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whats a cool design or fanart that I can use for a touhou related tshirt that doesn't really give away my powerlevel? One of those subtle kinds of designs that normalfags wouldn't get

pic maybe related

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try Reimu being armpit fucked

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...You already have a good idea.

captcha: staring rattro

...name...him...that? I guess?

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Just print a shirt with a huge "⑨".

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get one with a stickman falling through gaps and the text now your thinking with borders

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Print 東方 on it.

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I remember a red-on-black wallpaper with Flandre's wings and a magic circle or something like that, I guess I'd wear that shirt without shame if I had it.

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either that or the cirno obama parody

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Some guy on /jp/ said he found someone outside of the internet who was interested in touhou because of that shirt design.

Or just get 東方 Project on it.

Anyone have those 2 images? I'd like to see them.

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Obama: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/598370

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>Or just get 東方 Project on it.

that's practically giving away your powerlevel though, or at least making yourself look like a smelly weeaboo who loves japan, so he automatically must like those dumb chinese cartoons for kids.

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stop being such a pussyfag and print a shirt with your favorite touhou on it and wear it with confidence.

although, get a shirt in black. white is a bit cliche

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You're right. Maybe he could get this then(Sorry, don't have the source image)? It doesn't look like what the average person would think as as "chinese girls cartoons", right?

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Why do you want a thing like that?

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Too soft...

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Then print 东方红 with a hammer and sickle next to it, idk.

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Soft? I'm not familiar with the meaning that it's used in this context. Anyway here's another one that might work.