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Last thread: >>5958671

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>There is absolutely no parallel universe in Umineko
But he can create one.

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how many threads have it been?

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No he can't, he is just a fictional character in a fiction.
Creator witch simply mean being a writer, that's how they "create" universes.

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twenty something

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well that is the closest thing to happy end i suppose

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>Imagine something like that:
>Rosa spiked the tea she gave Kumasawa to make everybody easier to "negotiate" with. At the same time the meal Gohda made was also spiked by Natsuhi to daze/calm all the adults and make them less aggressive during the inheritance negotiations. Two drugs reacted with each other causing side effects like increased aggression.

And suddenly Kyrie and Rudolf aren't pure monsters.

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What if he breaks through the Parallel universe into the real world? Thus becoming above and superior to the Meta World and allowing him to create a happy ending?

Basically the old Meta fuses with Piece standby.

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That's against Knox, but fuck it. Anything can go at this point.

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I'm not following you anymore.
How can a fictional character break into the real world?

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Rosa and Gohda planned it all. Those bastards

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Not confirmed yet.

I won't be surprised if the Meta World is just as real as the true world of Umineko.

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EP8 ending

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It's confirmed.
Even Ange not being the true Ange and simply being a fictional character is confirmed.

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remember Knox and Dine are rules created for fiction.
reality doesn't have to follow the same rules.

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Only unknown drugs are against Knox.

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Gameboards are fiction. Meta World is not.

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Where and how is it confirmed, and by who?

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How did Bern kill Lion in the end? What really happened in her main game?

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Meta-world is fiction as well.
Honestly nobody who played episode 7 can still think that there is parallel universe or magic or something.
Everything is fiction, except what we saw with Rudolf and Kyrie in the tea party.

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so? My point is that in the actual Rokkenjima incident, no rules against anything work.

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It's implied that Tohya writes the Meta Scenes too in EP6, since Ange asks about AuAu.

Plus the Metal World is shown in EP1-2 and those are bottle letters.

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That's like saying Chloroform is against Knox.

You are forbidden from using magical/sci-fi and non-existent drugs, not stuff you can get in any hospital.

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thank you for this, i really need more natshui hentai

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Killer kittens in meta.Kirie kills him in his kakera

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Poor Tomitake. If only Knox's rules had applied back then.

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After hamburgering Ange, Bern reveals to Leon that the same thing in Ange's world happened in Leon's as well. Kyrie massacred everyone, Leon included. She boots Leon back to his world, and just as Kyrie shoots, Will jumps in to protect him. Leon's chest starts to bloody. Will tells Leon to not believe that he's been shot, no matter what, and starts fighting against Bern, trying to argue that this cannot be reality and Kyrie and Rudolf aren't the culprits. Bern summons a bunch of demonic cats and laughs her ass off at him. They clash and the credits roll.

After the credits we see Leon and Will are on the run, and they're in a bad way. Will has lost his arm and his sword and Leon can't fight off the concept of having been shot anymore. Bern tells Will she'll let him go if he abandons Leon, and Will basically tells her to fuck herself and that he will show Beatrice that she can reach a happy ending. This inspires Leon too and they both stand up to her, declaring they will make a miracle.

Bern lols again and her cats kill them.

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Thank you!

Goddamn. Bern.

I mean.


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There are two endings. One for meta-world and one for Rokkenjima.

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And where is battler in all of this? Being incompetent as usual?

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Bern must die

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He's only seen a the beginning and at the end of the episode.

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He's away. He comes back in the ??? tea party to comfort Ange.

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So, I'm reading the part where Lion and Will are speaking with Kinzo, Genji and Kumasawa about Kuwadorian Beato, and I suddenly remember EP6, when Battler's illusion of Beato tells him to think of Moetrice as her daughter.
But then she regains her memories and he marries her anyway.
Fucking baww ;_;

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Meta Battler appears at the beginning with Virgilia in the chapel leaving Beato rest in peace.

Piece Battler appears only in Tea Party, and is killed by Kyrie or explosion.

Meta Battler appears again during ????.He finds a loli Ange crying and tells her a story about happy endings are possible.

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Comfort Ange? what happens in Battler's scene in ????

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>This inspires Leon too and they both stand up to her, declaring they will make a miracle.


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So the cousins telling off Lambda is fake?

Same with Battler confronting Bern?

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Yep, fake.

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How exactly was Ange killed this episode?
All I know is that she flips her shit when Bern declares that her parents are the killers.

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loli Ange is crying in the chapel, Battler shows up and asks her if she's been bullied. She tells him that she was told her parents were evil people and she asks Battler if that's true. He tells her that's not true and says he'll tell her the true tale.

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Yep. A dissapointment. I really wanted the cousins to go point at lambda it sounded badass!

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Bern hamburgers her after breaking her mind.

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>She tells him that she was told her parents were evil people and she asks Battler if that's true. He tells her that's not true and says he'll tell her the true tale.

Fuck yes! Kyrie/Rudolf backstory confirmed!

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ep8 confirmed?

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All. Of. My. HATE.

There's no way Will and Leon are dead for good, right?
They'll be back in EP8 as if nothing had happened and make a miracle, right?


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...... that was already stated this thread. I was looking for a more exact answer...

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EP8 will collide two stories.

Bern's story, this time she will be the Game Master for real, and will show the worse of each character, along a very bad ending.

Battler's story, where everyone can be happy though the circumstances can be truly bad.Happy ending and miracles everywhere.

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Their death isn't exactly stated at the end of the game, so there is a (very slim) chance that they survived.

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That's pretty much it?

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Mirracles don't exist~~

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Is this confirmed or are you speculating?

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It would be kinda funny if Battler and Will's miracles are mutually exclusive wouldn't it? They'd have to fight each other for it. Plus we'll get the long awaited Battler/Dine battle! That shit would be awesome right? People want that right?


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Ange is shown the tale of how her parents killed everyone. At first she endures it, but as things keep getting worse, and Kyrie say things like she doesn't care about Ange, she starts breaking down and says that this whole events are fake and dares Bern to say this is true in Red, and Bern does. At this point Ange breaks down completely and gets hamburger'd.

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I want the Bittersweet ending Ryu promised us, not the default BAD END. ;__;

>captcha: impege boycott

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>Bern's story, this time she will be the Game Master for real, and will show the worse of each character, along a very bad ending.
>Battler's story, where everyone can be happy though the circumstances can be truly bad.Happy ending and miracles everywhere.
this implies both are fiction. Are people so dense they are still expecting a happy ending for everyone? Wake up, that was EP6.
EP8 will not have gamemasters just like the tea party, because it will not be a gameboard.

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It would be even better if they coworked to trap Bern in another logic error. Battler could easily do it if Bern is trying that hard to make look everyone as a bitch.

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We'll be sure to watch this awesome show Anon! Thanks!

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All I know is I don't want some bullshit ending in which everyone was good and died due to an accident, or something.

The reason why I enjoyed EP7 so much was because the whole love deal wasn't excessive and it felt realistic enough in some aspects - Yasu's plethora of personalities aside.

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I don't know, I'm sure we'll get a bullshit happy ending in the Golden Land but seeing as it's fiction/not affecting the real world in any way. I can accept it and want to indulge in spectacular theatrics and happy endings.

I just hope Ryukishi shows us a bittersweet ending in the real world with it. Also, the real 1998.

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Wait why is loli Ange in the chapel after she supposedly gets hamburger'd?

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end of the series will be Rika waking up in Hinamizawa realizing Umineko was nothing but a hallucination from her madness and she never really escaped

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Guys, you're not seeing things with love. Rudolph and Kyrie didn't murder anyone. It was the black witch and warlock who did everything.

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Fuck my heart is aching....EP8 good end please....

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I hope Erika, Battler and Will kick Bern's ass in EP8.

in b4 Erika who?

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It's like nobody in /jp/ has ever read Meta-detective fiction before Seacats.

Also in before >Implying that Meta-detective fiction books exist. They do. Ironically enough they all pretty much came out in 1986.

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Who, besides retards, said to disregard EP1-6?
If anything EP7 works exactly because of that.

>> No.5960452


Who ignores them? Anon was defending them even in the last thread.

Anyway, interested in Meta Detective fiction, need to supplement the Golden Age. What are they?

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Well, if we throw out the opinions of retards, then nobody has said to disregard episodes 1-6 and you know, not even bother to attempt to explain how Rudolf and Kyrie could go on a killing spree in 1-6.

Unfortunately /jp/ seems to be full of retards at the moment.

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Autismics typically have a hard time grasping meta concepts of any kind so yeah.

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Ranbdom thought: Could it be that Yasu real name is Maria?
It would explain why Kinzo was pissed off when Rosa named her daughter Maria and why the bottle letters are signed "Maria Ushiromiya".

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Here's a link to an interview from Ryukishi from a talkshow and it mentions that Umineko will be finishing this winter comiket: http://forums.animesuki.com/showpost.php?p=3195986&postcount=176

EP8 confirmed for last episode (As if nobody knows that yet)

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>attempt to explain how Rudolf and Kyrie could go on a killing spree in 1-6.
but it's there. Stressful situation, people dying in accidents and fear of the police scrutiny, bomb looming over them and providing them with a way to erase all evidence, the gold possibly blown up by the bomb, financial problems, Kyrie deciding for a drastic solution. Rudolph going along with Kyrie's plan.
This doesn't really conflict with what we were shown in previous episodes, given the extreme circumstances. And it fits the extreme circumstances.
I still don't get why people have trouble accepting this.

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Yasu's "real" name is always Leon. In the original world, when Yasu finally meets Kinzo, Kinzo says her true name is Leon.

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>I still don't get why people have trouble accepting this.

Not a grand reason enough to commit killings. People don't like the fact that it wasn't a well planned murder but some out of the blue act. This are probably the main reasons.

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I'm still in the middle of the flashbacks, but isn't it weird though how Yasu is always referred to by its nickname and never by its servant name?
Does this mean it could be Shannon, and that "the servant Shannon" doesn't actually look anything like the current delusion-Shannon we kept seeing for the past episodes?

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Newfag who haven't finished EP5 here. So, if Meta-Shit is fiction as well, what about Bern?


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Yasu planned this.
People seem to think only greed happened.
Kyrie and Rudolf may have been the direct perpetrator but if we were to name a mastermind, it would be Yasu.

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Glad you asked. Basically, Meta-detective fiction is detective fiction that's been injected with a healthy dose of post-modernism. Basically it uses the detective novel format in a way that's self-reflexive, and is more about the writer than the mystery itself.

The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster, is a pretty good example, and it's a good read. I hear 2666 is good too, but I still need to read it.

Anyway, one of the lines in "The Locked Room" the third book in the New York Trillogy, is something that I think is important to remember for Umineko. “These three stories are finally the same story, but each one represents a different stage in my awareness of what it is about.”

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Beat's rape theory with DID meido


>> No.5960495

She is.
What happened is that the ones who wrote the letters is a fan of mystery novels.
She liked Higurashi a lot, a novel written by a writer named Hachijou.
So she decided to introduce a character based on the main heroine of this series in her depiction of the meta-world.

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Let me repost something I posted in an earlier thread. Nobody really said anything about it other than LOL EPISODE 1 WAS ALL FICTION, THEY WEREN'T THE CULPRIT IN THAT LOL:

Except Kyrie and Rudolf couldn't have killed anyone in episode 1 without another accomplice. And even if they did have another accomplice, it's still highly unlikely. Here's why:

We know with 100% certainty that 5 people were present in the Shed after the first twilight: Gohda, Rosa, Krauss, Rudolf and Kyrie. We know from the red text in episode 4, that the "bodies" present in the shed had their identities confirmed. So regardless of their life or death status, Gohda, Rosa, Krauss, Rudolf and Kyrie were in the shed after the first twilight, and those were the 5 people who Battler saw. We also know that Battler's point of view is always reliable in episode 1. Now, lets say that all 5 are alive in the shed, or at least Kyrie and Rudolf are. Either way, it won't matter, because after the surviving family members view the bodies and close the shed door; they lock it from the outside. Battler sees George lock the shed, and unless I'm mistaken, the text even confirms that he hears it lock. The shed becomes a locked room, meaning that all 5 persons in the shed have no way to leave the shed without the intervention of someone from the outside. It is impossible for Rudolf or Kyrie to have committed the murders of the second twilight without someone sneaking out to the shed to open it.

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Talking about AuAu?

>> No.5960502

you all are saying that yasu is the culprit? what about the knox rules?

>> No.5960506

SPOILERS: Hachijou is Carolyn Keene

>> No.5960516

Kyrie and Rudolf had nothing to do with what happened in episode 1.

What happened is simple:
-First prior to the event Yasu send letters, prepare the bomb.
-Then the first day, she tells the parents through Maria that they really should solve the epitaph or she will get the gold.

Then 2 things can happen:
-The parents solve the epitaph, Kyrie and Rudolf go into greed mode and kill everyone.
Beatrice had promised that she wouldn't do anything if they solved it and she always keep her promise.
This is what happened in the real world.

-The parents don't solve the epitaph.
Beatrice or rather Yasu therefore begin her ceremony.
She kills following the epitaph in order to open the door to the golden land.

Here is Umineko in a nutshell.

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Hey guys i didn't read EP 7 spoilers because i want to avoid spoilers
So can you guys tell me just one thing?
Is Erika on Battlers side now?

>> No.5960522

I still want to know
>Where and how is it confirmed, and by who?

>> No.5960525


Thanks for that.

>> No.5960526

Erika is dead.

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Never heard of

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Yasu made all the IT WAS A WITCH BELIEVE IT part.Someone else made the killing.

>> No.5960532

Yes. She and Battler work together to reach the truth.

>> No.5960535

Personally, I believe it's a situational thing.

We know the basics with Yasu, the gold and the bomb.
Now, depending on the situation, a murder occurs.
In EP7 the murderers were Kyrie and Rudolph.

>> No.5960536

Do we know why the bottle letters are signed "Maria" then?

>> No.5960539

hey GAIZ NEWFAG here are you guiz talking about RIKA from higurashi?

>> No.5960547

Unfortunately that gets really messy with Dine 12:

12. There must be but one culprit, no matter how many murders are committed. The culprit may, of course, have a minor helper or co-plotter; but the entire onus must rest on one pair of shoulders: the entire indignation of the reader must be permitted to concentrate on a single black nature.

All of umineko is one story. There is only one culprit every time. I'm not buying this HURRDURR IF Z HAPPENS, X IS THE CULPRIT, OTHERWISE Y IS THE CULPRIT.

It's too messy.

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Yasu should clean her hands more often

>> No.5960550

Because no one knows Ushiromiya Lyon and Maria was a friend of hers. Well, this is what I believe.

>> No.5960553

As far as I remember, we don't see really anything with the process of the bottled-letter writing...

>> No.5960558

Except that the real world doesn't follow such rule.

>> No.5960561

Asspained Erikafag

captcha: roposice analysis

>> No.5960564


Maybe Dine was modified in Ep7? Did we ever hear the full set there?

I'm curious.

>> No.5960568

Will only cites, like, three rules, and there's no complete list in the TIPS or anything. He barely ever uses red text in general.

>> No.5960573

Play episode 7 then, it's very clear.
Kyrie and Rudolf are only situational culprits, they didn't come to the island thinking they would kill everyone.
They found the gold with the others due to Yasu's plan.
Then Natsuhi was a dumbass and died, the whole situation escalated.
And then Kyrie and Rudolf decided that they should take advantage of it and started their deeds.

>> No.5960579

Yeah, the of course, how silly of me. I forgot that every time we go back in time and rewatch a crime, if the circumstances aren't right, somebody else completely unrelated steps in and caps everyone's ass anyway.

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Umineko in a nutshell:

>> No.5960591


Silly as it is, I think that's the general premise of Umineko. It's an endless murder scenario generator if Ryukshi is believed.

I'm sure there are rules for it.

>> No.5960596

Stop trying to sound retarded, I bet you actually understand.

The tea party of episode 7 is the truth that Beatrice tried to conceal.
The remnant of Beatrice died, meaning that the illusion disappeared, and the truth was shown.
Yeah the truth was actually that accidents happened, some greedy people went with the flow and started killing, Yasu never got to kill anyone.

There was no "go back in time" or something.
And for the reason we could see this is simply because the person who write the letters and create the meta-world was most likely on the island at that time.
Not hard to think of his identity.

>> No.5960603

never confirmed with red. It's like the never mentioned chinaman Knox rule.
As long as Dine never expressly states it, it's open to debate whether it's actually enforced or not.

>> No.5960607

Can somebody post a screencap of the contents page of Episode 7 (the one that appears after reading the game up to the end)?

>> No.5960608

>Situational Culprit
>Murder Mystery

Yeah, that doesn't work in a murder mystery. WHOOPS, NATSUHI ACCIDENTALLY DIED, WE MIGHT AS WELL KILL EVERYONE ELSE FOR THE HELL OF IT SINCE EVA ALREADY STARTED IT. The key thing a culprit needs in a detective novel is premeditation. Accidental deaths or crimes of passion don't result in a carefully planned out massacre.

18. A crime in a detective story must never turn out to be an accident or a suicide. To end an odyssey of sleuthing with such an anti-climax is to hoodwink the trusting and kind-hearted reader.

>> No.5960610

It sounds possible indeed.

>> No.5960618

only confirmed Dine rules are 1,7 and 11.
You're talking like a Dine rule is absolute truth. As long as it's not said in red, it's not.

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File: 530 KB, 644x526, menu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean the main menu?

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Was Rosa rocket laucher spoiler legit?

>> No.5960623

I'm still struggling to understand how any of this is Battler's fault. Battler wasn't even born by the time Leon's life/death is decided, and unless he set off the bomb deliberately on a 6 year timer or brought the bomb to the island, I can't see how it's his fault.

Even if crazy-maid has a crush on him, if she isn't the culprit then how could that have created an effect that produces a calculated series of murders?

>> No.5960628


>> No.5960635

Sure bro
Kyrie blew in so many pieces

>> No.5960636

The problem is Battler said that's nor the truth.
Sure, Bern said in Red that's what happened. However, even if that's how things happened, it doesn't mean that every single thing is true. We're missing motives, and I'm sure it's not merely a situational thing.

You could say Battler is simply about to come up with a Meta explanation filled with rubbish to sugar coat things, but one way or the other, the main theme of this story is love. Without love it cannot be seen.

Additionally, Bern doesn't really care about the truth and EP5 proves this.

Now, I'm not saying EP7's Tea Party is a lie, but I'm sure there's more to it. Battler couldn't have said Rudolph and Kyrie weren't bad people for no reason.

>> No.5960645

I can't help but get a mental image of Will looking really annoyed with the way you use his rules, somehow...

>> No.5960649
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No, I mean the page like this. It appears when you click Start->Episode X after already finishing it.

>> No.5960656

Yasu started the whole thing.
She may not be the direct killers but everything happened because of her.
So yeah, if Battler didn't come, nothing would have happened.

>> No.5960657

That's why we keep saying EP7 isn't the end of all, but only a part. That's where people can keep thinking.

>> No.5960659

Umineko is not a mystery. No Dine, no Fair, no Knox.

That's what OP2 says.

>> No.5960662
File: 360 KB, 640x478, chapters.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, okay. Here you go.

>> No.5960665

Bern doesn't really care about truth, 5 proves it, if you were bright then you would have figured out before that she's just DYING FROM BOREDOM, so she need to do something like troll.

>> No.5960668

.....You have to use your brain child of man.....
You have to imagine the witch saying those words

>> No.5960670

I know the narrative isn't going in this direction right now, but I'm still hoping that, in the end, it turns out that the bottle letters were actually written with knowledge of the meta world.

I don't see how it makes sense for someone to write a bunch of bottle letters hiding the truth, and then a text that reveals it.

Now, if this person was actually just describing a series of actual events, the narrative would actually make sense.

>> No.5960672


How many time do we have to repeat things?

>> No.5960681

Thank you.

>> No.5960683

I didn't even say anything about ep7.......wtf u smoking?

>> No.5960685

Imagine someone with DID with various personality who do the meta-world in her head, and she writes everything that happen.
Probably what happen.

>> No.5960688

I want there to be something they can do from the meta world, dammit. I want Battler, Beato, Will, and Leon to achieve their miracle. I WANT TO BELIEVE ;_;

>> No.5960694

So it's Battler's fault because his existence influences the actions of someone else, who wouldn't be in that situation in the first place if it wasn't for the actions of ANOTHER person?

Wow, that sucks.

>> No.5960703

That doesn't mean she didn't use that to deceive and torture Lyon and Ange.

Even if the events shown in EP7's Tea Party are true, that doesn't mean that's the whole truth. Additional background can makes us see the whole event on an entire different light.

>> No.5960704

Yasu would have killed everyone even if Kyrie and Rudolf haven't done anything so it's a moot point.
No matter what, Battler's presence was sure to bring the Armageddon on the island.

>> No.5960709

Well of course, that's the whole point.
Nobody denied this you know, it's obvious that episode 8 will be about painting what happened and Kyrie/Rudolf with a better light.

>> No.5960711

>Additional background can makes us see the whole event on an entire different light.
of course, but the facts still remain. Kyrie and Rudolph killed people.

>> No.5960716

omg.....I wasn't even talking about ep7 at all!

I just commented on BERN and what she WANTS. Then all these people are replying to me about shit it didn't even mention or say.

>> No.5960719

So did Eva.

>> No.5960721

No. They solve the epitaph = no killing by Yasu.

Even Beatrice said it in RED in EP2, she keeps her promises.

>> No.5960726

That's right.

>> No.5960730

Eva didn't go Kratos on Jessica's face

>> No.5960741

Was that shown at all? I really want to see Jessica screaming.

>> No.5960742


>> No.5960752

Narration cuts to Kyrie hitting Jessica, and splish splosh sounds are heard, Kyrie talks about her nice visage but oh lol Jessica can't answer anymore, etc.

>> No.5960753

I've got to admit, that was rather badass.

>> No.5960754

Only the end.

>> No.5960758

Remember the very first scene in Higurashi, with K1 smashing Rena's face with the bat?

Exactly that

>> No.5960759


Yes all those 3 shots hit FAT FAT FAT but I guess jyoji needed 3 shots to be killed I wonder why?

>> No.5960768

The hit him. He wakes up after each hit and he says "Why, Rudolf? You were a model for me" crying.


>> No.5960772



>> No.5960773

One of them pass by, another fails the last one kills him.

Also, Kyrie sucks at shooting since she didn't kill Eva.
Additionally, considering Battler was rather late at meeting Rudolph, one would assume he was distracted by something, or someone. So, depending on what or who he met, Kyrie could really suck at shooting.

>> No.5960781

>Kyrie sucks at shooting since she didn't kill Eva.

Kyrie should have aimed for the head. ALWAYS aim for the head thats certain kill

>> No.5960791

I think it's pretty clear that Yasu survived.
Someone had to write the bottle letters.
Someone who know everything about the world her and Maria created.
Someone who know the full truth.

Don't see anyone else except Yasu, Maria maybe but they found her jaw.

>> No.5960792

she isn't exactly a trained gunsman, so yeah. Probably.

>> No.5960800

Maybe the letters were made before the killings. It was Yasu explaining his/her plan.

>> No.5960801

Kyrie shoot her.

>> No.5960802


Who knows though?

The Sumadera are scary.

>> No.5960803

Still no explanation how that tranny could get away playing two people at the same time for several years?

>> No.5960805


him you mean :)

>> No.5960810

Don't think too hard about it. You'll get a headache.

>> No.5960813

Still people thinking everyone must notice it's the same person even if she uses a different tone of voice, way of talking, clothes, and everything?

>> No.5960817

Kyrie also shoots Eva you know.

>> No.5960818


I get the feeling Kyrie's and Kasumi's family is infinity times more fucked up than the Ushiromiya's I mean damn just look how insane Kyrie was.

>> No.5960819


So if the psycho wouldn't have anyone to blame for going crazy and killing everybody, he wouldn't have gone crazy and kill everybody?

Nice logic. It's like we're at fault for apefreaka being a shithole because we don't give them all our wealth.

>> No.5960820

>him you mean :)

"It" (or him/her) you mean.

Probably hermaphrodite.

>> No.5960822

Krauss is dumb, Natsuhi is delusional, Jessica and the servants covered it.

>> No.5960823


where's that shopped pic of natsuhi pointing out the incredibly logic flaw of the tranny when you need it?

>> No.5960825


yes. we know that but unfortunately she didn't finish Eva off.

>> No.5960829
File: 429 KB, 600x800, Yeeeah_ib4f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5960831

Kyrie and Rudolf would never have planned to kill everyone like this if they didn't know there was a huge bomb ready to destroy every evidences.

The bomb was prepared by Yasu.

>> No.5960832


Or just a trap..

>> No.5960835
File: 276 KB, 1100x1600, tea_party-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5960840

I think that Yasu have clear what sex she/he is, at least psychically speaking.

>> No.5960845


Hope Bern dies a painful death.

That Bitch.

>> No.5960854

He/she didn't like how he/she looks at the mirror, he/she can't "love", Lambda calls her a "shabby creature", we don't see his/her real sprite...

I seriously doubt that Yasu is "just" a trap, really.

>> No.5960867 [SPOILER] 
File: 49 KB, 432x324, song_of_the_golden_witch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yasu true form

>> No.5960874


Well Yasu being a hermaphrodite is quite plausible if like some people are suggesting is caused by genetic mutation from an incestious relationship Although can you be a hermaphrodite due to a product of incest?

>> No.5960887


Which doujin is that from? *__*

>> No.5960891

>He/she didn't like how he/she looks at the mirror
That's not really a hint she's weird-looking or whatever. It's just that while in her mind she changes who she is and how she looks a few times, the mirror always reflects the neverchanging reality.

>> No.5960893

Tch. Is it even possible for her to die? Doesn't seem very likely.

>> No.5960894

> Although can you be a hermaphrodite due to a product of incest?

Most likely not.

>> No.5960901

Her sexual organ may be completely fucked up due to fucking falling from a cliff

>> No.5960902

Is it bad when Bern is still one of my favourites even after all the trolling?

>> No.5960909

No, I like her even more.

>> No.5960917

That's actually fairly likely. The damage was extensive, and we see Yasu raging in the tea party after the truth comes out about "not being able to love" so "why didn't you let me die when I fell", ect, ect, ect.

>> No.5960919


For some reason I find that amusing

>> No.5960927

At what point during the Tea Party did that happen?
I don't remember that part very well.

>> No.5960932

But..how could a fall fuck up his/her sexual organ?
I think it's more a psychological problem than a physical one.

>> No.5960940

It was near the very end, when we see all the shitty things that have happened to the various people embodying Beatrice. The most twisted one is probably Moetrice looking anxious, telling someone whose perspective we're looking from "I have a lot of respect for you, father, but"

>> No.5960944


Well it is possible. for example his/her's sexual organ was the first to land and was smashed by the rocks.

>> No.5960951

Look guys, right before Lion is shot by Kyrie, he has flashbacks to what I assume is Yasu after becoming Beatrice or his own memories. In those memories he is talking to Nanjo and Genji screaming angrily at them why did they save him/her, because due to that serious injury, now he/she can't be loved. Then he/she exclaims he/she isn't human anymore, then decides to be called furniture.

>> No.5960956

Ah! I remember that part. However, I think I was half asleep when I was reading that part. Can you tell me what happened? I cannot seem to remember anything about it.

>> No.5960959

So Yasu was originally a male who became an eunuch.
That's why he looks so girly.
That's also why Kinzo was playing on calling him LEON, that's a male name.

>> No.5960964

>Yasu recieves preferential treatment, he's in a 3-people room with only Shannon
>Shannon says "yes" when Yasu asks her if she's just an "ideal" that doesn't actually exists
>Yasu later becomes Beatrice, and leaves
>Shannon is left alone in that room
I'm not a Shkanontricefag, but doesn't this mean Yasu is supposed to look like Sayo?

>> No.5960970
File: 187 KB, 500x872, 12637113_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

about time we got some maid stakes fanart!

>> No.5960980

If that's true...
Battler jokingly said something about not caring about her ruined body, so she obsessed with him, love feelings got trasmitted to Beatrice, she fell for George, but on the night they exchange rings they exchange secrets, he knows she's a cripple and rejects her, she breaks and starts killing everyone?

>> No.5960982

No wonder Shannon always gets so quiet when George talks about all the children they'll have.

>> No.5960990


Oh Man just imagine the wedding night when Shannon breaks the news.

>> No.5960995
File: 353 KB, 800x800, 12633379.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5960999

So this basically means that while Shannon might love George (god knows why) she never really has any intention of marrying him. She always plans to die.

>> No.5961008


Well at least she doesn't have to break the news.

>> No.5961011

If you consider he/she was a baby when he/she fell from the cliff and that a servant fell holding him/her... i would find it quite bizarre if the damage was something like having his penis cut off as he would lose too much blood too quickly and die very very quickly.

Also if we consider that he/she was saved because the servant protected him/her with his body it would be less likely.

A internal damage on the other hand (like a girl losing the ability to have children or being fucked up by the inside) makes more sense.

>> No.5961020
File: 392 KB, 720x720, naughty_naughty_leon_chan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5961033

I love this.

>> No.5961044

Could be rendered non-functioning, instead of cut off.

>> No.5961047

>Oh? It looks like there's a letter even for Shannon-chan, isn't it?
>But, if you take it things will get serious, you know?
>Battler-sama didn't forget about me, after all...
>It's been censored....

>> No.5961053
File: 33 KB, 145x145, anglare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5961067

Yes, but then he would not be a eunuch...

In b4 viagra solves umineko

>> No.5961078

As much as I'd like for Beato to be a woman, Yasu, really, at this point either has to be male or intersexed.

Even back in EP6, Shannon and Kanon mention their "Father" should have killed them right after they were born. And some of the treatment of Yasu's gender and love just wouldn't make as much sense if Yasu were simply female.

Intersexed...I could definitely see, simply because it would be consistent with how Yasu produces both male and female personalities, as well as with all the Schrodinger's trap imagery -- he's both at once.

>> No.5961084

If it was damaged beyond repair, they could have cut it off and decided to raise "him" as a girl. I see no reason why "not being able to have children" would mean "unable to love" at all. But not having genitals would certainly fuck things up.

It also makes sense why part of Yasu would be able to manifest as a boy, also why she went crazy after finding out the entire truth. Born of rape, hated and accidentally "killed" by her adopted mother, forced to work as a maid, forgotten by the person she loves, and it turns out that all of the people she work with actually know her secret shame. Everyone knew and no one told her any of this.

>> No.5961087

Bern says to Leon that she could dredge up some kakera where Kinzo made the same mistake twice...
It kinda implies Yasu should be a woman for that to happen. But we got EP5 where it was a man...
It's really unconfirmable.

>> No.5961096
File: 71 KB, 595x600, 1251134924047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bern says to Leon that she could dredge up some kakera where Kinzo made the same mistake twice...

My rage has reached critical levels. I was always just mildly amused by Bern's trolling antics before, but no. She has crossed the fucking line.

>> No.5961097

So that makes all the genderbent Beato fanarts canon?

>> No.5961103

Actually, I've heard of things like that happening. There was a case where a botched circumcision led to a boy's genitals being completely removed. They raised him as a girl, but he got really mentally fucked up and killed himself in his 20s or something.

>> No.5961104

No, the implication is that Kinzo doesn't give a fuck what's underneath Beato's skirt.

>> No.5961106

Oh dear god.

>> No.5961113

Holy shit. This is really fucked up.

>> No.5961115
File: 783 KB, 1650x1200, 9832664.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5961122
File: 162 KB, 494x665, 1262104594343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5961126

Well, gonna start up where we left of yesterday, third chapter of the big flashback.


As always, feel free to join.

>> No.5961127
File: 266 KB, 640x480, opps1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5961131
File: 82 KB, 400x400, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5961133

Actually it depends on the mindset of the one that becomes unable to bear children...

I know a girl for example that have a serious malformation problem (something about the uterus being in the wrong place) and because of that she neither can have children and sex probably would hurt a lot for her.

Thus she have a obvious problem being close to boys, but its not like she's not a girl because of that.

If you consider the size of a baby's penis, the way he fell and the unlikeness that he would survive if he had external injuries i would think being fucked up on the insides would make more sense.

Also, furniture should be able to be used but not loved...

>> No.5961134
File: 268 KB, 640x480, opps2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5961136
File: 264 KB, 640x480, opps3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5961138
File: 259 KB, 640x480, opps4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5961142
File: 289 KB, 640x480, opps5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.5961143

Needs moar "USO DA"

>> No.5961144


We may still get bonus episode/manga just like with Higurashi.

>> No.5961151


Or an Umineko Rei

>> No.5961153

Actually, considering Yasu is just a nickname and we aren't told his/her servant name, and afterwards he leaves Shannon alone in that room, it's heavily implied Yasu's servant name was Shannon. When Yasu becomes Beatrice though I guess the servant identity becomes Sayo.

>> No.5961161

I think you're really reaching. Girls with uterus problems aren't usually raised as men. Men without their penises are usually raised as girls.

>> No.5961170


hmm..Maybe i should have just left it with "I'm a man" Then :P

>> No.5961182

What we know so far:

- everything that happened in all episodes before typhoon covered Rokkenjima really happened
- everything that happened on the game boards is fiction
- Ange's future is real until she meets Bern, after that it's uncertain
- Tea Party of EP7 is what really happened during the typhoon

That means almost 90% the whole Umineko is fiction. It never happened, it bears no real significance. All the complicated murders, closed rooms and twilights are completely pointless. Episodes 1-6 exist only to give hints about Beatrice's true nature.

But it's still uncertain if the Meta World is fiction or not. It's only implied that it's fiction.

>> No.5961184

We are not talking about someone being raised as a member of the opposite sex, we are discussing about the ''inability to love''.

Leon's sex is completely ambiguous even at the kakera he/she is not thrown of the cliff. So until the cat box is opened various possibilities that can coexist.

I know its R07 we are talking about but its not because its the more fucked up answer that its the truth. I mean, unless you are bern.

>> No.5961197


R07 = Bern, readers = Batora
That explains everything

>> No.5961201


Then that makes R07 a cruel fuck

>> No.5961203


One with lots of fans nonetheless

>> No.5961204

Nah, he's the guy that wrote Matsuribayashi-hen.

He's too much of a moralfag.

>> No.5961205
File: 436 KB, 800x800, endless sorcerer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

- Kyrie & Rudolf adventures
- Bern get fucking told by Battler
- Yasu's gender is revealed.
What do you think everyone?

>> No.5961207

>It never happened,
Seems so.
>it bears no real significance. All the complicated murders, closed rooms and twilights are completely pointless.

>> No.5961215

I want to say yes, but every time I try to guess what an episode of Umineko will be like, it turns out completely different from what I expected.

>> No.5961217

>Kyrie & Rudolf adventures

one of the little things I care about EP8.

>> No.5961218

All the gameboards are fiction.

If Meta World is also fiction what the hell was the point of Umineko? Fiction inside fiction that never happened? I can't believe this.

That's why Meta World must be real. It was never mentioned that the stories inside bottles contained Meta World. It was never even mentioned that they are presented the same way we see them.

>> No.5961222


Needs The Tale Of Batora's birth, then it's completed

>> No.5961229

The meta-world is fiction, I thought it was made pretty clear in this episode.
That's why it's full of characters Maria and Yasu created, you even see how characters like Gaap or Ronove are created and named.

>> No.5961232

Casting my vote for real meta world too. It'd be pretty delicious irony.

>> No.5961233
File: 202 KB, 600x849, 39e751832846fbe6e150ee878c9dacf09ef66af5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bern get fucking told by Battler

>> No.5961235

Just because it's fiction doesn't mean it doesn't matter.

>> No.5961241

Actually its kinda fucked up to think that the bottle letters/featherine novels contain all of the meta-world... i mean, at least the existance of meta-ange makes it quite inconstant.

>> No.5961243

Hey guys, Umineko is fiction

>> No.5961245

It doesn't.
Meta-Ange is confirmed to not be the real Ange.
Real Ange most likely killed herself, what we saw of her adventure in episode 4 was a fiction.

>> No.5961246


It was not. It's obvious parts of the meta world are fiction, not whole meta world.

If Voyagers were fiction and Meta Battler never existed at all whole Umineko would be pretty much pointless.

>> No.5961251


But magic exists!!! Uuuu~ uuuuu~!

>> No.5961252

No it wouldn't.
Way to miss the whole point.
Voyagers witches are fictional though by the way, they represent concepts.
Sorry for you Bern and Lambda fans.

>> No.5961256

Pieces can't act against their will. That means Rosa can be a hero and Kyrie/Rudolf don't have to be crazy killers. It's all triggered by something.

Something like >>5960211

>> No.5961259
File: 377 KB, 533x746, 2377404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Didn't R07 said in an interview something like "If you ignore the fantasy scenes and/or everything is not in red, you are doing it completely wrong?".

Even if the closed rooms are fiction or not, they are there for some reason.

>> No.5961260

So everything on future is fiction too?
Hachijou, Amakusa, Kasumi...all of these characters were developed for no reason at all?

I cant buy that.

>> No.5961276

Actually, now that you remind me, Bern'd red was very clearly "This -game- will not have a happy end", so maybe reality is not included.
Though, if Ange really is dead before the trip to Rokkenjima and all the sleuthing, I can't see how there could be one, even if Amakusa is somehow Battler or whatever.

>> No.5961277

God, this is such a mindfuck.

>> No.5961287

Will is Battler from the future. He keeps one strand of his hair the original color to remind himself of who he once was.

>> No.5961288


>> No.5961290



Games = fiction means that no more than 10% of what happened on the Rokkenjima in EPs 1-6 is significant at all. Rest is pure bullshit.

Meta World = fiction means than pretty much half of the whole Umineko is absolutely pointless.

EP7 Tea Party = absolute truth means that there is no plan or sophisticated murders. Kyrie and Rudofl just went dark side and shot everybody. While laughing and mutilating corpses.

It all of this is true then Umineko is utter garbage and waste of time.

That's why it's not true.

>> No.5961300

>Games = fiction means that no more than 10% of what happened on the Rokkenjima in EPs 1-6 is significant at all. Rest is pure bullshit.
You don't get it. People like you never get what you were supposed to solve. This is why shipperfags solved a huge chunk of the background in this episode even before the answer arcs, and why you still can't accept what the entire point of this game was.

>> No.5961302

>It all of this is true then Umineko is utter garbage and waste of time.

Your opinion bro

>> No.5961322

the game not only hides the truth, but also it tells about Beatrice's heart

>> No.5961323


You clearly lack love

>> No.5961343

Umineko was always about Beatrice, not what really happened on Rokkenjima. There is very little discussion about the reality because it's just a boring homicide story.

>> No.5961349





>> No.5961402


And? That still make like 80% of all episodes pointless.

Remember all those "let's solve Umineko" threads? All the theories about closed rooms and possible culprits? It was all absolutely pointless.

>> No.5961408

That's your fault for focusing on the wrong thing. Ryukishi tried to set you straight numerous times.

>> No.5961422

Not really. So because a game tells you some parts of it were a game suddenly it's pointless?
Closed room can still be solved with normal means, and it's open to debate whether Kyrie and Rudolph are the culprits in every Episode.
All it changes really is that you're told it's fiction inside fiction. Nothing more, nothing less than that. But it was still fiction to begin with, so what does it change?

>> No.5961439

All the closed rooms are solved, Kyrie and Rudolf are only partly the culprits in episode 3 and 4.

>> No.5961446


Someone hasn't been reading the Tea party of EP7 properly

>> No.5961447

>All the closed rooms are solved
Are saying that out of hearsay? Some of the shit Claire says about them is really criptic, I don't know about you but when you have hints like "sword of uncertainty" isn't really what I'd call solved.

>> No.5961450


The thing is in reality there were no closed rooms or twilights. Adults just grabbed the guns, went crazy and killed everyone.

It's just cheap.

>> No.5961451

make that Wright, not Claire, it slipped

>> No.5961458


Like if that was confirmed.

>> No.5961459

No, I read the whole part and that's how I can say this.
It's been solved, it may seem cryptic at first but it's not like the closed rooms were hard.

>> No.5961460


You focused on the wrong thing. apparently

One would say its a matter of different taste thats the problem what is more important to you? finding the truth of Beatrice or Finding a culprit of the solved rooms?

>> No.5961463

It's not cheap, it's real. Why would they go through the work of creating elaborate closed rooms just to kill some kids?

>> No.5961467
File: 342 KB, 632x475, will_sword.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>criticizing will's sword

>> No.5961470

so...what? The whole Umineko is fiction, why would fiction inside fiction be meaningless against of reality inside fiction?
There's still meaning in that "fiction". Twilights happened in those versions, that can be solved through normal means and provide meaningful sides of characters. Why should I disregard it? Even if it didn't happen in what the games calls reality, it still happened.
in b4 all kinds of people accuse me of sucking R07 cock, I don't even like Umineko that much but saying 90% of it was pointless is retarded.

>> No.5961478

I'm not criticizing it, I'm just saying he doesn't explain closed room completely. He gives hints, which prove that they weren't closed room, but the process is still up to us to figure out.

>> No.5961480

Ronove as a game master would be awesome. Black tea and cookies everywhere and Magical Gohda Chef as main character

>> No.5961485

So which closed rooms pose problem to you?
Personally I thought it was very easy to solve all of them using Will's hints.

>> No.5961487
File: 26 KB, 704x400, snapshot20090923233230.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>My face when most people SURRENDERS TO THE TRUTH OF A WITCH

Congrats falling like flies to the way to lose in Umineko.

>> No.5961489
File: 64 KB, 472x372, 2iqllwo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I concur

>> No.5961505

o 「第4のゲーム、第一の晩。食堂にて吹き荒れる虐殺の嵐。」
+ 「幻は幻に。……黄金の真実が紡ぎ出す物語は、幻に帰る。」
like this one?

>> No.5961514


Clues for finding the truth about Beatrice are no more than 1/10 of episodes 1-6. And it was really damn easy. Most people figured it all out before EP5.

All the twilights, motives, closed rooms, who killed who and how, etc. was the really hard and interesting part. Along with the characters, their motives and emotions.

Now it turns out all the interesting stuff was just pointless bullshit irrelevant to the "true" story while some crappy DID trap (that everybody figured out a long time ago) was the real deal. Characters people loved and cared about were just fiction. Everything that happened was just fiction.

All that despite Ryu's claims that Umineko was some god tier ultra awesome mystery that will make everybody shit bricks.

>> No.5961526
File: 359 KB, 700x640, 12638877_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welp it's already pretty obvious what's going to end up as the fanart obsession equivalent of the EP5 Yakusoku scene/EP6 Erika death for EP7.


>> No.5961529

Hey what was Yasu's motive for planting the bomb and doing the epitaph murders (and stopping them if someone figured it out)?
Was it revenge against Battler?

>> No.5961537

It's not a closed room.
Just mean that the story we were told about was pure bullshit.
Then what happened is up to interpretation.

>> No.5961542

Opening the door to the golden land, be reunited with your loved one, even furniture can become humans, etc...

>> No.5961543

>Then what happened is up to interpretation.
But, that's what I was saying all along?

>> No.5961548

I always only talked about the tricks of the closed rooms.
What happened in between won't be talked about and ultimately isn't important.

No closed room pose any problem any longer.

>> No.5961551

If that was the case there's absolutely no reason to having someone finding the gold as a guaranteed stopping condition.

>> No.5961554

It was already said in red that Beatrice don't act with revenge in mind.

>> No.5961558

Magic can only work if there is a risk involved.
Yasu thought she had to let the family have a chance, otherwise it wouldn't work.
It's been repeated lots of time.

>> No.5961597

ITT: People who complain but can't remember basic shit from the first episodes.

>> No.5961600

I'm not satisfied with this at all.

The whole true nature of Beatrice was pretty much obvious since Eps 1-2.

Two groups of culprits killing independently or killing each other were obvious since Eps 1-2.

Kyrie and Rudolf were the most likely culprit candidates amongst the adults because they had the biggest financial problems.

It was all easy. We all just thought it can't be so simple so we tried to look for some sophisticated master plans that were never there.

At least it makes sense that Aurora solved it from Eps 1-2 alone.

>> No.5961615


How is Beatrice' true nature obvious from EP 1-2 though? She pretty much wears the Beatroll mask the whole time

>> No.5961625


Reread them with your current knowledge. It's really obvious.

>> No.5961626
File: 222 KB, 800x800, 1258895217167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rifyu predicted the ambiguity with Yasu's gender, among other things.

>> No.5961627
File: 142 KB, 400x533, umineko13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what we Kyriefags kept trying to tell everyone.

But no, you were all obsessed with lesbians and DID Meido and FAT FAT FAT.

>> No.5961636
File: 68 KB, 636x472, ploy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

R07 intention with the closed rooms was letting Toshiaki find a girlfriend, prove me wrong

>> No.5961638

Spam Ryukishi's inbox demanding this idea.

>> No.5961646


Were you expecting Kyrie to simply kill due to "LOL SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN SO LETS GO KILL OUR FAMILY"

>> No.5961651


Scary how long that fanart has been around for

>> No.5961655

Yeah right. All of the Kyriefags were completely wrong about her. They all though she was some kind of criminal mastermind, when Rudolf is just as much the culprit as she is and neither of them had any plans in the first place.

>> No.5961661

>I didn't actually have anything figured out by EP1-EP2, but now that I know the answer it was totally obvious.

>> No.5961673
File: 1.94 MB, 2276x2874, 12638780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bern may be a cruel bitch but damn she looks fucking great with a scythe

>> No.5961681

Guys, were autosaging. We need a new thread

>> No.5961683


Not that guy, but it was obvious that there are two groups of killers. The one that planned everything with the twilights, letters and Beatrice. And the other that took advantage of the situation. ShKanon was the obvious candidate for the leader of the first group, and Kyrie for the second group.

It was all obvious from the first two episodes alone.

To be honest I stopped caring about the mystery part of Umineko after EP3 and were just enjoying the fantasy part and creepiness.

>> No.5961685

Is that scythe really canon? I haven't gotten up to any Bern fighting Will parts yet.

>> No.5961686


SHould have foresee that with Erika

>> No.5961693


I just cared about the story and the characters

>> No.5961698


It's canon

>> No.5961699
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>> No.5961703
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I will never get raped by Bern...

>> No.5961706
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>> No.5961707


Luckily no one will. Except for Lambda

>> No.5961738


I figured out almost all by EP3, but then Ryu added so much crazy shit I started doubting my theories and making up weird shit like murderous Maria or Jessica the crazy lesbian.

Looks like the first thought is always the best.

>> No.5961748

>murderous Maria

Add a crazy Gohda accomplice and i'd have preffered this to happen in the EP7 tea party instead

>> No.5961756

>Bern taunts Will with the same "come, I'll play with you" line that Rika did to Rena in Higurashi
>my face

>> No.5961764

New thread: >>5961758

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