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I am scared shitless.

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You must marry all three.

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Ew, old hags.

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But none of them are Yuka

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I recently played MoF for the first time a few days ago and I don't see why people call kanako evil
She seemed nice

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The one in the middle! That one's for me!

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A lot of Mafia bosses are polite.

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She doesn't donate to starving children in 3rd world countries.

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Now play SA

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New-babaa is best babaa.

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Cause she tried to fuck your shit up.

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Fanon exaggerates canon. If someone is evil according to fanon in actuality she showed mild hostility a couple times.

I'll take the Native God in the middle please.

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Isn't Ran considered one too?

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Ran is already married to Yukari.
Yeah, it's weird like that.

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Ran is in the mother category.

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Yes! You even remember my Hammer and Sickle tattoo.

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Who else is in the mother category?

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No one is. Seriously, it's all speculation except for Youki.

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Pretty much whoever doesn't automatically qualify for loli status.

I always thought Letty would be a good mother figure. Then I found out about how the fairies piss her off, so maybe that's not the best example.

I do like the idea of momma Yamame and her bucket child.

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I don't get what the deal with marriage is
It's retarded

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Yuuka has already been taken by me, and we are very happy together.

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You change your lonely existence, which has freedom and being your own person, for more money and no more lonely, which has zero freedom and must bitching.
Till this day i am not sure what to pick of the two.

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Brb photoshop

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tewi is both loli and old hag

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Ever since the hag-thing became a fad fans everywhere have been trowing all sorts of Touhous into the old maid alliance. Frankly I think that this is blasphemous.

Just a few hundred years and "mature" looks isn't enough to be hag. You need more experience than that. To be a hag is something you have to fight for, it's a very honorable and special position.

OP, has the right idea. Pic related, the three real, original hags.

Though I suppose Byakuren and Yuyuko could perhaps gain junior membership as hags in training.

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This just keeps getting better and better.

Hey! Why isn't Rumia up there?

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Delicious Kanako is indeed delicious.

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>hitler wearing a skirt

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So delicious that only the great Soviet Union can handle her.

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I take Eirin. Hopefully this ends up better than my last relationship!

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Too late, my good friend. Eirin and I already reside at our moon-home and live full and loving lives together.

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The manliest of garbs.


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Hey, this is still unfunny.

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Problem, Spiderman?

In other news, Sanae is no longer open to the public. Her beauty and greatness is only reserved for myself.

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nice tripcode

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I know, eh?

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I am actually looking forward to this.

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Quit it with this roleplaying shit you stupid nigger. Hint: you're NOT funny.

Another good thread ruined. Thanks asshat.

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>Open image
>Die inside
>Post new image
>Rebirth like a motherfucking phoenix.

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That post game me DESIRE!

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>Implying that I'm the one who is samefagging the "Roleplay".

You forgot one other thing, trolling isn't allowed outside of /b/.

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Seconding this.
It would be funny for one thread, but it's like you were deliberately attempting to make it as painful as possible.

It's sad because I like jokes involving political leaders of the past.

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Thanks for the revive. I thought I was a goner.

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Working on a Himmler one, an FDR one, and a better Yuuka atm, I'll have them done by the time someone decides to niggerup another thread.

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this is the real samefag.

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Not really.

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You are our hero. How can we ever repay you?

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Pretty much everyone in her game is older than her.

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Okay... I'm not sure this is the proper thing to do, but since you seem to have the proper blend of history and sacreliege in you, here goes...
The infamous bishie-Rommel/bishie-Montgomery doujin. Have you seen it? Does it exist for real?

I once saw it, but it was a long time ago and haven't seen it since. Starting to wonder if it may have been a dream all along.

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I remember someone talking about it before. I think it is real, but I have no idea who made it, or where I could find it.

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