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I've created a portal to Gensokyo.

The only problem is that it leads to the middle of Yuuka's sunflower field.

Should I go, /jp/?

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Yes, and delete this shit while your at it.

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take me with you!

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If you go through Yuka's field without breaking any flowers, will she hurt you?

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You're better off just waiting for death. Let me tell you, when I had a near death experience a week ago, I saw Reimu and Marisa holding out their hands from a gap, trying to grab me and pull me in to Gensokyo. But I just kept falling away, I held out my hands for them too, but they couldn't reach me. I eventually woke up in the hospital later that night.

Gensokyo exists, guys. There's no need to be afraid of dying.

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If you're just strolling through her field I presume she'll just think you've broken some, even if you haven't.

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Yuuka is friendly with human males.

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Just make sure to dump a bag of fertilizer on the ground as soon as you enter the field, to buy yourself some time before she guts you.

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Be fast.
Yuuka is slow, very slow. You can do it if you run fast enough.
NOW GO! Before the portal disappears!
what the fuck are you waiting for you lucky bastard ?!

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Yuuka is a nice lady, as long as you're courteous she won't hurt you.

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Yeah, in case you got some spell cards up your sleeves.
In any other case you're pretty much done for it.

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Umm... Can I have a link to this doujin?

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On the sunny field. Found it on Fakku I think. It involves Yuka insulting a guy during sex. Kinda hot.

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Thanks, Anon.

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Will she spare me if I lick her feet?

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Go for it, Canon Yuka doesnt give a shit about weaklings as long as you dont burn her flowers.

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Damnit! Eirin is already my Waifu...

Maybe Goebbels has a chance to be with Yuuka?

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Yes. I believe now is my chance to finally have my own waifu!

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Yes. I believe now is my chance to finally have my own waifu!

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>Implying that Yuuka is not real.

Come on, Rumia is my waifu, and now it is my good friend Goebbels' chance to have his own waifu, even though she might kill him before they become intimate.