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What /jp/ related things have you done today?

I've been playing FES for the past 14 hours.

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I earned $714.00.

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I've been going back over Tsukihime.

Goddamn I almost forgot Arc's speech about what she'll do to Shiki...

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Shit man that's a lot of cock.

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watching niconico, listening to vidya game music

currently 2-19_-_bombardment_2.mp3 (skies of arcadia)

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I've been watching Heroes for the past 5 hours, and my favorite characters so far are the Japanese dudes.

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I found this movie on DVD.

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I've hated on Canada. I've also been using sageru instead of sage in that one huge troll thread.

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just browsing /jp/, about to go watch Shugo Chara ...

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bandwagon hoppan gaems

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Wondering why mods keep deleting discussion threads.

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Because mods are faggots.

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Please don't say it was the dub.
Please don't say it was the dub.
Please don't say it was the dub.
Please don't say it was the dub.
Please don't say it was the dub.
Please don't say it was the dub.

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What was wrong with the dub?

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Browsing /jp/, netplaying people in various games. About to go read some more of 11eyes.

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Been replaying Tsukihime.

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It was the dub. I'm making a rapidshit file.

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I just wanted say I really enjoyed that recently deleted thread. We had a pretty good discussion about the state of 4chan, one of the best I've ever had. When that other anon came on and said he was leaving because 4chan wasn't a place for 'us' anymore, well, it kind of hit a chord with me. The 4chan I remember is becoming a memory and evidence that it once existed is becoming ever more scarce on a day to day basis of browsing the boards.

So I just wanted to thank all of you, I chose /jp/ to say this to because, well for one it's one of the 3 boards I lurk and it's the smallest out of those 3, but also, I get the feeling this is where a lot of the vanguard of the old 4chan holed themselves up.

For the most part, it's been an awesome 2 and a half years here. And it was oldfags such as you guys that were responsible for that.

So thanks for all the memories guys, and keep those power levels high (though concealed).

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Me too. I was pissed off when I got back from watching a moontube video and all the good meta threads had been deleted. Mods = fags. Why the fuck do we even have mods? They have literally never once deleted anything on this board that should've been deleted, only things that should've been left the fuck alone. Fucking saboteurs.

inb4 thread deletion and ban

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Getting used to the anchor system.

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I remember reading that thread a few nights ago. /jp/ should have archived it.

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Should we email moot again?

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Another 2005'er?

One of the greatest regrets of my life was not that I didn't pursue female love more vigorously in school, but that I fucking heard about 4chan 2 years after it's inception. I would have loved to have been around when it launched.

What was it like in it's infancy /jp/?

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Seriously, I remember this one time some anon posted some lolicon on /jp/, it took FOREVER for it to get deleted. And if anyone remembers that Sakuya scat thread, I think that lasted for a while too. I mean wtf is going on seriously.

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>714 mb

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Sakuya scat? And I didn't see it!?
It's probably because people have figured out the times when there are no mods, like way back when /a/ used to get flooded with shock pictures every night.

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Mods should just allow one off topic thread or something like that.

I mean, it's like the war on drugs, they're never going to 'win'.

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>Sakuya scat thread
What? When?

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Admittedly, I don't think it's a bad thing when promotions last forever, but it's such bullshit when no one does any modding unless there's a decent thread full of discussion to delete. I think /jp/ has no mods or janitors at all, just some faggot mod from /a/ or /b/ or someplace wanders in every once in a while when he hears about a thread badmouthing his board.

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I think it was sometime last week, I dunno

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Do mods ever post anonymously?

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Moot himself can be a cunt at times, dont forget. I seriously am beginning to despise moot, but the sheer fucking luck for him in 'mainstreaming' 4chan and getting all those jew golds as a result.... And dont think for a minute that moot gives a shit about the fact normalfags destroyed some of the best staple boards 4chan had to offer. On the contrary, he's happy about it. Then he comes along every once in a while, makes a promise he never keeps, deletes a few threads, because, you know, that NEVER gets old! Not even after he's done it for the 50,000th time - It's still as 'hilarious' as the first.

Fuck moot.

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"Something's Threatening the Internet! We need your help!".

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That reminds me, what the hell happened with the whole RP deal? The sticky just got deleted without a word. It's probably because they know the RPer's have a place to do their thing, but if they're gonna do nothing they might as well let us know right?

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Recruit a team of pre-teens with attitude!

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It was bloody unstable early on. Every so often the servers would crash or Moot would run out of money(how many even remember meximoot now?). Massive migrations and counter-migrations between rival sites as each in turn keeled over under the load of the combined userbase. The occasional shitty drama. OS-tan threads. Marimite threads. The only invasions I can remember from that time involved habbos and hotels. There were also moments of brilliance like shii's anonymous manifesto and iichan's wakaba/kareha software. The best part though, was being able to start a thread in /a/ in the morning and still have it alive in the back pages when you got home in the evening.

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They all left. The few that stayed went to /th/ unfortunately.

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The RP'ers shat up the board something fierce and the mods probably realized they didn't need to do anything if we kicked them out ourselves.

Gensokyo Man, alicefags and the rest can burn in hell.

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ah, meximoot. I thought that was really him for the longest time.

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Never indulged in the RP threads myself but never had a problem with them. They were quite interesting, a /jp/ phenomenon.

Dont know about the sticky and where it went. We were never given an explanation.

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lol, me too. He looked about right for someone who would own this shithole, too.

Real moot looks like a normalfag. Must be why he likes them so much.

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Everytime I see his pretty boy face in pics I just want to smack the living shit out of the guy.

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RPfags are like weeds, though. You might think some of them are alright but if you let them gain a foothold they will choke out everything else with their faggotry. Plus once you condone RPing you get the people that flock to such things, people from places like Gaia and probably the current /a/. I really wouldn't mind an occasional RPfag thread, my distaste for them aside, but you can't give them the slightest bit of acceptance or it's all over. At least they don't bother anyone once they have their own place to go.

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It's the slippery slope syndrome, same with normalfaggotry. You can't fault the logic I guess.

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lol I wouldn't say he isn't a troll, in fact I agree with him for the most part. I didn't mind the GM threads, in fact I actually participated in a few. But what I DID NOT like were the 5 threads every 30 mins going "Where's GM?!?!?! OMG IS HE DED?!?! ASDSDFASDDUGQIHEWRFKDFD."

Alice squeezing threads were 100% pure faggotry, nuff said.

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4chan would make for an interesting study in the profitability of general-purpose websites. Initially with a small circle of users, it was a hobby project with minimal costs. As popularity grows, hosting and bandwidth costs increase sharply, but if you try to make back some money in a passive method like ad hosting, there is a wide "valley of destitution" to cross. For a long time, the costs created by the increasing traffic surge ahead of the revenue received from the page views and click throughs generated by the traffic. Then one day, a magical threshold is reached by the rising traffic and the site starts paying for itself, maybe even getting to the point where one can earn a living from it.

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Right, if the GM fags kept it in one thread it would've been as ignorable as 3D pig disgusting threads. But no, they had to whine and complain when it went to sleep or middle school or whatever and have circlejerks about what fine writing it was to be thrown in a lake. Wow, superb. As a writefag myself, it was painful to read. It wasn't even fun to read while eating. HURR DURR I THINK THIS'LL GET US THROWN IN A LAKE AGAIN. And then came the imitations. Oh god, the imitations. Just because you can hold a pencil does not an artist make. Just because you can type does not a writer make.

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Hence the reason RP threads were ultimately doomed to failure. At their heart, they were fanfic. And fanfic attracts some of the worst, in terms of annoying, self-centered, desperate people so socially dysfunctional they can't even grasp the social norms of an internet message board.

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I've always wondered, where do RPers come from / hang out? How did they find out about this place?

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Well Gaia to name one of the many places, I have an IRL friend who went to Gaia just for 'The world ends with you' RP. I really don't know other RP sites, and I don't care to find out either.

And let's not forget that 4chan is one of the most top browsed sites on the internet (we got #5 I believe), So many people would know about this board. But what I don't know is what would attract someone to this board for RPing (I don't think they would anyway... or maybe not).

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Internet -> Gaia/Megatokyo/ANN/Animesuki/whereverthefuck -> /b/ or /a/ -> /jp/, I assume.

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Exactly, see what on earth would attract them to a place like /jp/? I mean you would think that they would stick to /b/ or /a/ or get chased off by anon right? And with newfag summer almost upon us, it makes me wonder if we're gonna take a major blow from it.

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I gathered with 4 other people and grinded tourney level MBAC for 6 hours.

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Don't most people at one point or another try out more or less all the boards, even if only for a second? I know if I was a weeaboo fresh out of Gaia I'd want to see what's up in /jp/ even if I was happy as a pig in shit in /a/.

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What a coincidence. I've been playing Nocturne for the past 14 hours.

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I been here for years and I only been to a/w/b/d/l/ Im sure I'm one of many, if not like most people.....

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Shit, me too.

Trying to beat the fucking Trumpeter right now.

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I'm only on Thor right now. He's hard when your main healer is weak to electricity. I think I'm just going to level up uzume 2 more levels to get her skills and then fuse her into that level 24 healer.

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Oh, come on. You never so much as misclicked /an/? Never even followed a cross-link to /v/? Not once?

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I went to best buy to buy the Lucky Star box set, but I decided not to, because I wouldn't have any money for food. Then I went to the Barnes and Noble next door to Best Buy, and I was looking for Shugo Chara vol. 2, but they didn't have it. I was going to buy jPod by Douglas Coupland, but said fuck it, since I could just torrent it or something.

Bought some Jones Raspberry Green Tea. Tasted like corn syrup, even though it used cane sugar.

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Don't know how, but I once got cross-boarded to /o/.

It's like /v/, but with cars. It was strange.

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I wonder if that was the same time I wound up at /o/. I remember getting cross-linked from /a/ to some weeaboo troll thing on /o/ that wound up with some of those freaks flooding back into /a/ with their strange Mazda related memes or whatever. Carfags are unfathomable to me.

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fate/stay night game for a solid 8 hours

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I've just been getting into Touhou in the past three days or so, I can almost single-credit Imperishable Night on easy mode now...got to Kaguya with a couple lives to spare this morning.

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I borrowed ragecorp's trip and went to town on /th/.

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Watching Sailor Moon subtitled for the first time in nearly seven years.

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Played Clannad, working my way through Kotomi's arc. So far, all the girls (except for the landlady) fail in comparison to Tomoyo.


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Watched Toshokan Sensou episode four, for the second time. Played the Quartett! OP a few times and wished it was finished being translated, fapped to Stainless Night, played Kinu's route in Tsuyokiss 2.

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...This is /jp/ related how?

I've been playing Days of Memories 2.

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Played the best hgame ever. Again.
You get to be an ex-manwhore who has a shit ton of money in the bank from being a filthy whore. Now you teach lolis (who want your cock) in the evening while going to a prestigious university. Then you end up getting a pet dog girl. Then you end up with a girlfriend. Then she gets a dog girl. Pets go into heat, wholesome family foursomes begin. As mating season continues you step in as a professional manwhore and end up fucking half the neighborhood, with your girlfriend and pets on the assist. Pic fucking related.

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Sounds a little too furry and porn without plot for my liking, but the name is amusing.

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The kind of man who buys sextoys and porn for a girl too embarrassed to buy them herself without a second thought and zero ulterior motives is a man among men. Also, I liked the fact that he did seem to struggle with his past.

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Don't forget his professional massage session where he just knocks Risa out, and then walks out in a "my job is done here" kind of way.
The writing is actually pretty good for a H-game. As in it goes a way in developing a hypothetical world in which human-like pets may exist, and struggles with multiple moralistic scenarios (slavery, sex abuse, kidnapping, lack of human rights, etc.)

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never seen this before.
wawanko to kurasou the title?

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meh, typesetting kurenai right now.

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One wa too many.
Wanko to Kurasou.

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thanks, found a couple of dead torrents and this gem http://mtvgames.typepad.com/mtv_video_games_blog/2006/08/creepiest_scree.html
looking for it I'm guessing theres a translation of sorts for this?

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The answer is always "No, there isn't."

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>I get the feeling this is where a lot of the vanguard of the old 4chan holed themselves up.
Since it seems there is about a thread-per-day on this "Hey remember this and that from back when?" topic along with some intellectual analysis of where its gone and why, I tend to agree with this statement more and more each day.

As for /jp/ related things, I purchased four light novels, a set of kanji flash cards and a better kanji dictionary than the one I have right now.

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No official translation. For a brief period of time I tried to get the script out (the game is pretty simple Japanese, even a low level like me could make an appreciable attempt at translating) but I got lost in hex editors and other nonsense.
You can translate it using AGTH and ATLAS with the hook /HA-C#[email protected]

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Fuck yes.

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I just started playing this actually
Can't really understand all of it though but context clues kinda help
also, which route should I take?

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I wonder will they ever release fes in here..

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by "here" do you mean US?
cause it's out

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Take the Risa/Mikan/Silvy path first. There's really only two major paths, and one or two sidepaths to unlock extras.
Walkthrough: http://gamerssquare.kanpaku.jp/wanko.htm
Savedata: http://gamerssquare2.web.fc2.com/sv/wanko.zip
Risa path is the second column in walkthrough.
Use AGTH and ATLAS if you can't read/listen to the Japanese. It works well enough.

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I should finish this game. Damagedgoods moe~

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She's waiting.

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this made my morning

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Well, I've been playing Atelier Iris 3 for a week now, and now I'm stuck against a fucking super mini puni..

in b4 slowpoke.

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Since there were some discussion about mods here, I thought I should mention this; last night a thread was deleted for no reason except that it contained Chinese. Problem is, it fucking didn't!! There was one old kanji, the rest was modern Japanese. So, are the mods really that incompetent?

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Yes, and they're also a gigantic pile of faggots.

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They troll /jp/. They delete on topic threads while bumping the threads with instructions on 'How to dispose of the body'.

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just got the metal gear collection.

I have never played a metal gear but plan on finishing them all this week. lol whut.

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