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I gotta try this!

Yep, no way it's gonna kill me.

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>same as .hta
>shit brix

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thx op came on cat hiss at penis

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Does this really work?

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I can't believe anyone would actually fall for this. CO2 = bad to inhale.

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Yes it does
Not in small amounts

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can someone PLEASE confirm this, please. I NEED to get to gensokyo by tonight (well, not rly lolz XD but I want to go so badly. I don't want to waste my time by trying this out myself, but your time is useless so please try it first.
email me at [email protected] thnx

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Thanks OP portal works great no Alliance troops at all (:

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I'll use my nitrogen tanks thank you very much.

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Doesn't this just polish the pennies?

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I think I'll just make a root beer float instead.

I lol'd

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Trying this now, will report back with results.

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Fucking lol'd

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I did this last night.

I was greeted by Ran who was in heat, and she let me fuck the brains out of her.

You should try it.

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I believe they use złoty

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Enjoy your burned lungs.

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It worked guys. I'm now in Gensokyo, posting from Kaguya's spare laptop.

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Do you really believe anyone in here would actually try this? Even if someone did, that means he's stupid and we'll get rid of him more easily that way.

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Heard this works better if you snort asbestos.

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Heading to the attic now

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Thats not funny, thats how my brother died.

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The portal to Gensokyo is behind the DDR pad that's hanging on Chris-chan's wall.

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I should have known all along that the portal to Gensokyo lies in death.

Thanks, OP. I'll be sure to play all of the games tonight before offing myself.

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"You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public."

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>next year
>Anon still can't finish his huge backlog of game.

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> CO2 = bad to inhale.
Scientific bullshit, they don't even believe in magic.

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I like how you think the worst thing coming out of this reaction is CO2 and not the Cl2 (chlorine gas)

Luckily Cl2 is heavier than air so unless some poor anon who tries this passes out and is on the floor of some poorly ventilated area no one is going to die.

It's probably pretty fun to watch though, as the Cl2 dissolved into the mixture will corrode the shit out of the pennies, they will get all pockmarked from salt and turn green immediately, etc.

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you are all now making mustard gas.
enjoy your agony.

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This is a damn good root beer float.

A&W barrel aged and cheap vanilla ice cream.

Mmm Mmm Mmm

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Thanks OP. Recipe works great. 100% safe, no hazards (:

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he was a faggot

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I'm going to laugh when people actually do it and die from CO2 poisoning.

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If you don't realize that breathing in bleach is a bad idea, you deserve it.

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No, that wasn't the point of my comment.

The thing was that it tells you to "inhale CO2", when fucking 2nd graders learn that that's bad for you. The other stuff could pass(Remember we're talking about the general public here) as most wouldn't know it's bad for you. You'd be surprised to know how many people don't know bleach or Windex is toxic.

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You speak as if people would report back result after they die so you can laugh at them for being dead.

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>that's not how you read a detergent

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I'm 12 and even I can tell that bleach is toxic since my brother died drinking it after I asked him to.

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>The thing was that it tells you to "inhale CO2"

Well then you suck dicks at reading comprehension.

>"take a straw blow into the glass"

>"blowing until you are dizzy increases the CO2 in your breath"

blowing, also known as exhaling, is when you push air OUT of your lungs, not pull it in. In other words it is telling you to continually exhale. It never tells you to inhale the CO2.

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That's where you belong you dumbfuck.

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Our chlorine labs are hilarious precisely due to that. Cue retards with no concept of fume hoods running away from the fumes overflowing from beakers in comical fashion. I wasn't there to witness it, but other notable accomplishments of the lab in question apparently include an improvised molotov cocktail.

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wow... that mixture seems to be pretty awesome... it makes crystals, portals to gensokyo, and i heard it can turn you into a sparkling vampire mermaid oni tengu, too

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My mistake, I read "blowing until you're increases the CO2 in your breath" and thought it signified inhaling CO2.

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Another way is to grab a bottle of bleach and a bottle of ammonia. Mix them and from the gas rising up from it will form the Gensokyo portal.

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I know right? It can even make sentient dolls and stuffs,

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You're fucking retarded (as expected from /jp/). It doesn't tell you to inhale CO2, it says that blowing hard will increase CO2 and make you dizzy. Surprise, when you breeze, you produce CO2 naturally.

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Actually, the more deadly the chemical you use to commit suicide with, the more powerful and influental you will be in Gensokyo. Chlorine will probably just make you a fairy, I used a mixture of nickel tetracarbonyl and chlorine trifluoride and had a harem of devoted lesbian servants the moment I set foot on Gensokyo.

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u just mad

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How far will mercury get me?

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Portals to Gensokyo, now in canned form!

Give it as a giftgas!

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What if you fill your mouth with liquid oxygen and then light a fire in it?

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Buttmad /a/fags replying to modpost, so good.

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try it out bro, tell us what happens

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I think the fact that it's a liquid at about negative 300 degrees F will get you long before the massively explosive combustion.

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Nope, that shit is old as fuck. Nothing I haven't seen a thousand times. That mod was an asshole, but they're long gone.

Pic related it's one of my 13 Kubo bans

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No, srsly, OP should feel horrible for making a few people die today.

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This is /jp/ not /showoffmyban/.

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Scrub just got trolled hard, put away wet.

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Daymn, it took me 5 minutes to find a computer in Gensokyo.
Guys, I just exploded my head with liquid oxygen. Now I'm a fucking oni in Gensokyo! Needless to say, I already have my own youkai-harem of cute little girls I beat up and chained on my way. You guys should totally try this!

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The portal to Gensokyo only forms every 60 years, you fools.

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I'm the nozuchi up the Youkai Mountain, apparently my kind can't go down to lower altitudes without suffering headaches so do you mind paying me a visit?

In fact, let's have a /jp/ meetup. How does the lake around Moriya Shrine sound? .

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This is true. I approve.
~See you soon!

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Oh forgot something. Here, so you know who to trust.

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Made me laugh OP. I just imagine Touhou being popular with children and them trying this out.

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