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Look at that baka.

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In other news, it's 3:36AM and I'm eating cake while posting on /jp/, what do I win?

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Sanae being a slut is tearing Kanako's heart apart.

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Not your personal blog.

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You win autism.

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The knowledge that now you can't have that cake since you already ate it.

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Sanae has already chosen the same path that Suwako took over a thousand years ago. She has no room for you, old hag.

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fucking dykes

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Fuck you. You know who's a dyke?
Yuka,I can tell because of the hairstyle

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She does like cock. Bloody, severed ones, especially.

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can't I have both, lady kanako?

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That's funny because it sounds like me belong there. Counting sheep causes all sorts of trouble, especially when the fat ones can't clear the bed when they jump.

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You can't stop Sanae from wanting men forever, Kanako. She is Suwako's descendant after all.

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I'll find the original of this...someday...

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Men are beasts

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And in the real world, women like that.

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op, whats da sauce

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It's a rewrite.

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So it makes no difference if Sanae is guzzling on animal (or even youkai) semen.

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Happy Life by Omchicken

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I know. Thus I must find the original.

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Dude, I love men

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Of course it makes no difference. True sluts are indiscriminate.

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Why would you even deny Sanae of her true desires, Kanako? You insensitive virgin whore.

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