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Why has ZUN been giving Cirno so much attention as of late? She was about as popular in ZUN's eyes as every other non-protagonist, but now she has two games based off of her.


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/jp/ - Clock Town - Day 3

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inb4 kog fanboys troll you

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maybe he likes the character. Reimu can't lead everything

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Who's Kog? Also, (9) is retarded secondary faggotry.

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Why do you even ask? Do you think we are ZUN or something?

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He's in talks to produce a line of Cirno ice sculpture figurines. It's brilliant, otaku will have to buy a replacement every time they spray hot semen on it.

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We can all be zun.

If we believe.


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I think ZUN wants to give other characters some attention.

It's not like we will have Reimu and Marisa all day.

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it was in an official manual so it's primary faggotry

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But why CIRNO? I'm starting to think that ZUN is KoG, since only autistic people give that ice fairy so much attention.

Also, KoGasa

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don't be fucking retarded.

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considering how much kog has been hyperinflating cirno's popularity on /jp/, he might have been doing it as well on 2chan and other places. 12.3 and 12.8 are partly kog's fault.

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Why do you autists bring up that faggot in every Cirno thread on /jp/? Are you trying to make me angry?

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Who made the joke hmmmm? It sure wasn't walfas

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Zun must like Cirno

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how is she the main character of hisoutensoku??

also, if you wanted to freeze bullets, which other character would you use?

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Who kills? The gun, the bullet or the shooter?

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Walfas + IOSYS + KoG

How do you feel now?

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Simple. All three.

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she is not.

For god sake this thread is full of retards and samefaggotry

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No. It's the shooter.

It doesn't matter if ZUN made a joke. What turned it to be a fucking annoying and retarded shit was the fandon.

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Walfas - Only annoying because fans overuse it for fanfic garbage
IOSYS - Over-exaggerated by fans, but they're not bad, I like their music
KoG - The Strongest Battle was really fun, other games were decent, not a bad dude when he's not on 4chan trolling

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Yeah, Cirno, the fandom's most popular touhou, JUST HAS to be promoted by KoG. Because absolutely outside /jp/ NOBODY knows about Cirno, right? Right?

Guys, stop being retarded. ZUN saw Cirno had a lot of fans and thought "Hey, that's a good excuse to throw in the other 3 fairies too".

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secondary scum

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But how often would we be talked about Cirno without KoG making daily threads about her?

Cirno is cancer, and if moot would just get rid of KoG, we could move on.

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>I'm an autist and have no way to rebuttal so I'm going to be retarded and post reaction images with text

Real mature

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That's not a GET by any stretch. You near more 9s.

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What's sad is that I've been on /jp/ since it was made, yet I still can't find a download link to the Cirno manga with the three fairies. Every time I ask, people either troll me and not post anything or link to the OTHER three fairies manga WITHOUT Cirno in it.

Feels bad man.