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which touhou do you have the most similar hairstyle to

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That male Touhou... Wriggle I think?

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I guess.

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I have hair-over-the-eyes moe like Yuuka

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Yorihime, because I'm a faggot.

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But i have spiky short hair.

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Socrates, I guess.
Not that I'm a cat or anything (nor am I a catgirl).

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Marisa I guess. Mine's not that curly though.

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Yeah, like that.

I believe I showed /jp/ awhile before.

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I bet you don't feel oriental at all.

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I have short black hair. Who is like that?

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Holy jesus what time is it I am extremely high.gif

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It's time to be moe as fuck and write cool stories.

You know you want to.

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I wish my hair was like Suwako's

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>be moe as fuck
>tell cool stories

>Yuka's known for telling lies most of the time, as canonically shown in her story mode in PoFV.
>Yuka's very low speed (focused and normal) in PoFV has become a small running gag among some folks.

>slow moving
>tells cool stories
>loves plants

hell yeah

we are making it happen

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I don't think there's a single Touhou that has long hair but doesn't have bangs.

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Come on, write a cool story about Yuuka. Rude titties was a best-seller, I'm sure you can come up with something just as good.

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ah damnit did he finish Rude titties?

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I guess she works, thanks.

Still shorter in the front but close enough.

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Search them on the archive.
tsunami of tits

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All of the ones I can think of have bangs. I don't have any bangs, just straight hair down to my shoulders.
As a matter of fact, I can't think of any anime-style female character that doesn't have bangs. What's up with that?

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The one with the pony tail and beard.

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I can think of a few.
I think it's reserved for ghost type characters, because it's considered creepy to obscure the eyes or something.

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(i'm bald)

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Totally forgot about her. I knew there had to be a ponytail Touhou out.

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Style: Alice
Color: China

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Whichever one has short hair

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>No afro touhous

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I had Yuka style hair for 5 years.

Now I'm like this MAN AYA.

I plan to let it grow back to Yuka length.

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Brown, barely covering ears. Figure it out for me while I'm out.

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None of the touhou characters have short messy curly hair

so none

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You must be one hell of a ugly fucker. Your country is a shithole anyway, so no wonder.

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Marisa when I was a loli
Now it's kind of like Byakuren's, top layers are dyed brown while the underneath layers are blonde.

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A lot like Alice, but dark brown (at the moment, it's dyed red with a shit-load of re-growth)

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Though I wish I'll get my Patchy hair someday.

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none of the touhoes have very short (like 5 mm) hair, so none.

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Except part of the front is dyed blonde.