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Just thought I'd let you guys know......

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I can't drive.

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quality thread

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But when they do, check em.

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Looks like it wouldn't be very difficult for some /b/tard to redraw her hat (since it's all solid black with no tonal contrast) and blank out all the text for a caption contest.

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Don't drink and drive, you could kill someone.
Imagine if if was one of your family members who was hit by a drunk driver.

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She kind of looks like a Touhou

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I'll make sure to back up and crush my victim's body completely. Thanks for the info.

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I'm currently drinking bourbon on the rocks. Cheers /jp/.

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That'd be nice.

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I wonder what she's hiding under that hat.
She doesn't really look like the top-hat kind of gal.
It doesn't really suit her.

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3D Pig disgusting, bitch deserved it ect.

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Sad....but that's the price you pay when you go outside.

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Not like she was attractive in the first place anyway.

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You're probably not attractive either. Would you be fine with becoming roadkill?

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stay indoors, guys
enjoy the internet to its fullest

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The steering wheel is on the wrong side....

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Oh my, this image.

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oh shit nigger what are you doing

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But she isn't dead. Read the image

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Oh hey, have any anons read the RiG series? During the story Yuka is afraid to ride in a car because she heard people die in accidents from them.

...I don't really have a point. That picture just reminded me of it is all.

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>she is now 23 and still working to put her life back together.

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No brother,
you're the one on the wrong side

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No, it only means that she's in Europe.

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Oh, fine. Roadmaim. You know what I meant.

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I don't drink anymore.
Not since I got into psychedelics.

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Actually I think it's only Britain that drive on inner side of the road. I've been to a bunch of places in Europe and they all drive on the outer side of the road.

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>scared Yuuka
Oh boy. RiG...RiG...what is RiG again?

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Hey, anyone have that old /b/ image of her with her hands near her mouth, and the big white caption reads: NOM NOM NOM

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I think Japan does the same as Britain.

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That's it, I'm done. See you tomorrow /jp/, shitposters from /a/, /b/ and /v/ are everywhere tonight.

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At least she's still alive, she should be grateful.

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I'm sure she is, but that's not what I'm asking.
Stop dodging the question.

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