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Guys, i finally figured it out why we can't go to Gensokyo. It was all so easy and we all couldn't find it because it was right in front of us.
We are all male.
Only girls and women are in Gensokyo.

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But men are supposed to break through unbreakable boundaries, and go where no man has gone before!

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dgfdhfhjhdfjhjudfyhthyghghdfhdzdftyscyhcsddbgv thxchsrjhgtfhc

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Human village that has males

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I don't know what you're talking about, I'm going there next week.

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There are men in Gensokyo, OP.

The reason you can't go there is because you're too modern.

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You can only got there once you've learned how to let go of your common sense.

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You can only go there when you become a nopperabou.

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B-but... I'm a girl and I still can't go to Gensokyo ;____;

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Rinnosuke, Genji, village with males, possibly Wriggle. There are males in Gensokyo.

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....I th-think i must...c-cut my male p-part then....

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You're probably not pure, the only way non-pure girls can go to Gensokyo is with the help of a god.

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I will save this... Just in case i need to do it later...

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>chlorine gas

I approve.

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op can not go there because he is too much of a secondary to know any male touhou chars

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If you have ever masturbated you can't go to Gensokyo

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Well then, I'm in luck. I'll be sure to try to open the portal for all the /jp/ers.

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I don't even wanna go there my life wouldn't be alot better or maybe worse.

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So I can go? I wouldn't know as I never leave my room.

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All you need to go to Gensokyo is to convince Yukari to dump you off there, potentially with any combination of the following:

a: food.
b: human goods to palm off on Rinnosuke .
c: hilarious delusions about Gensokyo that you think it is some wonderful place instead of a technologically-backwards death trap.

Then she can just gap you into the human village (if you're lucky) and you can enjoy the life of a Meiji-era Japanese peasant to your heart's content. Just don't wander around or you'll get skullfucked by Mystia and/or Wriggle.

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Nope, didn't work.

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/jp/ Anonymous are unnatural enough to turn youkai the moment they step into Gensokyo.

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The human village has all the people it needs right now, I think I'll bring more over in another 60 years.

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>don't wander around or you'll get skullfucked by Mystia and/or Wriggle.

That sounds like an ok way to go.

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Mystia doesn't eat people anymore...

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I'll get in to Gensokyo because I'm the defender of LOVE and JUSTICE. It's basically my ticket there. Only those pure enough can get in to Gensokyo, and it'll be my duty to smash all evil out of Gensokyo. They'll surely welcome me with open arms, I won't give up, I'll surely get to Gensokyo despite being a male.

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You'd just end up getting eaten by Rumia at first sunset. Devoured by a stage one boss, how humiliating.

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Stage ones are still youkai, possessing power quite beyond any reasonable human being. It's kinda like in D&D, you can be level 1 and have shitty stats like all 10s, but you're still above and beyond the average commoner at everything.

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Not if you're a level 1 commoner with 10-11 stats...

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Rumia is confirmed for being affected by her own powers and could only catch you if you deliberately walked up to her.

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If you could go to Gensokyo I know most of you would, but moving to a strange insular land stuck in the 19th century where nobody speaks your language might present some problems. Forget about the whole man-eating youkai thing. What kind of work would you do? How would you get by? To solve these problems requires the sort of effort and boldness that the typical /jp/er lacks.

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A level 1 commoner can be killed by the common house cat by D&D rules.

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Dude, you guys, just kill yourselves and you'll go to Gensokyo.

Orin is always posting here, asking you to do so.

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Well, if it was sunset she wouldn't need to use her powers.

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If you suck 500 dicks, a portal to Gensokyo will open inside of your vagina.

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Or, you can off yourself and take the Express Checkout system.

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This man is right, I killed myself and now I'm ballin' every day Yuyuko and Youmu. They actually have computers up here too, and I go anywhere else in Gensokyo whenever I please.

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Another satisfied EXPRESS CHECKOUT customer!

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Your faggotry ends now, OP.


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brace for trolling

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>Human village that has males
both native to gensokyo, not outsiders.

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Please explain.

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>PMISS says blah blah blah
>Akyu's a lying bitch

ad infinitum

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PMiSS has a part with Akyu saying "some of this information is pretty outdated and such despite my attempts to stay updated so I'm just going to release it here anyway."

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It's still canon, so personally I'd rather believe in it until another official source contradicts it.

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>where nobody speaks your language might present some problems.

I'm pretty sure Yukari can speak English.

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Anonymous, anonymous.

How many times do I have to tell you?

YOU are Gensokyo.

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It's not the Gensokyou on the outside that counts, but the Gensokyou INSIDE YOU.

>anon gets buttfucked by Keine and Marisa

No, wait! Not like that!

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That's deep, man.

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This anon is right. During the hardships of life, we all build our own Gensokyo. When the time of death comes around, we will be in the Gensokyo that we always imagined in our minds. Our inner-Gensokyo's will be unleashed when we pass away.

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You have Gensokyo inside. You are the true builders of the world of Gensokyo. ZUN gave you the guidelines, and you follow them everywhere, like a God with it's subordinates.

You touhourized /jp/, you touhourized a lot of games, you touhourized everything. For every time you create touhou-related stuff, you build Gensokyo.

Actually, Gensokyo is YOUR creation.

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>Implying you don't wanna be pegged and manhandled by Marisa and Keine.

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Man that sucks. It's like being a god and not being able to live with your creation.

...wait, is that scenario similar to something I already knew from somewhere?

Now I feel like a peeper, asshole!

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