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hey /jp/ do any of you have a Tenga? I came across them the other day and there really cheap so i thought i would give em a try. I came here cause i seen some sex toy threads here before and heard it was from japan, and thought this was a good place to come to about this. so /jp/ thumps up or down? and which version should i get?

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and you can pop the inside out and clean it very easly, it's not a one time use thing.

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Waste of money, you can make perfectly fine onaholes from normal household items.

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how many times can i use it until it tears and stuff?

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Whatever you do, make sure you fill it with a little bit of water and freeze it. It's like you're defiling Cirno!

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as much as you want.

The only thing that tears is the thin part that connects it to the plastic housing.

You need to rip that anyway to clean it, just use a rubber band to re attach it.

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ok thanks mr. trip man. Ill buy one next month. which version do you have? i've seen like 6 different ones

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this wouldn't be near as funny if I wasn't sure that someone here has done it

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Lip service.

You can control the suction with it.

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k thanks again

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That is genius.

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Is that your contraption and hand, boof?

I... uh... wow.

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Good god man, you'll tear your dick off!

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I only worried about my scrotum.

>ball bearing
not for long...

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>Using power tools around my penis
Sounds like a great idea.

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>Waste of money, you can make perfectly fine onaholes from normal household items.
I tried several guides and the result was always shit.
Household stuff just doesn't have that texture. Rubbing your cock against low quality plastic, not so great.

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He just did it to get attention in /jp/, don't worry.

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>waste of money

I've managed to make something vaguely tenga-like out of some rolled up socks and a condom, true, but what the tenga affords you is easier cleanup and a better sensation. (if you are sensitive enough to feel the difference) On a shoestring budget though, yes, homemade ones are the best way to experience the pleasure of cumming inside.

What I really want to get is one of the "whole ass" ones that you put on the floor / on a bed / over a table and fuck the living shit out of, because it's actually pretty awesome exercise doing fuck-push-ups and generally keeping up a serious rhythm of thrusting. Sitting there pushing a tenga onto your dick, not so much. Might as well get some exercise while I'm fapping, right?

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I tried just the tip.

But the lube was overwhelmed and friction kicked in.

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THose whole ass one lookfuckin GODTEIR.But they run in the 100's. I wouldn't mind some of those bible black toys though.

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>Thermal breakdown

Looks like you need to step it up a notch

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I'm...gonna need a guide.

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>(offtopic ad crap)

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The novelty of an onahole fades away really fast, but it was great in the beginning.

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Even after the novelty wears off, it still feels good man.

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It never wore off for me. I just got paranoid about lube usage so I started using it less. First it was once a week, then it was once every few weeks, but now it seems like it's once every month or two.

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Hey guys, I own both a tenga flip hole and a fleshlight, and if you want a toy to fuck, the fleshlight just feels a lot better...trust me on this.

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