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Did you rage about this, jay pee?

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No, why?

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Physical abuse the is purest form of lunar love.

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not really, and before you say anything it was written by ZUN so it's not completely fan based.

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I fapped to yorihime

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Oh poor Udongein. IotM&IoftE is still the best touhou manga. 3 fairies and hermit can go suck a dick.

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Give the underworld cast a manga, ZUN
I wanna see utsuho getting beaten

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Udongay got told

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I wouldn't mind

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>I wanna see utsuho getting beaten

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She will never...

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bird youkai are worst youkai

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Bird youkai are the future of Gensokyo. They control all aspects of society.

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The Tengu haven't done an inkling for "youkai society" in ages.

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You seem to have misspelled "best". And wings are so aesthetically pleasing.

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They're also fucking AWESOME.

And yes, OP, I did. Eirin is an abusive, uncaring bitch and Reisen deserves so much better.

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They protect the mountain and fight the Sith. That's good for something right?

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No. And I actualy think that is funnies strip from whole manga.

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she deserves it for leaving her comrades