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fuuuuuuck. so many stupid deaths in stage 4&5.


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Cmon man, weren't you at 3 continues last week?
You're slacking!

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Your Touhouing is weak.

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Didn't you use only 2 continues the last time we saw you?

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Yes sir her did.

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Pretty sure he went from 4 to 3 last time.

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Or I could be wrong.

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Yes. I failed it. I'll try again tomorrow, aiming for 1 continue!

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You can do it man! I believe it you!

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Hint: You learn faster playing at a difficulty level *above* what you can clear the game on.

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Keep at it, bro. I know you can do it!

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That's assuming you can clear easy mode with 1 continue.

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I remember this guy not even being able to beat Easy Mode with all continues used (70% completion or something).

We'll watch him blossom into a STG beast. He'll fucking 1cc Lunatic without focus in the future.

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I don't doubt it.

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What's this? Anon's being NURTURING?

What kind of bizarro 4chan have I stepped into? Does this mean /b/ is good now?

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/b/ was always good.

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This fucker's gonna beat all of the current STB scores in about 2 months. Just you fucking wait.

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ITT we make bets on how fast OP will become godly.

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Man, this fucking guy. I keep seeing these threads and it makes me want to play. I don't know if I want to prove I'm worse than him or better than him but it's fucked up that he can make me want to play games I don't otherwise enjoy.

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Everyone is better than him.

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Gogogogo OP.



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I think you are underestimating me. You haven't seen me play games. I can out-fail most anyone even in the games I love, and I don't like shmups one bit.

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Maybe your thoughts are along the lines of, "If I play this game, maybe people will pay attention to me."

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You guys shouldn't rag on this guy for playing EASY MODO if it's PCB. Seriously, PCB has the hardest Easy Mode out of any of the other games.

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Someone told me PCB had one of the easier easy modes and was a good place to enter the game from.


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meant to say "enter the game series from."

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Well I don't know about other people, but I found PCB to be the hardest personally. Might be different for others.

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Really? I thought people always said it was one of the easiest ones that's best to start with, along with IN. I only played it for like one and a half stages so I dunno.

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IN is much much easier because you can bomb before dying. PCB is much harder by comparison.

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Oh man, for the first couple of stages it's like, "Okay, cool. I think I can do this. Those bullets are kind of hard to dodge, but I can live through this if I pay attention. This is actually kind of fun." Then suddenly stage three comes and it's like, "OH JESUS CHRIST, BULLETS EVERYWHERE."

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Guess I should play again then, at least long enough to see stage 3.

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I think you mean EoSD

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I have more trouble with IN Normal than PCB Normal. I beat PCB Normal for fun now, but IN Normal still rapes me, especially Marisa/Reimu.

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It's the opposite for me.

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Wait, how do you die on easy mode in any Touhou game? Isn't that an oxymoron?

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In my experience, PCB definitely has the hardest easy mode. It was the last one I 1CCed, in any case.

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Try when you're first starting out?
It's fine and all to go "LOL IF YOU PLAN ON EASY MODE YOU SUCK", but realistically it's still pretty challenging if you haven't played much before.

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Shit's difficult, especially if you're just new to the games and expect something easy.

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Opposite here. I've only beaten PCB once or twice (using 3 continues each time) on Normal, but I've beaten IN with just one. I refuse to play EASY MODO.

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I, for one, never touched easy modo because I don't want Reisen and Tewi to mock me.

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;_; The imagined sound of their laughter leaves scars.

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I died on easy mode on IN, but it might've been because I have trouble telling bullets and point things apart. There is too much chaos on the screen and it starts to make me dizzy.

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PCB is harder in general. I've 1 CC'd IN's normal mode with every team and every individual character (beating BOTH Final A and Final B) and 1CC'd Hard mode with all the teams (again, beating BOTH Final A and Final B) but...

I'm working very hard to 1CC PCB's Normal mode with every character. Stuck on Marisa B ;_;

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A word of advice to you new Touhou go-ers. Practice, practice, and then once you're done practing, go practice. Eventually, you have what alcoholics call a "moment of clarity". You know that scene in the Matrix where Neo suddenly sees everything as code, and he can stop bullets in mid-air? Yeah, it's kinda like that. You'll be beating your head against the wall on a particular spell card, and then all of a sudden you go "Woah. I can SEE the bullets. Where they're coming from, where they're going. The past, present and future are one in my eyes." And then your ego dissolves, your physical body disappears into the ether, and you become a Buddha.

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tl;dr - Touhou is the true path to Nirvana and Enlightenment.

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Why are you people playing on anything less than lunatic?

I started IN on lunatic with 1 life (I didn't take the time to read options and set player to 1). You're not going to get better playing LOLEASY or normal.

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ITT how men become gods.

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Are you only supposed to play with one life?

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yes, any more and it's unrealistic.

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3 is the norm - no positive or negative point multiplier.

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You're all faggots, I go through PCB Lunatic with just one life, no vertical movement and my eyes closed.

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Bitch, you might as well be playing on easy mode. I do all that BUT tie my hands behind my back and use my tongue on the keyboard. That's right, the keyboard, not this gamepad shit everyone and their mother has.

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Technically, after midnight is tomorrow.

All right! 1 continue! Fuck yeah! Your words of inspiriation set my danmaku spirit on fire.


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FUUUUUUUUUCK! I was so close. Just one more spellcard.


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Actually, you have a small amount of time to counter with a bomb in PCB. Takes good reflexes but it's possible.

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I just got to 35% on PCB normal mode before losing all my lives. I haven't played in 2 weeks and my skills are getting rusty. I'm never gonna beat the prismrivers at this rate!

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Good job! Now step it up to normal, don't worry about clearing easy completely.

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Great job man! You're doing awesome!

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PCB is really easy because you can pretty much carpet bomb your way through with Sakuya.

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If I don't clear it, I'll never see the good ending. ;_;

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>Carpet bomb

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Here's a hint: just bomb on everything you have even the slightest impression you'll die on. A wasted life with lots of bombs is really bad to do. If you bomb at the right spot during the spell card, you'll likely only need 1 to beat it, as sometimes the bullets getting into place takes a while.

Although it's crappy for your score, but if completion is your only goal, it doesn't matter.

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Just bomb every time things get difficult. As long as you use your bombs before you die it's a piece of cake.

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Oh, gotcha.

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Even lunatic is easy to clear with max continues and max lives if you bomb constantly.

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best advice so far

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Can someone post a link to somewhere I can read up more on these game (not wikipedia)

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thanks anon

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