I put it in my computer, to where it won't fuck it up

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File: 79 KB, 200x400, 200px-ShizuhaMOF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe Al Gore and that Shizuslut could be a pair.

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File: 490 KB, 1200x900, 1273816096782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello guys. I would like to introduce you all to my waifu Yukari Yakumo.

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Toyojime es mi mujer

>> No.6017164

Looks like the party is starting

>> No.6017165

Weed is low tier, 30mg oxy here

and fuck Purdue for changing the OC80 formula

>> No.6017177 [DELETED] 
File: 64 KB, 275x317, roosevelt-bio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where my sweet Sanae at? I know she ran off here somewhere...

>> No.6017182 [DELETED] 

Where my sweet Sanae at? I know she ran off here somewhere...

>> No.6017186
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Where my sweet Sanae at? I know she ran off here somewhere...

>> No.6017192

Dwight D. Eisenhower with Yukari..?

>> No.6017210
File: 17 KB, 580x727, aa_eisenhower_subj_e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. I love her. Or shall I have my troops invade your country again?

>> No.6017219
File: 40 KB, 460x600, Rommel (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, Hitler, Eisenhower, hey dude who makes everyone's dreams come true.

Alice and I are really getting along together, she appears to have no more depression left in her. She even asks me to take her out to the battlefield to show her all the cool sights.

Last night, I gave her command of an infantry brigade. She lead it to a successful assault on a British flank this morning, allowing the rest of the army to attack with minimal casualties from enemy support weapons.

I love her.

Come to think of it, I felt lonely before I met her, too...

Even though we are only halfway to the Suez Canal from where we started, I think that with Alice, we'll beat those Tommies back.


When it's all over, I'll ask her to marry me.

>> No.6017224

Don't worry Hitler, he has to eat all my asparagus before he can even think about invading.

>> No.6017242



>> No.6017254
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Oh Wunder! Fliegt sie noch?
Sie steigt empor, und ihre Flügel ruhn?
Was hebt und trägt sie doch?
Was ist ihr Ziel und Zug und Zügel nun?

Gleich Stern und Ewigkeit
Lebt sie in Höhn jetzt, die das Leben flieht,
Mitleidig selbst dem Neid –:
Und hoch flog, wer sie auch nur schweben sieht!

Oh Vogel Sperling!
Zur Höhe treibt’s mit ew’gem Triebe mich.
Ich dachte dein: da floss
Mir Thrän’ um Thräne, – ja, ich liebe dich!

Mystia, ich liebe dich!

>> No.6017269

And who are you supposed to be?

>> No.6017303

nobody will loves you Nietzsche ;_;

>> No.6017333
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You don't deserve to know my name. Antisemitic scum!

>> No.6017386 [DELETED] 
File: 36 KB, 383x410, hitler-goebbels-nazi-germany-second-world-war-ww2-amazing-incredible-dramatic-rare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah... it appears that I have completed all of Yuuka's chores for me to do today, and she has rewarded me with a break before I have to rub her feet and give her a massage.

Time for some politics!


>> No.6017387
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Endlich habe ich Dich gefunden, du lüsternder Sohn einer Hure. Erst mein Weibe und nun ein fernöstliches Fabelwesen. Dir sollte man das Gemächt abhacken und den Hunden zum Fraß vorwerfen.

>> No.6017390
File: 36 KB, 383x410, hitler-goebbels-nazi-germany-second-world-war-ww2-amazing-incredible-dramatic-rare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah... it appears that I have completed all of Yuuka's chores for me to do today, and she has rewarded me with a break before I have to rub her feet and give her a back massage.

Time for some politics!


>> No.6017399
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Hay guise can I join the party?

>> No.6017404
File: 370 KB, 1424x2045, freud-portrat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh boy...

>> No.6017410
File: 21 KB, 1104x1387, EISENHOWER-1945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course, as long as you stay far away from my Yukarin.

>> No.6017413
File: 13 KB, 258x214, Wilhelm_Reich,_Wilhelm_Reich_Museum.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry, Sigmund, but I'm the only real psychoanalysist around here.

>> No.6017460
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>> No.6017474

if historical figures from WWII have Windows waifus, do WWI figures have PC98 waifus?

>> No.6017538




Looks like someone read your post.

Look dude, if you have a good idea, go for it, and don't let anything hold you back.

>> No.6017602
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Well, if it isn't the psychotic Swiss man himself.

>> No.6017846


>> No.6017977
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Ich LIEBE Psychologie

>> No.6019584
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>> No.6021003
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You do? Well then, miss Komeiji, come over and have a therapy session with me. It looks like you need it.

>> No.6021204

any progress?

>> No.6021252

? Any progress in what?