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>Discovery of atomic bombs and their subsequent detonation
>Not the greatest achievement of the last century

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Fuck yeah. Still #1.

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Certainly not.

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Weapons are not "achievements", unless you're twelve. Now, the black hole theory or the Internet, now that's what I call an achievement.

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greatest achievement was internet, anon.

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A weapon which could easily destroy the planet at the drop of the hat.
Yeah, good job, guys.

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Good job, Anonymous.
Now try Phantasm.

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Actually bombs are just a product of the greatest discovery, nuclear fission and fusion.

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Humans always learned how to kill more efficiently.
Automatic ballistic weapons were invented before the typewritter. We learned how to shoot faster before learning how to write faster.
It is an achievement, good or bad

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And this is a bad one, and therefor not great.

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I've actually cleared everything except the fighters, but I'm only interested in netplay on fighters.

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"War can no longer be a possiblity in a world with nuclear fusion. One world or none."

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[Happy Flame Time] The Moriya, the Yakumo, and the Komeiji

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaand delivered.

Click on the "happy flame time" tag then click show galleries with this tag. There be moar.

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I'd say the internet's advancement overall is a more impressive achievement in terms of improving the world. Instant worldwide communication and information sharing vs. weapons that can instantly kill millions of people... you decide.

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Don't use e-hentai for non-H stuff. Use exhentai instead.

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Quantum mechanics and its direct applications such as the transistor are the most important achievements of the last century.

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Care to give a reason for that?

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