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Why are all of the menu options in japanese games often in English?

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It looks more edgy and smart.

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Same reason why most English games have Japanese menus.

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Because English is universal language.

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They do?

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Yeah, it's transliterated though. Like start comes from the Japanese スタート.

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Both of you are fucking retarded.

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Japan loves English actually.
Wait, not the people, only the language.

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Because they think it is cool. See: Hellsinker

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You mean global.

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Too bad all of this text isn't in English.

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>Butthurt Martian

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My theory is that it has something to do with the early microcomputer era. The programmers had to become at least somewhat familiar with English so they could program with software and tools that were all English language. They probably learned commands like START, OPTIONS and the like. It then probably just became the de facto standard in the industry.

Either that or they're just Engrish-loving gooks. It's anyone's guess.

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Better question: Why does ZUN give his games an English subtitle, that also usually is only marginally related to the actual title?

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Japan briefly considered adopting English as their written language after the war. Of course the notion got shot down in flames due to cultural sentiment, but still they can at least see how much more elegant a system it is than kanji/kana (aka one of the very worst writing systems in the world).

Also since "big successful company" there almost always means being international, aka doing business in the U.S, if they have English everywhere they feel that it makes their products look more refined and well-known. China is EXTREMELY big on this idea and is known to hire white people to just stand around at conventions in order to give the impression of being international companies.

Although, I don't think that's why ZUN uses English. Many Japanese have semi-adopted English on their own, period, in the guise of "super official / important titles or terms are written in English". Hence things that Japan doesn't even want us to see or deal with (like Touhou) have bits of English sprinkled into fanwork and merchandise.

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It's like asking why white guys get tattoos of Japanese characters to look badass. Nobody knows or cares.

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Why do we talk about Japanese things on an English board?

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English board using Japanese software in an Emulation of Japanese boards.

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They didn't consider English as their written language. They considered replacing their alphabet system with the standard English alphabet. Still Japanese, just written phonetically in English.

Leaving Japan and joining Europe? Sounds good to me, aniki

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It's shit as a language, but it looks pretty.

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ZUN wants his games to be a mix of Eastern and Western.

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then why does he despise white people?

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Thanks, that's what I meant to say. I didn't care enough to correct myself though. Maybe if moot ever puts in an edit-post option, I'd correct typos/clarify things if I needed to.

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How touhous other than Marisa are western themed?

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All of EoSD, iPods, Cola, etc.

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>blondes aplenty


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Just delete the post and repost it. Why do you need an edit? No one is gonna read your post again to know. Might as well post it again.

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It takes a while before you can delete your post.

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>then why does he despise white people?
He doesn't?

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All blondes besides Marisa are dangerous, inhuman beings. Marisa herself is an insane kleptomaniac. He can't like blondes that much.

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so? Although I hate moot for adding that recently. What the fuck was he thinking. Eliminating ghost age-ing or something?

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Last time I saw a corresponding hair color chart, blonde was in fact ZUN's most common hair color choice.

Also interesting is that you can sort of see traits or personality trends depending on color. This is NOT accurate to every character at all, but, as far as I can see...

Gray = neutral, composed, powerful (that's mostly due to lunarians)
Black = feisty, rambunctious
Purple = demure, calm
Blonde = ethically ambiguous (aka white devil)

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And what does "?!" imply?

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By "They" I assume you mean the allied movement that forced Japan to become more western? Because anyone who has dealt with Japanese for more than 5 minutes would realize a romaji-only Japanese would suck hard.

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All touhous are dangerous sin ridden beings.
Nonetheless ZUN loves every single one of them.
ZUN loves you too, just the way you are.
He just loves Marisa, Aya and Sanae more than you.
Probably Cirno too.
And Reimu of course.

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Any color = probably an asshole

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that is the most autistic chart I have seen.

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Don't pretend you've never obsessively sorted Touhous before.

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>Silver is labeled lunarian
>The only lunarian in the group is Erin.
That chart kinda makes me frustrated.

Do you have the one for the heights, for repostal purpose next time a whine thread comes up.

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I've only done it by good and bad characters, i.e. Not Marisa and Marisa, respectively.

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This is the height chart based on ZUN's email. Pretty old.

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Wow, are you sure there isn't a more recent one?

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>Yukari taller than Ran
Nooooo ;_;

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testing to see if post, apologies for spam :x

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Isn't there a picture that showed all of the heights of all the touhou characters?