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Touhou feet thread.

Socks are fine, but bare feet are even better.

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>bare feet are even better

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I still can't understand this fetish. I've tried many times, but with no success. Somebody help me!

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Thighhighs are the best~
Though it doesn't matter that much to me.

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Just a fetish bro. Some people have it, others dont.

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The more incomprehensible a fetish is, the better.

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Archetypes doujins did it for me

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What Toohoo has the smelliest feet

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Here. Can you fuck off now? Or try /c/. Or /e/. I don't care.

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You don't want to rub Ran's feet?

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But she floats everywhere so probably doesn't sweat a lot.

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Me too, and how. They made me love black socks and hosiery.

I hate using memes, but... LOL U MAD? Those places have pics, but none of the continuous discussion. I bet touching Kaguya's soles must feel like silk.

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have some cirnofeet

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herpderp nobody's allowed to like things I don't herp

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I am mad. Your thread is absolute shit and the discussion in it is pooshlmer level. Just fuck off.

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Maybe massaging Yuyuko's feet will make you feel less frustrated.

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>Images on an image board

That's right, Larry, tell that newfag off!

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There are far worse. Want me to start one as an example?

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I lol at your bitter faggotry and fart in your general direction.

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Excuse me? Can't hear you, I have too many feet in my mind.

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Or you could just ignore the thread.

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Now THERE'S an idea!

Seriously, why do people like >>5943495 exist? If they see something they don't like/don't care about, why can't you press the fucking hide button, asshat?

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Touhou foot worship is so rare. ;_;

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You are trying too hard to blend in and show off your e-peen. Just keep your profile low first, junior, or some major cyber-bully will take place, and I'm not the one who would do that though. Just mark my words.

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I just wonder why everyone on /jp/ can't tolerate anyone else. [stupidquestion]

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Ohhh, my feet are so tired after chasing Chen around all day... Could you make them feel better, anon?

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You can go to Gaia for that.

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This thread reeks of pooshlmer, shrinemaiden.org shit.

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Toeless socks are so hot.

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Oh you.

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Just say you don't like feet already. Not need to post like a 12 year-old.

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We've had a lot of Touhou feet threads before, bub. Unless you're talking about the new tripfriends, in which case, yes.

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Like they wouldn't overlap in content posted.

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Did you come from /a/?

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Tokusatsu feet, anyone? Have some Rika Satoh.

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Someone with a sense of humor and can see the fucked up shape that so many of the boards are in?

bitch please

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Everyone knows NEETs don't bathe.

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If that's chocolate, sure...

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Barefeet turn me off for some reason.
I prefer my feet to be covered.

They're cuter that way.

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I like 'em both, but I think you can see their beauty better when they're exposed.

You can see their shape, redness and the whole cute features. This is what the fetish is about.

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Cirno's feet must taste like a popsicle. Yum!

She better not be wearing any shes in Fairy Wars...

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This thread is NOT cool. Its doing nothing but making you look bad.

Furthermore fetishes are for kids who just discovered sex and its making you all look underage.

Please stop.

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You people are insane. There is NOTHING attractive about feet.

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>fetishes are for kids who just discovered sex and its making you all look underage.
You just went full retard
Also funny coming from someone who does nothing but shitpost

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>\oдo/ !C.A.Tdb5RI

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Then why are feet so sexy, huh?

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I don't like feet but I can see why people like them. They're ticklish.

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I don't remember saying anything funny.

And how dare you? I try very hard not to make any bad post. I try very hard into making /jp/ into otaku friendly community where everyone will be liked and respected.

Meanies ;_;

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Because you have a mental disorder.

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do i have to call the cat again or are you going to behave

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I do hope you learn to lurk more you fucking aspie.

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Thats it im going to /a/ again. This same shit happened year ago. You just wont be friendly to your local buddies.

Remember this, I only wanted to help you and make this place better.

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And nothing of value was lost.

Serious you think too highly of yourself. In that case you better go back and circlejerk on /a/.

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>years ago

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bye tripfag. hope you father catches you watching anime and beats the shit out of you

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I only do that because my contest of my posts are better than your average anon. Besides my identity is important.
Hey im not lying. I would tell you who i was but I cannot due to mean moderators. But i can say that my each thread I posted got spammed by some mean dude named nameles fairy.

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>mean moderators.
Reported for ban evasion.
Enjoy your permanent ban faggot.

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omicron delta omicron? Izzat some frat you belong to?

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Man, this has to be the worst kind of troll. Can't they just insult our tastes instead of this shit?

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I got banned year ago, people like you are the reason im not anonymous.

Don't worry we can talk after you get some learning comprehension in your head.
I would never do that. I like Cirno, I just dislike your fetishes and ways you pollute pure lands of toohoo.

You are making it less enjoyable for me and its my duty to stop it!

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>my contest of my posts are better than your average anon

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>people like you are the reason im not anonymous.
Wait, how does that work?

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Wow, you must be, like, four hundred pounds of autismic.

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It works like this basically:

I don't want to be mistaken by some bad anonymous so I have identity to avoid this. Besides I care about my posts and its easy to find them this way.

And trips are made to be used, ain't I right?

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Reported for spamming.

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Why in hell would you like feet, they are disgusting. Theres no justification for this shit.

sage for sick people

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This is almost too retarded to comment on.

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Getting nervous? Or its just hard to type in darkness of your basement?
Reported for rule violation.

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Is this a troll? The statement is just so retarded that even a troll wouldn't say it so I'm not sure anymore.

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>Reported for rule violation.
Well shit, looks like kid's learning something from us. But really the way you keep coming back for insults, it's like you're some kind of shitposting M.

Pretty disgusting if you ask me.

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I like trips too. Makes it so much easier to report all your posts.