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So has a Touhou game already been successfully ported to Dreamcast?

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Dreamcast is dead, just another similarity it has with Yuyuko.

Though you are pretty much forcing a Yuyuko dump, I can sort of get behind that, she's one of my favourites.

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Fuck your shit Dreamcast got Under Defeat in 2006

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specifically I've always like her fa├žade of a hungry ditzy ghost, partly out of the twisted humour you see in Yukari but also partly as a way she throws people off her actual intelligence.

Oh hey, that Eirin girl looks kind of handy, Youmu, don't drink that tea, it's too high class for you. Also poisonous. Oh wait, master of drugs, NEVERMIND. Silly me.

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So sexy.

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additionally I've always loved Border of Life, both the main version and the re-flowering version. It's one of those pieces that seems to merge seamlessly with the boss fight and represent the tone of the battle perfectly. Often times I find myself defeating the first volley of attacks Yuyuko sends at me only for the music to finally kick in with synth trumpets the moment shit gets serious and she launches her first spellcard, fan background spouting out.

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Perfect Cherry Blossom has always been my favourite of the series. I suppose it helps that it was also my first back when I got into the series as a whole, but where other games have simpler or more complex mechanics, PCB has always had a nice balance, perfect musical timing and a wonderful tone throughout. Love the way it shifts from Winter to Spring mid-game and maintains tension in the second half.

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I like that too. One of the best.

Another one that I like that segues into another is the prismriver stage and theme, it just fits well. Patchouli's stage too.

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Alot of people prefer Yukari and it's pretty understandable given the circumstances. Yukari has a air of mystery about her that Yuyuko can't really have because we completely know her sad history. Yukari also has easier motivations to use in a plot and several schemes going on at once, not to mention many frills and a exotic power.

That aside though, I'll always love Yuyuko for her attractive design, wonderful theme and personality. Youmu also works wonders to play off on Yuyuko, a straight man to her sense of humour.

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are you me?

I am okay with this Yuyuko/PCB dump.

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I generally speaking find the Prismrivers boring as characters, however I must agree that I love their theme (not to mention the boss fight itself). If there is one reason I'll always come back to the Touhou series, even though there are mechanically superior shooters out there, is ZUN's ability to set the mood and tone of a game with his music and bullet patterns.

Despite the several flaws in Mountain of Faith's game play, I'll always play it again and again from time to time because like PCB it's has a great seasonal mood You also get this wonderful contrast with Aya's boss fight where unlike her theme in PoFV which is more playful representing Aya the reporter, her MoF theme is Aya the Tengu acting officially, it comes across well (though is just one example in a game I can just play for the mood of it).

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oh gods, c'est en francais?

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It's enough that rather then feeling annoyed for those who don't play the main series, choosing rather to just read/listen to the fan materials, I feel more like they are missing out.

Even if you play exclusively on easy mode, the music sounds better when accompanied by the game itself. Nitori's theme Candid Friend is one of my favourites (again because it seems to get the mood of her character well) and I have trouble listening to it outside of her boss battle. The whole experience is better fighting her. This is especially true for Utsuho's theme Nuclear Fusion, alone it's ok but barely compares to the experience of actually hearing it with the sirens and explosions, dodging her suns in a thrilling boss fight.

At best I can only play up to Hard level at the moment, I can complete Normal mode, Hard rarely but it's something to work on, I imagine the effect is increased on Lunatic. The patterns look better the harder it is.

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to that end, I see why ZUN doesn't like the idea of a anime distracting from the main series, luring in fans who may never play the games but instead come in from the anime and just hang around the fan materials.

Issues of controlling the series himself aside, he seems to want people to experience the game itself and why he chose to get into making them (to produce a bullet hell game to his tastes).

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This is so true.

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Well, I've strayed from the point somewhat.

Point is Yuyuko is still my queen thanks in no small part to a excellent theme, an attractive character design (even in sprite/ZUN form) and a amusing character with a hidden intelligence.

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and Youmu completes Yuyuko. Forever loyal, serious girl with limited life experience to Yuyuko's seemingly whimsical carefree attitude with a underlying premeditation.

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that and butterfly danmaku is pretty sweet, death butterflies even better.

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There is was a doujin about Yuyuko and her final days before her sacrifice to seal the Ayakashi but I've forgotten the name of the author and the doujin.

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PCB crew > others.

Just saying. They may not be as tightly knit as the other groups, but Youmu/Yuyuko and their friendship with the Yakumos is pretty awesome.

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I know that PerCol and Visionnerz have PCB history doujinshi, but they aren't really focused on the days leading to Yuyuko's death.

Talking of which, Personal Color's PCB doujinshi is definitely one of my favourite touhou doujinshi.

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There are several if I remember correctly, it's a common subject for serious doujin works featuring Yuyuko/Yukari. Some are sort of yuri, some are just designed to be sad. Damned if I remember examples though because I don't make a habit of saving most of them onto my hard drive... unless it's Ennui Akadako, I love that author.

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for all my Yuyuko worship though, I still have more Yukari images. Yuka too... actually, I just have alot of Touhou images.

Still, she has a place in my heart.

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after this lot of random picks I may move on to a few Yuyuko/Yukari or Yuyuko/Youmu but really I'm happy with just dreamcast ghost.

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I'm mostly just picking out images I like that fit the tone and avoiding the usual 'hurr durr, hungry ghost' images.

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it also helps me work out if I have duplicates in my folders, it's my biggest bane.

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I mean, I'm at the sort of stage in my obcessive collection where I can get annoyed at someone else's slow dump and just dump over their dump with nothing but Reimu armpits.

I have a folder for that.

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Duplicates do suck indeed.

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I have no shortage of that type of image either.

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NSW can suck a dick.

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probably move on to pairings soon.

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but while I'm here...

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If you're having a problem with duplicates, try VisiPics. It's a really helpful program that can detect duplicate images.

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woo woo, all aboard the shipping train.

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Yuyuko/Yukari isn't my favourite, I prefer Yukari with Reimu, but welp, still nice now and again.

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civil prookel

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Captcha! Figures I'd write it in the wrong box eventually.

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and in during something different.

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and I'm out for something to eat. Maybe I'll throw some more crap in later.

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Thank you so much people! You reminded me how much I love her.

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What websites do you guys use to find images? I only know of konachan and some boorus.

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boorus and pixiv, of course.

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