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This is pretty fun

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Hey look, another Mario clone.

What sets this apart from the other thousand ones?

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Marisa dressed as Reimu, hello?

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>is amused

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Have they fixed the horrible controls from Super Marisa Land?

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Where's my Rosenkreuzstilette? ffs japan :/

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Name and link to download please

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DDL where?

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How the hell do I change the resolution? The window is so tiny.

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that fucking maze in the second castle

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>Doujin game
>Changing resolution

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I got the pattern.

Down, up for the first part
Second part is up, down, down, up

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yep, it took me a while to figure it out, but I got troll'd by Tewi... fucking game gives you 0.0000001 sec of invincibility after being hit

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dammit its not working for me anybody got a different link

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its working you just have to try it over and over again

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I got it from http://www.mediafire.com/?pn9xst1h10h9lu8
and it works

fucking flying Cirnos

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So I've been trying to get it since it was linked and then I tried on Chrome and it went through instantly. Probably has no connection but oh well.

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Another download link for you guise, worked for me.

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Shit, now I think I've spent more time playing Super Marisa World than I have Fairy Wars.

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I KNEW IT when I saw the water stages!.

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Is the art by Mota?

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Shitty controls, but the music, sprites and art all are great.

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Sweet! Downloading.

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None of the DL links are working for me. Is mediafire fucked or something?

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Anyone got a link to dl the first Super Marisa Land?

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Loving this game so far, but I have two questions:

1) I noticed you can buy a bunch of lives since the stars are so plentiful, so if you run out is it like complete game over or do you just go back to your last save point?

2) What the FUCK do I do here? I must be stupid because I really can't figure it out. Pic related.

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How the hell do you get to 2-3? I'm missing something here.

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Same problem here.

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if you die, you go back to your last save point.

and, you need to find the secret path (blue balloon at the end)

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Alright, why do I have no backgrounds, only pitch black? I know, /jp/, not tech-support, but any idea how should I fix it?

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What the fuck, heroines aren't supposed to have breasts.

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dem pads....

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Pads do not work that way

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Never played super mario world?

I didn't even play the game yet and I can tell you this: Look for an hidden exit.

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>reaches Bamboo Forest of the Lost
>carrot get
>okay let's see what Reisen cosplay enables
>let's me hover in-air for a split second
It is just me or is this useless? Or am I using it wrong?

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Holy shit is that Yukari Power?

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I haven't played it yet, but I'm thinking it increases horizontal jumping range. If it's stage-specific then there is probably some long jump there that will get you something cool.

I'm thinking like princess from Mario 2; her trick was that she hovered in the air for a while instead of falling straight down quickly when jumped. It's also good for avoiding obstacles on the ground.

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That's what I though too, and while there is an increase it's very small. And you can jump really far by running and jumping already so yeah. Oh well I haven't played this for very long so maybe it'll all clear itself up.

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peach was broken as fuck in super mario bros 2.
wart? just float behind him and he doesn't hit you.

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You need to use the carrot power to find hidden exits to complete world 2.

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You need to install App Locale to play it. And I can not install that because I need to install the compatibility with japanese language, and I can't do that in my windows.

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Okay, I'll make sure to not ditch the carrot for my green tea by that time then.

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All the crouching sprites are adorable.

I agree that the controls need enhancing but the visuals in this game are lovely. That alone makes me keep playing.

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This game looks great so I tried searching around the internet for -,―□□¹,Æ,U,Â,̃LƒmƒR for a few hours with no luck and now I'm tired. I'll try again later.
I hope I can play this soon, it does look fun. Thanks for making the thread OP.

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how do i pause game?!

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or you just search the comiket threads.... theres numerous links for it there

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this boss is fucking awesome

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I still can't get the second maze in the bamboo castle. I know its up down down up, but I dont know WHERE i should be going down and up

I need like a chart or something

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i loled

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This game is fuckin impossible. It took me two tries to 1cc EASY. I haven't even looked at Lunatic yet.

I love it anyway. This makes up for UFO, ZUN.

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You guys all found the secret exit in 1-2, right?

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What? No, where is it?

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So is there any benefit to collecting all of the red stars except to give some sort of replay value?

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You'd have to be suicidal to find that.

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Now all we need is a Samus game starring Utsuho and a Kirby one with Yuyuko or Marisa and we're set.

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Now all we need is a Metroid game starring Utsuho and a Kirby one with Yuyuko or Marisa and we're set.

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>end of stage
>pop the balloon
>stars come flying out
fuck yeah

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It appears there is a patch for this game already. Check tasofro site.

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You get to unlock a new playable character if you get every single one. Actually I don't know, but I hope it'd be something cool like that.

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Isn't a Kirby clone with Sanae coming out actually?

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I first thought of a slut joke with sucking, then felt bad about it.

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For the Nth time, that wasn't an actual game.

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This game is too cute
I can't handle it

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Am I the only one who doesn't get backgrounds to show up on stages? All the levels have black backgrounds for me.

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Um I also need help

I've tried everything I could think of, no luck yet

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where's the secret passage in world 2 stage 2?

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Is the patch supposed to have a new .exe file? I don't see any.

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Jump into the last body of water before the goal. Go into the pipe. Achieve success

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up near where the red and gold stars are, there's a fake wall on the other side, bring the blue thingy there back to the start of the maze and stomp on it. it'll show you the way through

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I knew that thing had to serve a purpose other than just more stars

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Thnx Yukarin, you're doll

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just doin' my job

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So are the Yakumos in this game or what?

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I just can't kill the juggling fairies in level 1... Too fucking cute ;_;

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According to the readme,
> 6kinoko_c.datを6kinoko.exeのあるフォルダにコピーしてください
apparently. What.

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does anyone know all the power ups in the game?

also fuck those flying diayouseis in 2-1

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There's another secret entrance in Stage 6 of the Bamboo Forest, in case anyone didn't find it.

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Really though, jumping on Rinnosukes head is amusing me more than it should.

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Nevermind, I don't think it's that secret

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Tasofro only released 2/3 of the game and patched the third part as kinoko_c.dat later on?

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...That's amazing.

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Okay I suck

I still can't find it ;_; Can I have a screen-cap or something?

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I was hoping that if you pushed him all the way down it would lead to a secret passage or something.

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Uh, a little help please?

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How the fuck do I pass this level?

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I'm stuck on that too. Don't know what the fuck you're supposed to do.

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Stay on the bottom and jump the hole, then jump up top after you pass the 10 brown bricks above you. It's a mario-style maze where you gotta take the right path.

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There is a correct way to pass through that, if you hear the "wrong" sound you have to start all over again.(Do not go back, keep going and the level will loop.)
Trial and error gameplay is so fun guise! herp derp

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worked, thanks

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So I passed that, and there's immediately another fucking puzzle, and I'm running out of time. Awesome.

>> No.5937009

There's something that shows the correct path through the second puzzle if you look hard enough.

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Is there any way to play this with a controller or something? The default controls are god-awful.

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Ah, gotcha. Didn't even think of that.

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Fairly certain this is right.

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I just plugged in my logitech dualaction and it worked fine. All I did was swap the menu button to be the X button and the O button to be the action, and put thr shitty menu button as triangle and it made it much easier to run and jump.

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use xpadder

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Stupid question: how do you save?

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Buy one from Rinnosuke.

>> No.5937152

Buy the "save" item from Kourin, it saves automatically every time you but one.

>> No.5937155

Get access to a shop and buy it for 50 stars.

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I was about to download this... But then I remembered I was booted into Linux at the moment.
I am slightly disappointed, but then again, it's probably just as insipid as all the other Mario clones.

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after seeing this, i felt bad for all the juggling faries i killed.

juggle on little fairy, juggle on

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Anyone took a screenshot of the Mazinger-looking thing Patchy used.

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What did she eat to end up like that

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wrong file

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I was talking about Okuu but okay

Shit just got awesome

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>this game

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ugh... i think i just came from awesome...

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So, how long until we see Super Marisa 64?

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Oh shit, now I'm downloading.

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What happens when you collect all the red stars?

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So Reimu, Reisen, Suwako, Yukari

any more special forms? I'm still stuck on the scarlet castle

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Okay so what I am supposed to do when I reach the second boss? Kill the Tewi with the mushroom or not kill the Tewi with the mushroom?

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Kill Mushroom Tewi 3 times.

>> No.5937601

That helps.

That I seem to suck at this game isn't helping though. It's like Splatter Faith all over again ;_;

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I know which one are you talking about.

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Is there a bonus for pounding Mannosuke's head?

>> No.5937647

what the

I actually don't think that was Yukari, more like "adult" Marisa.

>> No.5937650

Just got past the SDM. I just know i'm missing a bunch of stages in this game.

>> No.5937684


Kirby UFO?

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Always hard at work

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Meh... why can't we get a mario clone where marisa doesn't handle like a greasy pig?

If it's still gonna have that.. might as well play super marisa world for the far superior music.

>> No.5937789

That is the Exact word I was going to use. Good.

>> No.5937803

And Komachi gave not a single fuck that day about the madness going on around her.

>> No.5937834

I think that we are going to see porn of that titty monster Marisa power up quite soon.

>> No.5937838

I hope so.

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I know weird right

>> No.5937881


That stage on the far left is teasing me
they give you Super Marisa
but no time to finish the stage

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Rinno's new hat.

>> No.5937907

You get more super marisas throughout the stage, you have to keep chaining them while running to the right.

>> No.5937911

Why is Suwako always the cutest thing ever, even when it's Marisa?
I could watch a gif of her hopping around all day

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>> No.5937960

What Hat do I need to get to that?

>> No.5937966

So what the crap is that thing that activates reimu mode anyways?

Looks like a jar of green stuff to me.

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Is it possible to play this with a gamepad?

>> No.5937989


Disregard this post I'm an idiot.

>> No.5938002


Isn't it a tea cup?

>> No.5938018

roll the snow ball at the begining of the level to get through that door its a short cut see

>> No.5938034


Yes it is, I use a gamepad for it.

>> No.5938037

It's tea.

>> No.5938077

finally beat the Sexy Mode Marisa stage. her breasts made me die many a times

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you can get unlimited lives if you just keep playing the very first level over and over again and doing a full jump combo on that really long line of fairies

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>doing a full jump combo on that really long line of fairies
It's much easier to just kick that FOE thing at them.

>> No.5938345

I haven't read the thread.

Is this fairy wars?

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I can't open the file. It says the program can't start because d3dx9_33.dll is missing from my computer and says to reinstall.

I don't get it. I just have two .DAT files and the thumbnail of the game (application; which I clicked)

what do I do? I really want to play this.

>> No.5938402

Set your browser to www.google.com

Search for d3dx9_33.dll


Place in directory of game/dll directory

This should have been the first thing you did.

>> No.5938403


How THE FUCK do you get to the boss in the castle after the myon/youmu battle? I've been in the castle trying to find the way through forever!

>> No.5938412

How about getting d3dx9_33.dll then if you're missing it?

>> No.5938419

But I don't have a game directory. I just have the files on my desktop. There was no setup.

>> No.5938431

Put it in System32 then.

Seriously, this would have been solved already if you just had googled the dll.

>> No.5938432

yes, I'm playing with mine. though you may have yo configure the buttons to get used to the game though

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HOLY FUCK, suddenly, troll mode activated.

remember my words, you WILL RAGE at the first stage of the last world, fucking trampoline.

fuck, I lost 11 lives to that shit wtf man

>> No.5938451

Dem flying fairies in world 3, man... I've only died once in the first two worlds, but the first stage has made me die 9 times ;_;

>> No.5938454

Ok. I got the application to open.

But then it crashes after I click my way through the two moonrune boxes.

>> No.5938459


Still needs an answer, what do I do?

>> No.5938463

This blows I really want to play this. Should I really be placing it in sys32? It opened when the dll was in the same folder.

>> No.5938464

What moonrune boxes

Use Applocale

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How to complete this castle?

>> No.5938495

A window popped up saying I didn't have an app that was needed to install it. Wow my computer is fucked.

>> No.5938505

i have New Super Marisa Land, but i can't navigate any menus. when i start a game though, the arrows work fine for moving around. however if i pause, i can't leave the screen and get stuck. halp???

>> No.5938509

It's not fair. I really wanted to play this. Not only that but I don't even have the application to download the application to read why the application doesn't work.

>> No.5938515

>That fucking Hakugyokurou Dungeon

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Yeah, we get it. You don't know how to use a computer.


>> No.5938523

I love the art in this game
I need a full pic of mature marisa

>> No.5938531

The controls feel a bit jittery, or it is just me being sucky at this game.
But I like the art and the music, so I keep on playing.

>> No.5938540

Fuck you I downloaded then opened the .exe what part of that did I mess up on? NONE.

>> No.5938545

Extract the .dll file into the game folder.
How did you manage to fuck up on this???

>> No.5938546


I am still completely out of ideas on how to finish this castle level. What am I supposed to do? All the doors end up bringing you back to the beginning of the level!

>> No.5938557

What do I do in 4 Level where you get super marisa at the beginning then you get that damn trampoline and it wont let you jump high enough?

>> No.5938566


Read the thread. You need to keep getting more super marisa musrooms throughout the level to make it through! You just plow through the walls, disregard the trampolines.

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>The controls feel a bit jittery, or it is just me being sucky at this game.
No, the controls are lacking.
>But I like the art and the music, so I keep on playing.
I love Mota art style.
And my penis will always be grateful for creating this.

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File: 4 KB, 94x102, WTFSERIOUSLY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I've tried every door, rubbed against every wall (To only get stars, whoopee)

To top it off, it all leads back to the beginning.


>> No.5938632
File: 159 KB, 656x518, dat fucking star.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dat fucking 6th star

Anyone know where it's hiding?

>> No.5938644

1. go to the long hall and use the 3rd door from left to right.... then I don't remember what was next but you can't get lost... until you reach the door on the upper right corner of the stage, take the blue sphere with you, go left until you find the falling bucket, use the sphere and go left trough a hidden passage, use the blue door that should appear and that should be it...


well, I'm going to try again and see if I can get past the fucking trollpoline....

ps:sorry about my english.

>> No.5938670

Has the music been ripped yet?

>> No.5938673


Finally found it, thank you!

>> No.5938679

>>5938632 here
Found it... What a very clever hiding spot.

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No Chou Marisa upgrade? Come on guys

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well, it was fun.

you can enter your own house after defeating the last boss... and jump on the credits... there is a secret life hidden after that...

>> No.5938789

Is there any point to the lives system? It sends you back to the worldmap, powerup-less, and doesn't even save the Red Stars you collected.
I've just been resetting the game every time I died.

>> No.5938798


still need help. plugging in a controller also did nothing.

>> No.5938805 [DELETED] 

also this thread is now autosaging

>> No.5938813

So how long until we get porn of Super-Marisa?

Her jigging is incredibly erotic

>> No.5938838


the last boss is incredibly stupid.

>> No.5938864

I must say this game actually by far exceeded my original expectations, the game is actually solid, it's been a long time since I played a Platformer I have enjoyed to this extent.
It reminds me when Yoshi's island was new, who grew to become my favorite platformer of my SNES days.
Good times.

>> No.5938880

Whoever complains about the controls can't play Mario for shit.

>> No.5938924

Why did Marisa even need that many mushrooms?

>> No.5938952


Yeah, the controls aren't great, but anybody who has played enough Mario and platformers in general should find it at least bearable.

>> No.5938989

There is no mushroom in this stage, right?
Or I am missing something?

>> No.5938999
File: 11 KB, 275x183, images..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5939134
File: 38 KB, 372x500, fuck-you-ball.thumbnail[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hopping around
>Jump on ghost ball thing (Koopa Troopa clone)
>Bounce into a ravine
>My face

>> No.5939243
File: 113 KB, 646x509, nope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck this game.
No, seriously, screw it. I don't want to play it anymore. I don't ever want to try care about levels like this anymore, nor did I care about them back in SMW or SMB, I don't remember exactly. Fuck. It. Not even super sexy Marisa can make me want to play it again.

Also, have a bump for more discussion.

>> No.5939261

That part was bullshit.
That and the boat.

>> No.5939268

>super sexy marisa
You mean Super baba Marisa?

>> No.5939289

ha, just wait for the stage when you are on a moving platform over an abyss and FAERIES, FAERIES EVERYWHERE.

>> No.5939302

The Marisa that reminds me I need to fap to something drawn by Arekishi again.

>> No.5939304

those were always my favorite stages in the marios

>> No.5939317
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>> No.5939323
File: 45 KB, 639x474, flyingdaiyouseiseverywhere.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im on the this one and im stuck, fuck those flying daiyouseis.

>> No.5939352 [DELETED] 


there is another one later in the game with the entire level being on a MOVING PLATFORM

>> No.5939419

Stuck on Sexy Marisa level.

9 times out of 10 I fall right into that pit during the second mushroom. When I actually stop myself to jump over it, the form runs out before I can break the block for the next one.

It seems I've hit a brick wall.

>> No.5939464

You'll get used to it. Sexy form give extra lives just like starmen in SMB, just keep the chain up.
The balls that the fairies juggle count as enemies so ram into them an keep moving. Also empty blocks can be destroyed in sexy form if you jump into them, this is a big time saver.

>> No.5939524


I tried this and wound up at a place with a different blue sphere. At which point I realized I was lost just like before...

>> No.5939656

yeah that was one fucking tricky spot.

>> No.5939841
File: 25 KB, 490x267, disappointed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my face when I can't play along with my /jp/ bros cause my pc fucked up and I'm stuck with a fucking mac for the time being.

>> No.5939928
File: 142 KB, 638x478, NSMW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm missing stages 3, 5 and probably the shop from this area, any idea where can I find the secret exits?

>> No.5939935

I'll play along with you if you know what I mean

>> No.5939973

Is this game actually hard or you're all mentally challenged? Because if it's not the retardation, I might try it.

>> No.5939990

The game is surprisingly hard.

>> No.5939991

im stuck on level 1

>> No.5939998

But part of it is the wonky jumping controls.

>> No.5940044
File: 421 KB, 1614x1620, 116-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Normal Marisa
French Marisa/Yukarisa
Marisen Udongein Kirisame

Anyone else?

>> No.5940116

the secret exit is at stage 1.

>> No.5940541

I finally beat the final boss. Both It and the final stage managed to whittle me down to two lives out of 30, big bit of advice to all, You can't save after the you beat the flying ship/Nue until you beat BOTH the last stage and the last boss, so bring in as many extra lives as you can, you are gonna need em.

>> No.5940541,1 [INTERNAL] 

Help me out guys, from which part of the bamboo forest 1 do i jump near the end and use Reirisa to get to the exit 2?