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i just dled the fairywars12.8 and its not running, saying its looking for the d3dx9_42.dll. but i already have the PCB and SA working just fine. any suggestion guys, i just started playing this series just yesterday.

also another question, is there an 12.8 eng patch already. thanks in advance

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1. Google d3dx9_42.dll, download it from somewhere, and put it in the folder.

2. No.

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you can get it at google for free bro.
>12.8 eng patch

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op here, thanks... btw, im getting my ass kicked even on easy mode

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Since /jp/ seems happy to help any old retard who comes along, I'm having issues myself. I'm getting a "Not a valid win32 application" which is especially bizarre. I checked the checksums to make sure I didn't get a corrupt download and I'm good there. I can't imagine it being win7 only either. To my knowledge those are the only things that produce that error.

What's up with that?

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I'm a Mac user, and I figured this out on my windows comp with no problems. IIRC, UFO requires that same file as well.

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i just found out i cant play pcb anymore. this is the error. ive just reinstalled the english patch again and im getting the exact same error. any help guys

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Can you fuck off already? Thanks.

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Run your shit with Applocale so someone can read it.

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Your hard drive may be about to take a permanent vacation. Beware.

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op here. just enabled applocale so it said it wanted a restart. after restarting, Pcb works again. this is really weird. so guys im outa here. not going to play fairy wars yet till the eng patch.