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Hey /jp/, I want to get into to tohou but I don't know where or how to start. Any tips ?

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I got into it through Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, the fighter. I think most of /jp/ plays the shumps though but I don't come here particularly often.

Anyway do some research on the games and then find a DL on TPB or a similar site.

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Quit while you still can.

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And what is that ?

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Touhou is drugs for /jp/ weeaboos.

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the 6th game

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touhou 6 avatar of the crimson fiend.
i meant, emboidment of scarlet devil.

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Start with Imperishable Night, it's pretty entry-level for shooters. EoSD is rather difficult for a first game, unless you play on the nerfed difficulty modes.


Then either play the rest of the shooters and then the fighter.


SWR/hisoutensoku is casual button mashing, but it's still an all around fun noncompetitive game anyway.


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Just stick with the fandom content and memes, like everyone does. The games are utterly shit, a waste of time.

Have this Patchouli masturbating to SICP picture. It will help you to get into the world of the fandom of Touhou.

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This is probably a very uncomfortable position to masturbate. You need to free yourself some place, after all.

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I need a ton of arm room

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Well, I am not a girl, but probably sometimes the lack of space is pleasant...

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I am a guy and I cannot masturbate without being entirely naked anymore. I need to be able to grope my testicles without the hinderance caused by underwear and when I cum I like it to shoot directly onto my stomach/chest and not a shirt.

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As a funny fact, I once tried to do it in my chest, but I failed and I shoot it over my face. That was probably the most embarrasing moment of my life, even if nobody saw it.

Now I do it on the floor, like normal people, or in my hand, and then I wash it.

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Obvious question has obious answer.
DON'T start this faggoty.
Well, if you do, then you should start from first Touhou obiously (HRtP or something).
Having tracker with all Touhou in one torrent thread rocks.

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>Cum on rug
>Keep doing this for about 6 months
>Look down at rug one day after dropping something
>My face

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>My face when I did the same exact thing in a rented apartment, and managed to get it blamed on my fat roommate, who lost his security deposit because they had to steam clean the cum out of the rug.

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Omg what is wrong with you people. Cum into paper\cellophane bag, or in the toilet\washing stand which is better, not on yourselfm wtf, really...

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Now-a-days I fap in my hand
Worst thing is I live with my parents, I hope they aren't aware of this shit
Bedsheets were absolutely stained with cum at one point, and I never fap while in bed

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I cum into the same t-shirt. I've been cumming into it for years now. It's discolored and smells like semen no matter how many times I wash it. I love wearing it when I masturbate because of the smell, and cleanup is easy because I just shoot onto the shirt and then take the shirt off.

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The only thing left me to suggest is for you to cum in your hair.

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