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is listening to Plane Crash by Basil Poledouris from The Hunt For Red October [OST] ╞═╪═════════╡

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is listening to Kaboom!!! by Basil Poledouris from The Hunt For Red October [OST] ╞════════╪══╡

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is listening to aaaaa あぁあぁあぁああぁあぁああぁ by aaaaa あぁあぁあぁああぁあぁああぁ from 初音ミク ╞╪══════════╡

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is listening to After the End by After the End from 初音ミク ╞╪══════════╡

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s listening to Ballade Trance version by Ballade Trance version from 初音ミク ╞═╪═════════╡

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is listening to Bamboo Leaves Lovers「笹の葉Lovers」 by Bamboo Leaves Lovers「笹の葉Lovers」 from 初音ミク ╞╪══════════╡

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is listening to Carol (FTN-Remix)【baker×OSTER】 by Carol (FTN-Remix)【baker×OSTER】 from 初音ミク ╞╪══════════╡

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is listening to Chain Girl 鎖の少女 by Chain Girl 鎖の少女 from 初音ミク ╞═╪═════════╡

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is listening to CRL2688 by CRL2688 from 初音ミク ╞╪══════════╡

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is listening to Disappearance of Hatsune Miku -Dead End- by cosMo from 初音ミク ╞══╪════════╡

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is listening to Drain【初音ミクオリジナル】 by Drain【初音ミクオリジナル】 from 初音ミク ╞══╪════════╡

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Would any kind gentleman tell me what the fuck is happening on tis thread?
Thank you.

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is listening to Electric Angel / Aerial Flow Remix by Electric Angel / Aerial Flow Remix YASUO from 初音ミク ╞═╪═════════╡

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dumping a doujin in a worksafe board. yup, that simple.
well if the comment box is empty each time it thinks im spamming, so i fill it.

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is listening to Extend by Extend from 初音ミク ╞═══╪═══════╡

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is listening to Hello Planet【初音ミクオリジナル曲】*ハロー、プラネット。 by sasakure.UK from 初音ミク ╞╪══════════╡

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is listening to Hold Release Rakshasa and Carcasses 結ンデ開イテ羅刹ト骸 by Hold Release Rakshasa and Carcasses 結ンデ開イテ羅刹ト骸 from 初音ミク ╞╪══════════╡

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is listening to I Think Relief 「アイシンクアンシン」 by Stonk from 初音ミク ╞╪══════════╡

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is listening to Ievan Polkka by Ievan Polkka from 初音ミク ╞═══╪═══════╡

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is listening to Incarnation「インカーネイション」 by Incarnation「インカーネイション」 from 初音ミク ╞╪══════════╡

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Now it's in my head.

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is listening to Koisen「恋は戦争」 by ryo/supercell from 初音ミク ╞═╪═════════╡

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is listening to Last Night, Good Night by Last Night, Good Night from 初音ミク ╞╪══════════╡

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is listening to Melody... by Melody... from 初音ミク ╞╪══════════╡

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is listening to Melt「メルト」 by Melt「メルト」 from 初音ミク ╞╪══════════╡

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I do not believe you actually go through music that fast. Reported for lying.

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it's called the 'next' button

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Is listening to potential OP passing a DL link to this, because he wants.

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Why is she so fat in the last couple of pages?

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called preggers
it's what happens as a result of sex

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Man, this guy needs to draw more.

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engrish prease

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Impossible. Vampires don't work that way.

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I don't think you are old enough to visit /jp/

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Touhou vampires are different. They aren't even undead.

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Damn, you have everything huh... Where do you fit all these in???

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External drive. And 20+ gb of just Touhou H doujins isn't that much anyway + my MF storage.

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I didn't have this one yet, you gotta keep me up to date on these things.

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Aslo. I'm sure you already know, but the two new FRAC books are non-H. Going to add them to the translation queue when the scans come out anyway.

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the fuck is with the hands in this doujin

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( 罪) :As you can watch it on Youtube or somewhere, occasionally dirty jokes are used on the video japanese touhou fan made.
But they are just for laughter, you know.
Even in Japan, seriously-obscene works like this are steered clear of.

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I'd rather see porn from that artist, but anything by FRAC is good in my book. Also, just noticed that I had this crop saved for a long time, but don't know where it is from. Do you happen to know the source Meirin?

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It's from my favorite futanari doujin.


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Amazing, thanks.

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I still like Futanari Sakuya-san the most. Wish that artist did more.

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