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So, did /jp/ ever come to a consensus about whether or not Kanako is a hag?

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Of course she is.

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She is.

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I get these really hard spots on my face that hurt when I press them. They appear in strange places from time to time. You can't see them, but feel them. Piercing them with a needle does nothing. It's like there's no pus in there so why are they all inflamed to begin with? They go away with time

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So thats the verdict?

Is it still okay to like her?

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She's an epic pad zombie hag slut baka trap FTW.

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Yes but not too much (she's mine)

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Only autismic people ask the internets if it's okay to like something.

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But I must seek approval from my peers.

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Butt theyr not lik eus ,right Arc? We hvae apsergers adn wer'e beter!

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I do love Kanako-sama

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Definately not a hag

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disgusting bush

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I think it looks nice

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Have you gently caressed your Kanako today, /jp/?

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Byakuren isn't a hag.

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But which Kanako?

Canon ordinary Kanako?

Fanon Cougar Kanako?

Fanon Motherly Kanako?

Fanon 'Rampaging Serpent' Kanako?

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Cant we like all of them?

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Canon and tsundere Kanako

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from that picture seems to be motherly kanako

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OH christ, now I'll never be able to watch Zeta or ZZ again without seeing that.

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I'm still wondering, her hair is supposed to be a homage, right?
You can't possibly make this kind of retarded hairdo TWICE, not on purpose.

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There's nothing wrong with Kanako's hair

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Gun Cannon Kanako.

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I would like to have a threesome with Haman and Kanako

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You have good taste, sir.

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Cat Kanako is the best Kanako.

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Canon rampaging serpent motherly Kanako.

Because we all know no matter how scary they try to look running around in the forest, deep down even Shagrath and Abbath are pretty nice guys who help old ladies cross the street and play benefit gigs for sick children and stuff.

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Kanako can be my mother

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Kanako can be my father (because my father is dead).

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Describe to me in single words only the good things that come to mind about your mother.

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Thats gonna take awhile, I have to think hard.

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You're a good mom, Kanako.