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brb, watering the plants

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What an ineffective and messy method.

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I'd water her, if you know what I mean.

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Is the new Socks Book out? I stopped paying attention to Comiket after 12 threads, and I can't find the current one.

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There you are, my sweet Yuu-

I-... I m-mean... Let me help you water the plants, mistress...

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Some pitcher plants feed almost exclusively on bird droppings, even using nectar to attract birds that will poop on them. Maybe she has a plant like that.

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Ah, Joseph. You seem to have a good idea of the going ons around here.

Have you seen the Hood anywhere? I think she was somewhere near Iceland.

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SHE needs more water. If her panties are yellow, that's because she's dehydrated and needs to drink more water.

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Th-the hood? I would't know... Though, I think the Bismark might now where that devil is.

Now please, leave me to my watering. If Yuuka finds out I'm talking to you she might...punish me.

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Yuuka is a good girl...

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Hey, you learn a lot of things here on /jp/. So when your pee is yellow is because you lack of water? Interesting. That explains why my pee is almost white those days.

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...Such a good girl

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Nothing wrong with a little yellow pee. Only when it actually gets darker it'll be a clear indicator of dehydration.

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Yeah, you just dilute it after all.

Another interesting fact is that the reason urine is yellow is (partly) the same reason feces are brown, with the same initial compound going down different metabolic pathways.

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That's bad for plants. Urine has a lot of salt in it, and you can't get salt out of the soil. It's got really high nitrogen content, so she'll burn the hell out of her plants unless she dilutes it.

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I thought you watered your dick by making men bleed to death from where you ripped their dicks off?

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What are you talking about?

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Aw. Guess the search goes on.
I just don't get it. How does a battlecruiser just disappear off the face of the earth? She's 262 metres long, so she's not exactly easy to miss or anything.

Well, have fun with the flowers.

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Don't play dumb with me, Yuuka.


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The proteins are another problem too. But second to the whole pH, nitrogen, and salt issues.