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I'm pretty new with the Touhou thing, but I'm interested in the games, so can you recommend some that I can play? Also I'm very curious about the doujins, but only if they're very funny or just flat out disturbing.

Also I got another question, which touhou character seems creepy or just plain evil?

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>I'm pretty new with the Touhou thing

Get out.

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But I am,you want me to say that I'm not, dude?

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I said get the fuck out.

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Don't respond to him, he literally has explosive autism.

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If you're new to shooters play Imperishable Night. Otherwise play Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

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Go to Touhou Wiki or something but never here.

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Start With PCB.
U mad?

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1) Just cram the word "touhou" into Demonoid or something and play the first thing that shows up. They're all the same damn game, honestly.

2) The doujins won't make sense, even if you play all of the games.

3) All except the one with the red bow and the witch hat are evil.

4) Scandaroon is never happy about anything. Blame his childhood. Don't take it personally.

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Don't listen to this troll, OP. PCB is the shittiest Touhou game and has the worst characters.

Play EoSD.

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Start with PCB or IN since those are the easiest for me
Use Touhou wiki for more info
Get replays from Gensokyo.org

>which touhou character seems creepy or just plain evil

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Also just got started with Touhou today and am trying IN. Which character pair's good for shooter newcomers?

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Are you implying Cirno and Yukari are shitty characters?

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First pair.

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That's what I figured. Thanks.

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OP, play U.N. Squadron instead. Much more fun.

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Not OP, but who's the best character for MoF?

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Play Mystic Square.

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I would stick with homing attack reimu if you're a beginner, easier to focus on dodging.

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>which touhou character seems creepy or just plain evil?

All of them.

Also, unless you really like shmups, start with Shoot the Bullet / Double Spoiler. Touhou is best played one spellcard at a time.

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Are you implying Cirno is a good character?

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All other opinions are retarded and they know it.

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Son, you best be trollin.
This character got her own spinoff.

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You misspelled HRtP.

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yes eye am

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start with UFO, its the easiest

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This is not Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream

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Popularity =! Good
Look at this good character who even ZUN forgot ;_;

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Reimu B/C or Marisa B if she weren't broken. Seriously, someone tell ZUN to fix that.

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PoDD is for people who only care about the awesome characters that everyone wants ZUN to bring back.

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>Touhou doujins

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Nina Williams also got her own game aside from Tekken.

Still doesn't make her suck any less.
Literally as well, she's a whore.

Also uh.. What the fuck captcha.

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>Also I got another question, which touhou character seems creepy or just plain evil

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Flandre. Thats all I can think of

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>Reads only shitty ones.
To be fair humor is a subjective thing, but in my opinion Ive read things that ranges from smirk worthy to laughing out loud heartily.

Start with TH11 then go to Mystic Square then UFO and EoSD before going onto the rest

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I've read about a dozen "comedy" doujins and they're almost entirely composed of tired memes.

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And so? Gee whiz you read a dozen doujins and you found none funny so all comedy doujins are unfunny! That's retarded and you should know why.

Humor is subjective, you've only sampled a handful of comics, add 2 and 2 together.

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What a sadistic

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Read happy flame time. Be family friendly.

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>they're almost entirely composed of tired memes

Some of those memes originally come FROM those doujinshi in the first place, you know.

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I remember there was a futa edit of the OP picture, anyone have it?

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>which touhou character seems creepy or just plain evil?

Almost all of them.

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You are confusing evil with asshole, douchebag and indifferent.

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Thanks, used ReimuB and finished Normal. Gonna try to clear/1cc hard.

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But they're such lovable assholes.

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You sound personally offended about an opinion that was directed at no one. No reason to say it's subjective, he's not calling anyone out and telling them what to read. You whiny bitch.