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Use this thread to complaint about your janitor.

Just let it all out.

Just, please, leave the OC thread alone

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Seriously though, what does it feel like to fuck with janitor?

I mean what does her pussy juice taste like?
what her armpits taste like?
what her hair smells like?
God i want to cum all over her!

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In seconds before 404.

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Janitor is a fag.

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Meido is awesome
I <3 /jp/ meido!

Others who think the oposite are probably from other boards that hates /jp/

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I think meido-tan is more strict than /bun/'s "nazi-mod". I mean, just look at all those posts that got deleted on the OC thread.

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Why is Erika cosplaying as the meido?

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Not really because if that was the case everyone who posts NSFW images would be banned already.

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The only ones that got deleted were cornelia/mugen related shitposts, including the posts supporting the douche and the ones bitching at them, and then later on the posts bitching about the deletion

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Only 12 pages. The /jp/ shittiness meter is just right.

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Are you an idiot? Meido can't ban.

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And the ones telling people to ignore mugen.

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Mugen's OC got deleted for no reason other than him posting.

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Yeah, because with every single post that he makes, he generates endless shitstorms. Remember Pygmalion-chan, guys?

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>with every single post that he makes, he generates endless shitstorms
That's just false. I see him post all the time with normal reactions.
So are you saying Mugen isn't allowed to post at all? Then why was he only banned for one day?
Why didn't he get permabanned?

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How about you make him stop with the avatarfagging, the tripcode, and the attetion whoring? And the thing is that he KNOWS that you guys would overreacted to his posts just by posting, that's how he trolls. The same applies for CurryButt and Pygmalion. CurryButt got tripbanned, and Pygma-chan finally decided to drop her trip, I wonder if she's still around.

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Heh. This thread will be deleted as soon as the mod notices. No use even discussing this...

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Anon you are like a little babby girl who is still crying over stuff that happened months and months ago.

Grow a pair and move on already.

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Stop complaining about the meido.

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I don't have a problem with the janitor so much as I have a problem with the people who report all the good threads on /jp/ and then the shit threads stay.

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And you're the biggest autistic faggot on /jp/

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