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Choose your waifu.

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Hmm, tough call.

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But what the hell, my waifu isn't on there.

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The best.

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I don't have a fucking waifu because I'm not an inbred basement-dwelling teen/middle-aged man who would probably be killed if they lived in Japan.

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The one with infallable legs.

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quality thread indeed
also yea why isn't my waifu in this either?
though if i had to choose, probably yukari

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Then why are you posting ITT?

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Kanako. Want so hard.

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Waifu threads are not quality. Reported.

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Shes never coming back Arc. The feeling in your bones is bone marrow cancer.

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Japan in a nutshell:
- Pollutes the seas with garbage
- Kills more whales than nazis killed jews
- Incredibly xenophobic
- Most atrocious warcrimes ever commited (731)
- Majority of the country consists of pedos and childrapers
- Too ignorant / unable to learn proper English
- History is a joke
- Culture is a joke / cannot be taken seriously
- Useless police system
- Slit eyes, deformed face and repulsive skin tone makes them the ugliest creatures on earth
- Almost no mechanical- or technological inventions
- Language sounds like shit
- Thinks of itself as the best country of the world

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He's probably a friend from /v/ trying to voice his opinion and get angry replies out of it.

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Can't choose

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But she's feeling my Boner right now.

Or is that early-onset Prostate Cancer?

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to tell you to an seppuku

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Remember to massage. It helps reduce the likeliness of the onset of cancer.

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Okay. I doubt anyone will take your advice though.

Posting my second choice.

Right now I'll take anything remotely /jp/ related.

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in agreement, waifu threads are a bit 'egh' for me, but honostly its better then seeing pretty much nothing but cancer

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>You can't report posts because you are banned.
What is this I don't even.

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My waifu isn't shown.

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I choose Yuuka since I would get Medicine as a result.

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Wow, all of the chosen waifus are big disgusting.

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Wow, all of the chosen waifus are pig disgusting.

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the one and only.
I was drunk beyond reason that one time with Mima! I swear! Forgive me now ;_;

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No patchy?

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The one I like most is Shikieki, but I've always been taught that I should never marry a lawyer.

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Too young.

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She is a judge you fucktard

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Why is Shiki Eiki there?
She is not ババア(hag)....

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Eiki doesn't belong there. Mima and Yuuka are awesome in a different way. Of the remaining, Yuyuko.

The rest can just go away.

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sure is Hakugyokuro LA in here all of a sudden.

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Judges often start as lawyers.

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Elegant: Yuyuko, Sikieiki, Byakuren
FUCK YEAH: Yuuka, Mima
Wrinkles: Yukari, Eirin, Kanako

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Here's my waifu.

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Mai waifu

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Touhou ``hags'' are a shitty memes. Every Touhou is delicious. And what about thousand year old Flandres etc then?

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But Flandre is only a bit over 500 now. In b4 Touhous don't age.

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Why is Yukkuri-Yukari so awesome?

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If I choose Yuka and she is displeased and kills me, can my soul/ghost go to Yuyuko?

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I think it's the eyes

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For some reason it has the same elegance as the original.

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Kanako is for me.

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Shanghai for a waifu will allow you to have tea parties without everone wondering why you're a faggot.

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Yukkuri-Sakuya is pretty too!

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Eirin, Kanako, and Yukari are my choices, in that order.

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Mima is best.

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Why no Shinki?

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Yukari and no one else.

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You have Mima locked in your closet, don't you?

Let her out!

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because she is dead, Jim

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>not elegant

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What? She forfeited in MS so that they wouldn't blow up Makai again.

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I was just making a silly joke

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Based on my current preferences, Eirin > Yukari > Yuyuko > Shiki > Yuuka > Byakuren > Mima > Kanako in that order.

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I wish Yukari were my mother.

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Fuck you all Ran is best

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I think I'm gonna have to go with Byakuren. Yuuka's hot as hell and all but angry women scare me, let alone an angry woman that can tear out your spine.

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Yuka is never angry you fucking fanon loving shitposter.

Also canon Byakuren is a psychopath have fun with that

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Yuuka is amiable so long as you don't do anything stupid.

Byakuren fucking betrayed Humanity. She was sent to Hell for a reason. The fact that she now has a temple nearby the human village makes me very, very nervous. Why is not anyone attacking her? As in killing her and taking her skull as a trophy?

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>Yuuka is amiable so long as you don't do anything stupid.

Unfortunately for you, something stupid equates to merely walking in her flower field without permission in her eyes

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She can't be all bad if she's willing to help out wayward yokai that no one gave a fuck about. From the anger from your posts it seems you should find your own IRL Byakuren.

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That seems reasonable. Because:

a) You are in private property
b) You are stepping on the goddamn flowers
c) You were not invited

She has a gateguard for a reason. If you are in, it is because you forced your way inside.

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I don't see why she has to go all PRO ICE on somebody just because they stepped in her flower garden, seriously

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Byakuren is not selfless. She favors youkai in order to increase her power and maintain her youth since she is afraid of death.

She is a very, very bad person.


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That's cool, she can make my short, human life wich she can't feed off of, very happy with her magical funbags.

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But she did repent on what she did. At least that makes her white now

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It's not that unreasonable. Wouldn't you crush a cockroach that intruded your home?